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  1. I also ended up doing this. Applied online my second day and then went to my local social security office on day 5 (I was out of town until this point). Took my I-94 and passport with me and I received a receipt that I will get my SSN in the mail in about two weeks.
  2. Yeah that's what I did, can't recall if it was required but I had it anyway just in case, I think the DS-160 is more important. I can't remember how long it was exactly, but I was able to book my interview the next day after I had notification it was in transit. My interview was 2-3 weeks later and there were no issues. Can't imagine it takes long for it to reach the UK. Best of luck!
  3. Nope, I received my physical letter a few days ago, but I was approved on July 1st. I booked mine as soon as it let me and printed off the digital version, it is exactly the same.
  4. Applied April 2021, approved July 2022. Entered the US via Canada (COVID travel ban) in September 2021 on an ESTA, no issues from immigration and no mention of pending K1 visa by them (I did not mention it to them). YMMV.
  5. Yes, I received mine a week after my interview (London embassy), the yellow envelope and my passport came packaged in an outer envelope. How long it takes will most likely be embassy/country dependent.
  6. Just a follow up to this, I had my interview today (approved) and did exactly as I planned to. Handed the consular officer 12 months of bank statements (showing roughly £90k) and did not submit an I-134. The amount was never brought up by either officer and I wasn't asked my plans for the I-864 or if I would transfer the money over. I'll add a proper consular review when I get a chance, but it is true what they say, London is a cakewalk.
  7. That's exactly what I received but just in physical form. 🤔
  8. Finally received a letter (dated 23rd June) from the embassy, as already indicated it just contains a link on how to book your interview (which I already have booked). Very strange how you guys are still having problems.
  9. No I haven't received anything physically, my fiance received notification from NVC that it had been forwarded a week ago and I tried to book an interview last night and it didn't stop me from choosing a date.
  10. I was able to book an interview for the 1st of July today using the above (there are still interviews available for June but that felt too soon for me).
  11. Yeah that was my assumption too, which does make sense given that they shut off the phone lines (great timing!). If your NOA2 is one day after mine I can't imagine yours taking much longer
  12. My fiancé received an email today informing us that our case has been forwarded to the London embassy. That puts us at 46 days since NOA2 which isn't bad, just wish it hadn't been that many days in the dark! I imagine I'll get a response to my inquiry in a few months 😁
  13. We are in the same boat as you, received our NOA2 on April 26th and have not heard anything from the NVC. We sent an inquiry a couple of days ago but not expecting much to come of it. I was really expecting the process to be a bit smoother now but feels like we are back in the dark.
  14. Surely that's for AoS? From what I have read you just need to prove you won't be a public charge until you have your EAD.
  15. I'm not sure, I've seen varying reports on VJ about what they accept from several thousand to 5 figures.
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