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  1. SSN in the mail on 12/13 EAD Picked up by USPS 12/13 - Expected Delivery 12/15
  2. My mom also received SSN today but not the EAD yet, status was Card Was Produced on December 10th so hoping it comes in the mail soon.
  3. How long from Card is being produced to receiving your EAD in the mail?
  4. No nothing, just provided that reason on the chat, email phone number and thats it.
  5. Only said the truth, my mom's situation changed and she was experiencing increasing financial hardship. Thats it.
  6. Did you try the expedite request through Emma? I did request it on 12/2 and received EAD approval on 12/6 (Card Being Produced).
  7. Also, I should point out that my I-130 for my mom had a priority date of Jan 7, 2022 so probably that caused the biometrics to be scheduled sooner. I filed the AOS packet with the I-130 receipt and the I-485 now shows PD 01/07/2022 so that's why its moving faster my friend. Hang in there, have faith it'll all happen at the right time.
  8. Are you able to submit an expedite request or call to ask why the delay? Walk-in biometrics done in Charlotte, NC.
  9. Biometrics appointment scheduled on 11/26 for 12/12. Case received on 11/16
  10. Question regarding USCIS Access code. Did you guys request one code per form? I need one for 485, 765, 131. I already requested one but before I did the other two I was wondering if that's necessary or one will work to import all cases.
  11. I just received the three texts from USCIS for (I-485, I-131, I-765).
  12. Did you find another thread? Would be interested to follow your process as I also am filing AOS for my mom.
  13. I also filed AOS for a parent. I could not find a thread for it. It was received at Chicago Lockbox on 11/16, waiting on NOAs
  14. 4/28 - Submitted at USPS Standard Processing 5/25 - Approved and Shipped 5/28 - Received - Old Gen Passport Locator 34 Such a bummer getting the old gen, stuck with it now for 10 years and I'm not sure what happened with how this one was printed but my face looks orange lol it really doesn't look like a passport picture, something is really wrong with it but I guess not much I can do.
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