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  1. whats this agenda…I think this bill was never passed…what’s going on
  2. I got Documentarily Qualified (DQ) on 25th September, 2020…Montreal embassy too…keep me posted too please …tired of waiting…I got 2 emails from NVC so far…
  3. I read that AILA had meeting with NVC & they said they won’t be asking for new AOS due to Covid-19
  4. Yes you can do that when your case is approved, you can contact NVC & change interview location to Australia, they will transfer your file to Australia. Contact NVC ASAP...u will have to fill form on their website, they take 2 months just to get back to you. I got my embassy transferred from India to Montreal too.
  5. Thanks, I also got the update from nvc 😊 hoping things move ahead faster.
  6. F2b category...F24 class visa DQ on September 25,2020... waiting for interview at Montreal any idea what’s the estimated wait time for an interview letter from the Montreal Consulate? bit disappointed....read an article that “The number of immigrant visa cases pending interviews at the National Visa Center (NVC) increased to 473,000 in February, from 75,000 in January 2020.” does it means wait time has increased by 5 times? In normal times it used to take 6-9 months Will they do something about backlog....
  7. https://www.boundless.com/blog/overseas-green-card-backlog-surges/ So many pending interviews at nvc...from 75000 to 473,000. This is scary, will it mean our interview appointment will take 5 times more time? Will US consulate do something about backlog clearance?
  8. Hi guys, my mom is my petitioner , my petition was approved and I got Documentarily Qualified on 25th September, 2020 by NVC...due to Trumps visa ban on adult children due to covid, things holded... in December 2020, my mom got health problem & had very serious operation of brain aneurysm...she needs someone to take care of her...I need to expedite my case with NVC to get interview faster... My mom is my sponsor too & signed my affidavit of support...she was working as teacher...but stopped working since September due to COVID-19 & Medical issue took unemployment too... please guide how this will affect my case, if I put expedite request with NVC. Thanks!
  9. Hi guys! my mom is my petitioner , and I got Documentarily Qualified on 25th September, 2020...in December 2020, my mom got health problem & had very serious operation of brain aneurysm...she needs someone to take care of her...what do I do? Is there a way to speed up the process of green card with consultate or will have to wait in line? My mom is my sponsor too, she was working as teacher...please guide...
  10. Hi guys! when que will start in 31 March 2021...will it start? For family immigration processing and wait time for interview will double because of backlog at consultates...
  11. Hi guys! Family Immigration Ban(executive order) is expiring tomorrow 😊 Processing will start soon...if all goes well!
  12. Plz explain the reason Zaback? they are not saying so....they want to go for merit based?
  13. Hi Fatima, if present president is re-elected he has plans of making immigration merit based, which will throw all family immigration applications out of line. But passing of any bill needs Congress votes, he tried to get this bill passed in 2017 but Democrats + republicans voted against it , which is why we are still in Que. Family immigration continuity is in risk, if Trump is re-elected Check this link: https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.firstpost.com/world/merit-based-immigration-system-part-of-donald-trumps-second-term-agenda-mike-pence-8773181.html/amp Another link: https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/stuartanderson/2020/08/06/h-1b-visas-and-trumps-next-merit-based-immigration-plan/amp/
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