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  1. ivanalex1980

    N-400 March 2019 Filers

    Hi every one and happy Friday I filed on March 12th and the completion time was 10 months, I just checked and it is changed now completion time 19 months any one experienced the same?
  2. ivanalex1980

    N-400 March 2019 Filers

    Hello there Can you please add me to that chart? i filed on 3/12/19 received NOA1 the same day Thank you
  3. ivanalex1980

    N-400 March 2019 Filers

    Oh ok i hope it will take much less time than it says
  4. ivanalex1980

    N-400 March 2019 Filers

    Hi, I filed the same day as you, online too. received NOA1 same day and case completion 10 months. what is your case completion time? and down there I have Estimated Wait Time 28 days do you have that too? Thanks and good luck to all of us
  5. ivanalex1980

    N-400 March 2019 Filers

    Hello every one, I am glad I found March 2019 filers, I filed online on 03/12/2019 I received NOA1 same date. It says: Estimated case completion: January 2020, 10 months, Is yours this long? :(( it also says: Estimated wait time: 28 Days; I don't know what it is, wait time for what?
  6. ivanalex1980

    N-400 February 2019 Filers

    Oh ok releaved a little :)) Thank you
  7. ivanalex1980

    N-400 February 2019 Filers

    Thank you so much, I pretty much have the same documents. One last question, My IRS tax return transcript does not show neither mine or my spouse's full names, address or SSN, they say it is for security purposes Is your tax return transcripts the same way? thanks
  8. ivanalex1980

    N-400 February 2019 Filers

    Hello, can you please let me know which supporting documents you uploaded besides your Green card and marriage certificate? Thank you so much
  9. ivanalex1980

    N-400 JANUARY 2019

    Hi, Good luck to you you said they sent you the appointment for the bio metrics, where did you check that status? Thank you
  10. ivanalex1980

    File Online or Paper mail?

    Is it really 2019? Oh my god!!! I think it is my right to ask what ever i want to, on your end no need of attitude, they hate it in the united states, trust me
  11. ivanalex1980

    File Online or Paper mail?

    thank you much I do not know why but I prefer to mail it
  12. Hello every one and good luck to all of us on our journey. I have a quick question: I can not really decide to file my application on line or mail out the paper version Are there applicants who mailed out their application ? Thank you sooo much
  13. ivanalex1980

    F2B to F1

    Do you already know the date of your another interview? I would suggest you not to trust any crucial paper work to a lawyer unless you keep a copy
  14. ivanalex1980

    N-400 Jan 2019 Filers

    Hello guys, First of all I wish us the best of luck with this journey. I have 2 questions: 1) Is there anyone who mailed the application? 2) filing online: I have documents translated from my native language and stamped by Notary. Original document and translated document are 2 different pages bundled together. I am worried how to scan and upload them Was any ne in the same situation? Thank you so much for your answers
  15. Good evening my friends I have a quick question to those who already filed N400 Do I have to put in N400 application the exact travel dates? I cant find ticket of my travel back home in 2015 and do they need exact date? or estimate would be fine? Thank you soo much