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  1. That is what I believe too. No one knows what's going on.
  2. That's insane. I only got it so fast because we filled out the form the very first day. I hope you guys get approved soon.
  3. I am not filling for AOS but I sent a Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, with a Form G-1145. The package arrived at the Chicago lockbox on Nov 27 but I have not received any receipt notice or email/text. Is this normal? Wondering if I am gonna get the package returned... Do they text/mail you if your package is going to be returned?
  4. I see in your U4U timeline that you applied for benefits after applying for the I-765/I-912. So what option did you use for the beneficiaries then? Asking bc I'm a Venezuelan with parole and we are not receiving means-tested benefits.
  5. hey guys I just made it. Got paroled and I am finally safe. I landed in Miami and the whole process with the CBP did not take more than 30 mins
  6. Did ukranians with visa got their travel authorization? There's many many Venezuelans with visas who have not gotten theirs 😕 It's heartbreaking.
  7. Oh god. I am so sorry to hear this. What vaccine did she got in Vnzla? Guys, Here is a list of Covid Vaccines. Only the ones approved for the OMS are valid in Colombia. Basically Sinopharm or Sinovac if you got it in Venezuela. Also, I called my airline and they told me Colombia is requesting 3 doses... Although the guy who talked with me over the phone with me was not really sure about this. I don't think is true.
  8. I am sorry to hear that. I have seen a bunch of people with the same question. They don't get travel authorization because this is extraordinary process for people who, in normal circuntances, wouldn't be able to travel to the US, someone who has a visa is already allowed to travel to the US... This tiktok account has been talking about it
  9. Ohh. No, under this process the beneficiary only receives a Travel Authorization to seek parole in USA. That Travel Authorization document would state when would be the expiration day, which is 90 days from the moment the beneficiary gets approved and receives the document. The parole you refer to is granted at POE. Edit: The earlier they leave, the better. We don't know how the 24.000 cap works.
  10. Hey! 1) No, my sponsor didn't list me as dependent. 2) No idea. They didn't list any asset either mine or theirs, just the sponsor income... 3) I didn't understand this question. Generally paroles are for 2 years only. In the Beneficiary's Anticipated Length of Stay section they said "No end date". My sponsor watch this video to learn how to fill the form correctly (althought the youtuber is only filling a pdf version. Sponsors under the Process for Venezuelans need to fill the I-134 online).
  11. Ukranians were not asked for proof of vaccination at POE, that's all I know. So far it seems like the only thing you need is your passport and travel authorization document!
  12. Were you able to fill the form? Found out that, when filling the form, you only need to add 5 years from the date of your expiration. Let's say you have a passport without prorroga, and the expiration date is "26/10/2020". In that case you need to fill the form with "26/10/2025" instead.
  13. Unluckily we just need to wait for more info... It seems like mexican govt is pushing for more than 24k beneficiaries too.
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