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Found 14 results

  1. Hi All! I'm currently going through the K1 Visa process, I've been approved and already I have my interview next month. I will likely be moving to the US in the spring if all goes with at my interview. I was curious if I would be able to work right away after receiving my marriage certificate and before applying for AOS. I received my social security number when I was a student on F1 Visa that has the legend "Valid to Work Only with DHS Authorization". (see attachment for example) Does the process change for me? What do I have to do to remove the "Valid to Work Only with DHS Authorization" condition on my SSN? I'm just trying to prepare myself before I move so I can complete all the correct paperwork and do it efficiently for myself. All responses are appreciated!
  2. Seeking tips on receiving SSN. We filed the 485 and 765 at the same time, Feb 2021. Biometrics taken April. Green Card interview beginning of July. Green card arrived a couple weeks later. All good on the 485 side. However, no updates re: 765 since April. USCIS website states "Case Was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken" April 24. Unable to submit a case inquiry since last update was "too recent". Called USCIS, they'll send instructions to SSA to create SSN when 765 is done processing. Called SSA, they haven't heard anything from USCIS re: my wife. Really need to get my wife's SSN to take care of tax and insurance issues. Has anyone been in this situation before? Were you able to do anything besides wait? Any tips? Coming up on a year since 765 was filed. Thank you!
  3. Does a retired sponsor have to show ALL 1099 forms submitted to NVC for CR1 visa? So I am the petitioner and my parents will be co-sponsoring my husband . My parents are retired and have multiple sources of retirement income. They don’t feel comfortable sharing ALL their 1099 documents because it shows sensitive information like their account numbers. so the less documents they have to provide the better . They are wondering if they can show some (but not all) 1099’s to prove they meet income requirements . They exceed the minimum income requirement with just their social security and pension 1099 documents. 1. Is this okay to just use social security and pension or will NVC ask to see all their 1099’s? Keeping in mind their tax transcripts shows they make a lot more then just the two 1099 shown (pension & social security ). 2. If NVC needs to see all 1099’s , can my sponsor redact the documents to partially block out the account numbers ?
  4. Hello, I came to the USA 10 years ago on a fiancée visa. My parents who are poor farmers in the Philippines have expressed interest in coming to live in the USA. However, I am not sure where to start. I have not worked while being in the USA. So I have several question I am hoping someone can answer. 1. I assume I file an I-30 for the to come here with a greencard. Does the financial sponsorship have to come from me or can it come to my husband or should I get a job first before I apply for them. 2. How long and expensive is the process from the Philippines? 3. ** Kind of Most important. They are now in their mid 50s and know very little to no English. How does USA social security work for permanent residents? Do they need to become U.S. Citizens before they would qualify for Social Security? My understanding is that you need to work 10 years, 40 quarters to be eligible for social security. So if they came here and both worked for wal-marts of some type of place only paying minimum wage. How much would their social security be with such a short work history and low wage? <--- This is probably the most important thing in deciding if it is a good idea for them to actually come here because I worry about their future if they were to come here.
  5. Good morning, I need some advice on how to proceed/best course of action regarding getting my husband's social security number & card. Here's the situation: My husband (then fiance) arrived in the U.S. on Friday, May 17th. We went to the social security office on Thursday, May 23rd but were unsuccessful in applying for an SSN. We were told that their system was showing a "duplicate" application, as if my fiance had already applied for a social (not possible, he's used the Visa Waiver every other time he's been in the U.S.). He told us this was because he "hadn't been in the U.S." long enough, and to come back in 1 week. We couldn't waste more time there on this particular day, so despite the fact I knew we were being told a load a bull, we agreed to come back at a later time. Before leaving, my fiance specifically said that we were getting married the very next day and asked if this would cause any issues when we return. We were assured that it would not be a problem. We got married as planned on Friday, May 24th. Now due to the fact that SSA is only open from 9AM - 4PM, I have to miss some work to even go up there so we were not able to go back until this past Friday, June 7th. This time, after a lot of typing into their system, the lady asks my husband if we are married. Of course, we have to say yes. At this point she tells us that they cannot process his application because their system will not allow an SSN to be issued after marriage. Now I know a lot of people have encountered this type of problem before, but I also know that marriage doesn't just magically make you ineligible for a social security number. A supervisor comes over and tells me that "the fiance visa isn't valid anymore now that you are married, so the SAVE system comes back as a mismatch and DHS will not allow the application to be processed." When I expressed disbelief about this she said "they track everything with his A-number and update their system accordingly". Considering we did not provide his A-number at any point for the marriage license and it is not on the marriage certificate, I think this is a bunch of bull as well. I would be impressed if state and federal agencies were even that efficient! We wouldn't even have to provide proof of marriage for AOS if that were the case! But I digress... None of this sounded right to me, but I was getting more upset by the second and it was nearing 4PM by this time so of course they didn't want to deal with us anymore. They did let me see the screen showing where the SAVE system came back with the "mismatch" error, but they did not offer to do a SAVE inquiry/manual verification, and unfortunately it didn't occur to me while we were there to ask for it. After we got home, I did some research and also looked over my husband's documents and noticed that the I-94 did not match the K1 visa in his passport - his visa expires July 30th, but CBP authorized his stay until August 14th. I now believe this is the actual reason for the mismatch (please correct me if I am wrong) and it has literally nothing to do with our marriage. So, my question is this - do we give it one more shot, go to a different SSA office and immediately explain the issue with the dates and ask right off for his application to be processed "manually" OR do we throw in the towel and just apply for the SSN with our AOS/EAD packet? I cannot go back to an SSA office until either June 21st or June 25th, and I plan to mail off the AOS packet by the end of this week which brings me to a 3rd question - can I ask for the SSN in the packet and still try to apply at an actual office as well? Or will this cause an issue once they process the EAD, if my husband has received his SSN but our forms say that we haven't applied for one? Thank you in advance for any advice (or just moral support) yall may have. This has been incredibly frustrating, to say the least.
  6. All, Hope this message finds everyone well. I am looking for feedback by recent arrivals to the USA regarding the receipt of their social security card. My stepdaughter arrived on October 5th 2020. Based on older posts back on June 2020, it look like it took 3 months to receive for most people after they entered the country. I was hoping to know if anyone is also still waiting for one to arrive and about how long it took during this time frame of arrival around October 2020? Things I did just to make sure: 1. Made sure the option was checked on the DS-260 2. Greek card arrived a month later 3. Called the SS# office and they could not find a match with name to see if pending I am sure with COVID there is a delay and just wanted some feedback on this. Tax season is upon us :). Thank you, Nando
  7. So with COVID, the SS office is not accepting in-person appointments and everything is essentially through mail/phone. My husband received his citizenship certificate in November and was told to update his status with SS after about two weeks. We contacted SS and they told us to have him mail his original certificate along with an N-565 form. We mailed it on 12/11 and have called back each week only to be told that it's not "in the system" and to check back later. I'm so worried that the forms were lost in the mail! We stupidly did not send it through certified mail so we can't even confirm if they received it or not. :( I'm wondering if this is normal for it to take this long for them to process our forms or if we have reason to suspect the mail has been lost. Anyone ever been in a similar situation? Should we just keep waiting? How long is too long to wait before worrying?
  8. So, went into local SSA office in Jan. They said they could not produce a number cuz immigration would forward my request when my EAD was ready. EAD was approved in July. They DID NOT forward my request from a SSN and I had to go back to my local SSA office. I brought my passport, EAD card, marriage certificate. That was 2 weeks ago. They said it is still ‘pending verification’ from USCIS. I have since lost the job I had lined up for not being able to produce a SSN. What more verification could they possibly need? I was there. In person. With original docs. My Senate office has proven to be useless, as has the Manager at the SSA office. Claims there’s ‘nothing he can do’, but wait. anyone else having the same issue I’m having? I literally have no one left to turn to!! *rant over* thank you
  9. CR1 TO IR1 Arrive 3 weeks ago via Miami POE. I can't access my I-94 arrival information online. I really need my Arrival record to get my State ID to start working. HELP! My Green card and My Social Security Card has not arrive as yet either.
  10. We checked on our I-485 that we would like USCIS to forward our information to the SS office and generate a new social security number. We only did this because our local SS office was closed due to covid-19. We can now get an appointment at the office, and a social security number. Is this still advisable after checking "yes" on our form? Will the overlap cause any issues with our application? Other thoughts? Thanks!
  11. Hello, i am extremely grateful for the help of this community. i have entered states and the receipt number on USCiS tracker shows that my greencard is being produced. My question is: will they send the social security with it? Or do i need to apply for that somewhere ? can i apply for drivers license in florida state before greencard is received? Are there any other important form or application which we should submit now? @pushbrk @dwheels76
  12. Hello everybody, I entered the US on July 12, 2020. I applied for a Social Security Number while filling out form DS-260. It has been 6 weeks since I arrived and I still haven't received my social security card nor have I been issued a number. I came into my local social security field office for an in-person appointment and the agent did not want to start a new application for me as "officially" I already applied for one and they need to wait for USCIS to send them my information. I have been contacting USCIS several times for the past three weeks and they are unable to or cannot look into my application. Therefore, if there was an issue with my application or if it is not being processed, there is no way for me to know as USCIS is not letting me know. This is a major issue as my local social security office will not make a new application for me unless I somehow get proof from USCIS that they are not or will not issue me a Social Security number. I am so frustrated and I don't know what to do. I am seriously considering leaving the US if this continues. Without a social security number, one simply cannot do anything in this country. Has anyone went through a similar experience?
  13. Hi Apologies if there is a current thread with this information somewhere, but research around UK National insurance contributions when leaving the country got me looking into things. Information online indicates that when you leave the UK, provided you are heading to a country with a reciprocal agreement, national insurance contributions that have been can then be 'substituted' for social security payments? Not even sure if I am understanding the information correctly! In the process of making plans to be with my husband currently stateside, have only been making active NI contributions for around 8-10 years so not masses, but if there is a way that it does not get lost in the system somewhere, it may be hugely helpful to know. I work for the NHS at the moment, already made the decision to opt out of my pension as soon as I knew there were plans for moving, but NI and anything I can do to top that up might be good. There was information in an old thread but I'm unsure how current/relevant that information is today if anyone has any ideas. Probably just doing my usual and worrying over nothing, but any information or advice would be helpful to make sure I have the full picture in terms of options and put my mind at ease a little that I'm not missing out on something. Happy to answer any questions if that helps build the picture. Thanks!
  14. Hi Guys, I received my EAD card 10 days ago but still didn't receive my SSN so I called the SSA office and they asked me to send my original documents to them in order for them to process my new SSN card. I sent out my original EAD card along with my passport to their office through a certified fedex mail. what could be the chances will my documents get lost while in transit?
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