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  1. I had this same thoughts when I applied for N400. After applying for N400 in December 10, 2022, I planned on traveling to the Philippines for 6 weeks because the processing time says 11 months. I started following other people's N400 timelines and I have been seeing N400 movement as fast as 3 months so I thought, if there's no update by March 2023, I will book my ticket. My assumption was from getting interview notice to actual interview would happen around June-July. Then Feb 27, 2023, I received a notification that interview has been scheduled--that's only 2+ months since I filed for N400. My interview schedule is on April 5th--that's less than 2 months from getting the interview notification. I'm glad I did not book anything in May because there's no way that I could do the oath taking and passport right after the interview. I assume that post-interview process will be done by July. So it looks like I can't plan any trip until then. So personally, I think you are risking it by going overseas while with pending N400. But if you just filed yesterday and you plan to travel for a month tomorrow, you might be fine. Other than that, I would be very careful about setting travel plans because the estimated time published is only 80% of the cases... you might fall on the top 20%. Goodluck!
  2. I've been an LPR since 3/3/2020 and I've already applied for N400 on the basis of being married to the same USC for 3 years; I've been out of the country once for only 3 months since I immigrated in 2019. Your LPR date is older so you should qualify now. Of course, make sure that you meet the requirements for applying for N400 (no excessive stay overseas, and married to the same USC). Goodluck!
  3. I received my 48-month greencard extension mail today. I saw the mail in my USPS Informed Delivery email and we were so nervous about it because we don't know what could they be sending me a month after my N400 was scheduled. I thought it was an RFE so I went in my USCIS account to see if there was any sent correspondence--nothing! USCIS mail could make you sad, mad, and/or glad all at the same time,. LOL.
  4. Is the mom a senior citizen? If so, I think they allow walk-ins.
  5. If you still can, I suggest trying to get the PSA copy updated to the more legible version of the birth certificate because she will end up needing it even after the K1 process. Just get it all fixed once and for all. Birth certificates are one of the most basic and important documents for an individual.
  6. Unfortunately, PSA copies are notorious for having really bad print because they are usually a copy of the handwritten document which is the original birth certificate from the hospital, then submitted to the city hall. If you notice, the original birth certificate is copied and resized to fit the PSA security paper. Since she already got a better version of her birth certificate from her LCR, ask them (the LCR) to submit it to PSA to update her record. It should be available for ordering via PSA after a month or so.
  7. I just got an update on my N400 saying that my interview was scheduled for April 5th today. My ROC still says fingerprint was reused. N400 filed on December 10, 2022; ROC filed on December 22, 2021. I might have to add a letter to my application to request for a combo interview. Gotta start studying now... 😬
  8. I just got an update on my N400 saying that my interview was scheduled today and that they will mail out the details. My ROC still says fingerprint was reused. I might have to add a letter to my application to request for a combo interview. Gotta start studying now... 😬 Edit: logged in to my USCIS account and the interview date is on April 5th . N400 filed on December 10, 2022; ROC filed on December 22, 2021.
  9. Given your travel situation, I would say just got for K1. You already have the necessary evidence to file right now. I understand that people are saying that spousal is better than K1 and while that is true because of skipping some immigration steps which saves money and time, these benefits might not be good for you because 1) you have to fly back in to the Philippines to get married, which you are not keen on doing; 2) I doubt if not being able to work right away matters to you guys because you are already supporting her now, there's no rush to get a job after entering the U.S.; 3) The time of not being able to do anything on K1 because of lack of AP and EAD can be used to adjust to the U.S. and gather all the other docs as well. I know that they say that sometimes, there are problems with getting any done when one entered in K1 but some people was able to do things without any issues (like me). Forget about the tourist visa. She has very slim chance of getting approved. It's going to be a waste of money and time waiting. So yeah, just start the K1 now
  10. It's true. I don't think much about "the sacrifice" that I made to be with my husband because he always felt guilty about that part and I told him not to because it was a choice that I made and my family respects that choice. I like how my husband loves my family and how he's very understanding about our ways. Four years in the U.S. and I still don't have Filipino friends... I seem to be getting more American friends because of school and work. I miss my old Filipino friends back home
  11. I know. It's a personal choice. I like what it means and how it feels to have my husband's last name
  12. I plan on becoming a USC only because I don't want any miniscule threat of being taken away from my husband--that's all. If it's not for that, I don't think I'll want to be a citizen out of patriotism. The U.S. is great and all, and the Philippines has issues, but it will always be home. Prior to actually applying for naturalization, the idea of renouncing my Filipino citizenship does hurt. I honestly do not mind the paperwork anymore. I'm not concerned about having a "weak passport," because I've traveled extensively and am satisfied. I'm not entirely sold on SSS benefits because I can earn and save money on my own. My point is that all the advantages that you mention are not really much of a big deal because, as an immigrant, I am surrounded by people that look and sound nothing like me. The emotional toll of constantly missing my family and homeland cannot be compensated for by the convenience of dual citizenship, but it's a choice I made because cupid got me good. Lol. And I know I am lucky to have the option of dual citizenship, but it's not quite the same, to be honest. I will always have that American last name, and when I am in the Philippines, they look at me funny for having an American name (I experienced this last year when I traveled home). Then I have to explain why, and I know that I am judged just based on that small backstory.
  13. Cell plans in the Philippines are either 1) No load = no outgoing minutes, no outgoing sms, and very limited (free) data but incoming calls and texts are working; 2) Call and text only = prepaid plans that are only for making outgoing calls and texts to all or some networks; it may come with very limited data. 3) Data only = no calls or texts, just a little more than the limited free data (maybe 500MB or 2GB-- it varies). Facebook messenger works for all plans--the only difference is one cannot see images or videos on free data plan but messaging works fine. WhatsApp will not work on the free data plan. One needs to subscribe to data plan to use WhatsApp. The problem is, when one has data plan, other apps uses the data too so a 2GB data plan may not last long especially if the user does not know how to turn it off when there's wi-fi around. The allowed apps that works with free data is controlled by the cellular network and because Facebook is the most popular app in the Philippines, cell usage comes with it for free. Is she bsing you about WhatsApp not working outside wifi area? No. Is there any messaging app that she can use in lieu of FB messenger? No.
  14. That's what I thought too! But nope... @OldUser is right--it's like I-751 all over again. I have to collect financial statements, old addresses, old school records, old employment, insurance.
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