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Found 12 results

  1. My fiancee is coming soon and I was planning to go to the Social Security Office to apply for her SSN. Now that the SSN Office are close due to the Corona Virus Scare, how do I apply for a new Social Security number for her? You can't do it online. Any advise will be appreciated.
  2. Good morning, I need some advice on how to proceed/best course of action regarding getting my husband's social security number & card. Here's the situation: My husband (then fiance) arrived in the U.S. on Friday, May 17th. We went to the social security office on Thursday, May 23rd but were unsuccessful in applying for an SSN. We were told that their system was showing a "duplicate" application, as if my fiance had already applied for a social (not possible, he's used the Visa Waiver every other time he's been in the U.S.). He told us this was because he "hadn't been in the U.S." long enough, and to come back in 1 week. We couldn't waste more time there on this particular day, so despite the fact I knew we were being told a load a bull, we agreed to come back at a later time. Before leaving, my fiance specifically said that we were getting married the very next day and asked if this would cause any issues when we return. We were assured that it would not be a problem. We got married as planned on Friday, May 24th. Now due to the fact that SSA is only open from 9AM - 4PM, I have to miss some work to even go up there so we were not able to go back until this past Friday, June 7th. This time, after a lot of typing into their system, the lady asks my husband if we are married. Of course, we have to say yes. At this point she tells us that they cannot process his application because their system will not allow an SSN to be issued after marriage. Now I know a lot of people have encountered this type of problem before, but I also know that marriage doesn't just magically make you ineligible for a social security number. A supervisor comes over and tells me that "the fiance visa isn't valid anymore now that you are married, so the SAVE system comes back as a mismatch and DHS will not allow the application to be processed." When I expressed disbelief about this she said "they track everything with his A-number and update their system accordingly". Considering we did not provide his A-number at any point for the marriage license and it is not on the marriage certificate, I think this is a bunch of bull as well. I would be impressed if state and federal agencies were even that efficient! We wouldn't even have to provide proof of marriage for AOS if that were the case! But I digress... None of this sounded right to me, but I was getting more upset by the second and it was nearing 4PM by this time so of course they didn't want to deal with us anymore. They did let me see the screen showing where the SAVE system came back with the "mismatch" error, but they did not offer to do a SAVE inquiry/manual verification, and unfortunately it didn't occur to me while we were there to ask for it. After we got home, I did some research and also looked over my husband's documents and noticed that the I-94 did not match the K1 visa in his passport - his visa expires July 30th, but CBP authorized his stay until August 14th. I now believe this is the actual reason for the mismatch (please correct me if I am wrong) and it has literally nothing to do with our marriage. So, my question is this - do we give it one more shot, go to a different SSA office and immediately explain the issue with the dates and ask right off for his application to be processed "manually" OR do we throw in the towel and just apply for the SSN with our AOS/EAD packet? I cannot go back to an SSA office until either June 21st or June 25th, and I plan to mail off the AOS packet by the end of this week which brings me to a 3rd question - can I ask for the SSN in the packet and still try to apply at an actual office as well? Or will this cause an issue once they process the EAD, if my husband has received his SSN but our forms say that we haven't applied for one? Thank you in advance for any advice (or just moral support) yall may have. This has been incredibly frustrating, to say the least.
  3. Hello, we went through the K1 visa process and after we got married we went to DSS and they gave him a SSN. After that we filed for our adjustment of status which took months. Once that processed we went to the embassy and found out we were approved, he received his permanent resident card in the mail a little later but he ALSO received another SNN, with a different number. We have been using the more recent one and thought the other was void, but has anyone else had this happen to them? Do we need to report this?
  4. So my wife arrived here in virginia from the phillipines 2 weeks ago. We tied the knot last week, and went to the social security office to get her a social security number today with my last name attached to hers. After a fun 3 hour wait our number finally was called and everything went smooth. Something popped up towards the end when she was trying to change wife's name to mine on the card though. She said she was having an issue because the immigration office was already in the process of something regarding her name. She said it was probably the EAD, or the permanent residency. We havent started our AOS package at all....She mentioned it was something new they were doing and they didnt give them a heads up about this new process that automatically starts to process K1 visa holders for EAD or AOS. I highly doubt it was the AOS because of the money and complicated procedure involved with that. I frequent this board pretty often and havent seen anything regarding this. Does anyone know about it? Sorry for the wall of text.. Cheers
  5. We're a K1 application trying to get a social security number before the wedding. In trying to get the beneficiaries social security number, it's been delayed. We contacted them and they let us know there's a "immigration status miss match" and we should contact DHS. Has anyone ever heard of that? What could it be?
  6. My fiancée came here with the K1 2 weeks ago. Today we went to get his SSN, and it is now “waiting on confirmation about his visa documents and the SSN card or denial notice will take up to 4 weeks” which I’m assuming means we are now having to do manual verification. My question is if we can get married during this waiting period. I have heard mixed reviews about applying for a SSN when you’ve already gotten married (Then having to wait until you get work verification, which takes months). So my fear is receiving a denial notice for the SSN after getting married, and then being told we can’t do the SSN application until the work verification. can anyone offer any advice? thank you.
  7. Hey guys! How is everyone? I am having problem getting social here in the US. I arrived here last Nov 11 and applied for ssn Nov 15. And then I got married Dec 22, 2018. And after more than a month of patiently waiting, today, January 4th, my husband and I decided to go to SSA office to ask for update since we havent received anything in the mail at all. And I read blogs about how ssa staff doesnt know what they are doing sometimes and I think the one we went to is one of them. 😔 They kept telling me they are having issues on the system and it kept saying “Alien Mismatch”. they said they've been trying to do it over and over since I applied and contact DHS but they havent gotten anything really. And then they also said that maybe the reason why is because I am on k1 visa and not allowed to work in the US that’s why SSA cannot issue me a number. (i didnt correct them here since I know I’m not gonna win.) but they said the bottom line is the “Alien Mismatch” they are getting. I am so confused right now cuz my i-94 is only valid until Feb 2. And we are just starting to file for aos. anyone has experience about this? any answer will be appreciated. Thank you!
  8. So, the guy at SSA office said that DHS has somehow made my middle name to be a part of my first name, & therefore, he can't verify my name with the system & issue me a SSN. How am I supposed to fix this problem? Am I supposed to visit USCIS Application Center or USCIS Local Office or CBP office or whatever else? Is there a way to fix this issue over the phone or e-mail or something without having to physically visit since all of the above offices are several hours away from here, & obviously, I don't have a driving-license & my fiancee has a job to attend to, so we want to avoid visiting multiple places to no avail. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Hello, This is my first time posting but I really need advice on what to do or what people have done in the past. My husband got his social security card (YAY!) but the two last letters of his name were cut off. Like many people from other countries his FULL LEGAL NAME includes his mom and dad's names so the characters are as follows: First name: XXXXX(5 characters) Middle name: none Last Name: XXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX (23 characters) I want to know what I need to do to correct this. I want him to be able to get a drivers license etc and we really don't want to change his name while he has a green card. Would it be possible to take the spaces out of his name ? or would there be issues with that? I really want him to thrive in the U.S. and to be able to work but this policy is just absolutely ridiculous. 21 characters and possibly forcing people to change their names. I just don't get it. Also, I don't want to have issues filing taxes. does anyone know if this will be an issue? apparently the IRS only uses the first 5 letters of the last name but can someone confirm. Thank you again.
  10. Hello Everyone, I just arrived yesterday through SFO , i just wanted to know how can i apply for my social security number, I know my green card is coming in the mail, i paid the immigrant fee a while ago , and how can i get a driving license if i already have a License from Pakistan, will having the license make it easier for me ? or should i just go without one. Do i have to wait for my social security and green car to open up a bank account ? thanking you in anticipation
  11. Hi everyone so what happen was, I am in Las Vegas and I went to the Social Security administration today to change the last name on my social security card (because it's different from my green card and I just want them all looking the same last name), I wanted to add my husband last name instead. So, I was finally called after waiting there for hours and the man attending me asked for my ID, so I gave my permanent resident card with the extension letter I got from USCIS (that extends my green card for 1 year) so everything was fine to me until he said he couldn't accept my extension letter, because the Social Security Administration do not accept at all. So I went to the USCIS office in Las Vegas to ask about that, they said that the man was acting like a idiot and my card with the extension letter was perfectly fine and valid. I am going again tomorrow and I will try one more time, if I am rejected again because of that, I will ask to talk to a supervisor. What do you guys think about that? Did something like that happened to any of you? How should I proceed?
  12. What is the process for getting a social security card after entry to the US? Is there a fee? What documents are needed? According to some people, you can go within first week of being here; others have suggested waiting two weeks.
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