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  1. We also got a request for a marriage cert from orlando (despite sending three in the original package) and I've been waiting since March to hear back. The case went back into review two weeks ago but I'm just impatient
  2. Our case went back into active review as today. My anxiety is not coping lol
  3. Trying not to be wildly jealous that Orlando is taking it's sweet time 😂 but so happy for you all
  4. Awesome! I'm hoping to hear back soon - we sent off our RFE in march and it's with the field office so still waiting
  5. I've had the exact same RFE for the marriage cert! (Despite me sending THREE COPIES with the original package) hoping for a quick turn around.
  6. Nah just a copy. Just sent it off! Praying for a quick turn around
  7. Yea and it's from the Orlando office so good things I guess? How do you lose three copies though my god. I submitted our last RFE online but I wonder if I do the same for this.
  8. Update: they have requested a copy of our marriage cert - despite me sending THREE copies in with our file. Classic USCIS losing things.
  9. Nope. Just a straight "we are actively reviewing" last time this updated was in Jan when they took my finger prints but that's just an automatic thing
  10. I woke up this morning to a message that the USCIS have taken action on my case since my biometrics. It's now saying as of today they are working on my case. Anyone see something similar before they got an update? Either a medical or otherwise?
  11. This isn't true. I got a combo card approved and I haven't been waiting 6+ months (November filer!). I didn't ask to have the AP expedited only EAD so it was a nice superise
  12. Yea mine said it was a combo approval and gave Information on the AP. Which I didn't expect to get approved although it mostly talked about the EAD. Either way time to start working!! Do you have a job lined up?
  13. Amazing!!! Congrats. Big step in the right direction. Check your AP too to see if they closed it. Guess Mondays are good days?
  14. Card and approval notice arrived today at the same time which is hilarious. It's also a combo card which I didnt realize. The AP case had closed. Timeline: PD: 11/8/2022 Bio: 1/26/23 Case actively in review: 1/26/23 Expedite: 1/30/23 Approved with no request for proof: 2/6/23 Card is being produced: 2/6/23 Card was produced 2/9/23 Card was picked up by USPS 2/10/23 Delivered 2/11/23
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