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Found 6 results

  1. Hello there 👋, I'm finally gathering all the necessary documents for my mom's interview next week, I am using this website as my guide: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Supplements/Supplements_by_Post/CDJ-Ciudad-Juarez.html#pre_interview_checklist But then there's this Facebook group that offers help on this matter and there's a bunch of different opinions, different people saying opposite things and now I'm all freaked out, e.g. just today a lady told me I needed to take 3 months of paystubs from the sponsor, (that's me), but I'm an independent worker, I don't have paystubs, plus the aforementioned website doesn't mention that, it only says to take the sponsor's most recent tax transcript. 😐 So now I'm all confused (and a lil panicked to be honest), I could really use a tranquilizer, so I wanted to ask here, am I ok by taking the aforementioned website as my only guide? As the petitioner and sponsor I'm giving my mom: The appointment's letter Her unexpired passport (and a photocopy) 2 recent photographs Her criminal background letter (just obtained) The DS-260 confirmation page The civil docs (birth certificate, divorce certificate, etc. even with translations) 3 years of my tax returns A photocopy of my US passport (petitioner) And of course we still need the medical examination results. Am I missing something? I would appreciate any help you can provide 🙏
  2. I am unclear on the function of the M-477 checklist. We had downloaded it along with the N-400 form until we found that everything can be done online. However, the checklist is never referenced in the online application--nor in those instructions--and yet there are a few items on the checklist that were not addressed online. I am thinking the checklist may be meant to supplement the hard copy application method but that the INS folks simply failed to get it all synched.
  3. I Received a checklist letter from NVC that say: ______CORRESPONDENCE INSTRUCTIONS:_________________________________ For electronic processing, all forms and documents that we request and require from you should be scanned and e-mailed to NVC as Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files. The documents should be sent as attachments with your e-mail response and not in a web file. NVC is unable to process documents submitted in web files. Forms and documents should not be mailed through the postal service. However, the applicant must bring the original version of all civil documents, such as birth, marriage, and police certificates, to the visa interview. Failure to present the required originals at the visa interview will result in a denial or delay in obtaining a visa for the sponsored applicant. Any questions regarding your petition should continue to be directed to NVCElectronic@state.gov. Along with some civil documents missing. Does this mean I must submit the civil documents by email?
  4. Hello! We finally got our interview scheduled for the end of April, 2022. I started gather all the paperwork we need to bring according to the Interview Invitation we got on the mail. So I did a checklist of the things we are bringing to the interview. Would you guys mind taking a look to it and tell me what do you think about it or if we are missing any important documentation. Thank you so much in advance for taking the time. AOS from B-2 visa through Immediate Relative (US Citizen Spouse) CHECKLIST AOS Interview Green Card Interview Notice Government Issued Photo Identification (My Peruvian Passport) Medical Examination Sealed Envelope (I am re doing it since I messed it up the first time and even now they are waiving the period I don't want to risk it) Affidavit’s Evidence: Federal Income Tax Return (2021) Filed Joint, both our names appear W2 Letters current Employer Latest 4 pay stubs My EAD Card (still unemployed :() Most recent I-94 My Birth Certificate My SSN Marriage certificate (certified copy) Spouse Birth Certificate Spouse Passport Spouse SSN All other NOAs received Evidence of relationship Letter from bank stating we have joint account, and monthly statements Apartment Lease copy Renters insurance copy Copy of benefits coverage and life insurance from work (you + spouse) Covid-19 Vaccination Record cards stating we went together Letters my parents-in-law and friends sent us for our Marriage and holidays Photographs of us together (Everything from the last photo album I sent in the original package: trips, holidays with my in-laws, pictures with friends) a copy of everything above We already filed the I-864 (affidavit), we didn't get any REF so we are just bringing the current paperwork since we just filed our tax as married. Just to confirm, every paperwork that we bring is basically the originals and about our pictures for evidence, basically the Part 2 of the pictures we had at the time of filing one year ago, or do I need to print again whatever we sent in the original file? Should we bring more random stuff like our Costco membership, Nintendo membership or things like that we have together? Thanks again!
  5. So nearly two years after our AOS NOA, we finally have our interview (next week). These are the docs I plan to bring, I'd love any feedback on obvious omissions or errors: The letter inviting us to interview My passport and Birth Certificate Spouse passport and Birth Certificate My decree absolute (I have a previous marriage) Marriage certificate (certified copy) My two EAD/AP cards (one expired) plus all related documentation (NOAs etc) All other NOAs I've rcvd. Copy of my medical form I took to my K1 interview in the UK (filed my AOS within 1 year so no need for I-693) My social security card Details of my employment (letter from company) plus recent payslips. Evidence of relationship Letter from bank stating we are joint account owners on two accounts Homeowner Insurance statement with both names Certificate of Title for the two cars we own, with both names on Copies of our drivers licenses showing same address Copy of my benefits statement from work showing spouse as beneficiary Copy of 401k's stating each other as sole beneficiary Deed of trust for the house with both of our names on (I'm not on the mortgage but I am on the title). IRS tax return transcript showing us a married filing joint for 2020 Photographs of us together travel photos general photos with friends some wedding photos but we just did a courthouse so they're pretty basic Copies of all of the above We submitted the I-864 with the initial application and rcvd no RFEs, my spouse's income has increased significantly since then so I might bring an updated I-864 to have in my back pocked but I don't think it's really needed. What am I missing? Please jump on this thread and let me know! Thank you!
  6. Hello, my wife has her naturalization/citizen interview this week, but wanted to make we do not miss anything. She has practiced, understood, and memorized the 100 questions for the civil test. She has also remembered all her answers on her N400 Application. Her appointment is at the Indianapolis location. Main: 1. Appointment Letter 2. Green Card (LPR Card) 3. State ID (Drivers License) 4. Her Foreign Passport (India) Applying through marriage (Evidence). 1. Marriage Certificate 2. Our Son's birth certificate 3. My US Passport 4. Tax Return Transcripts 1.) Is there anything else she needs to bring or is this ok? 2.) For evidence we submitted on her N400 application for marriage proof, does she need bring everything we submitted online or is that not required? 3.) She should bring original documents right? Thank you. - GuruSikh
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