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  1. It is not the waiting an hour that is regarded as respect but to trying to get ahead of people who diligently and painfully followed the rules and the etiquette in line waiting, by going to lanes for Senior Citizen, a PWD, an OFW, crew when they are not, is disrespectful No one wants to wait an hour, but if it has to be waited in a line, then so be it. This also explains why Filipinos like to line up early in the morning for a gov't or medical appointment. Yep, it's one of the cultural differences
  2. I may be guilty of that. Personally, it's a sign of respect. I hate it when I see people cut in line. I am neither an OFW or a crew so I would not line up there unless some ushers told us that we can. We'd rather wait and be part of the bandwagon rather than be secretly mocked for 'not following rules or the majority, publicly'. Like what we jokingly say, "Kung nagmamadali ka, dapat kahapon ka pa umalis..." (If you are in a hurry, you should have left yesterday.)
  3. This is still the case with Philippines Airlines. There's a field for visa number when I tried to do a mock booking with them. Found a better flight with Delta--no visa number required.
  4. Finally picked up my visa packet today! May 30 - USEM interview May 31 - AP June 6 - Issued June 10 - 2GO tracking available June 11 - 2GO 'ready for pick up' text. This phase has been a smooth and quick journey for us from sending in our application on December 18 up to this point. Looking back, the hardest part for us is the waiting, the uncertainties, the unknowns, the anticipation... I wish you all the best
  5. The physician didn't feel my breasts during medical. I don't remember being asked if I have a lump either. But more than the worry in passing the medical, I agree that you should have it checked out by a physician for your overall health and well-being.
  6. You could be right. It would be very hard for me to assume though. But I wish you and everyone else the best as this is just a practice run of what's to come (Traveling, settling down, getting married, AOS, finding work, ROC, naturalization, etc.)
  7. I wish there's a way for us to know the real stats such as the percentage of people that is on 'Issued', 'AP', or visa on-hand status. Personally, if I see more than 10 people talking about it for just a single interview date, that could be 10% or less of the immigrant application on that day, then I would be worried. I know that as individual, it's easy to be worked up on what's actually going on in your application and you just really want to get this over with but at this point, you can choose to wait or call for your own peace of mind. Just don't be surprise if they give you the standard answer if it hasn't been over 4 weeks yet since the interview date.
  8. I believe that is a very lose assumption to make because we cannot create the stats based on 2-3 people that mentioned not having an update on their status (please correct me if my numbers are wrong). There's a lot of factors that comes with each and every application. In addition, VJ doesn't have all the people that got interviewed on that day. Anyways, my point in my previous post is, if it's not beyond the 4 weeks mentioned by the CO, then do not press the panic button yet.
  9. I believe the CO told applicants that the processing of the visa will take 2 to 4 weeks. Even told some applicants not to book flights until they have their visa on hand. I honestly wouldn't do anything (except to wait impatiently) until it's past the 4 weeks standard timeframe. I am guilty of comparing my timeline to others too but at the end, I use it as a way to predict my application's outcome so I can plan ahead. So far, that has worked for me. We're lucky that everything on our end was fast and fuss-free but believe me, we've always come up with the worst possible scenario and devise a plan to overcome it (if it were to happen). Someone said before that instead of stalking the ceac website for status change, try to do something else--look around for things to dispose, reconnect with family and friends, try reaching some personal, short-term goals. Hope this helps!
  10. I got interviewed on May 30th. Today, my visa status shows as "Issued" after being on AP since May 30th. Yep, patience is easier said than done but you'll get there eventually. So hang tight
  11. Giving to beggars is not just illegal for foreigners but to everyone in the Philippines. Philippines has the Mendicancy Law of 1978. Yep, it's that old but I have not seen it enforced (just like any other laws in the Philippines). Sources: https://pia.gov.ph/news/articles/1003588 https://www.officialgazette.gov.ph/1978/06/11/presidential-decree-no-1563-s-1978/
  12. The daughter is 10 months old? Is your wife breastfeeding? Supposedly, she can't get pregnant while she's breastfeeding but one can't depend on that for sure. Additionally, over the counter bc pills might have an effect on her breastfeeding so you might want to take that into consideration. Geowrian is right, it is best to speak to a doctor about it. Women have different reaction to pills. Cost of bc pills here range from 35 pesos to 900 pesos. A visit to OB-Gyn is about 250 pesos to 500 pesos.
  13. I am sorry about your experience. In all honesty, I have been reading your posts about your experience calling them and was a little nervous about calling as well but my gut feeling was telling me something's up so despite my fiance's planned contact on a Friday, I called on a Thursday instead and put him in conference with the USCIS so he won't lose his patience and set a not-so-pleasant tone when talking to the agent. But yeah, I guess we got lucky as well.
  14. We had a rather pleasant experience calling USCIS. Our i129f petition was received on December 18th. On April 18th, we called after lunch and the wait time just about 3-5 mins. When we spoke with Tier 1 (Michelle), we immediately asked to spoke to Tier 2. She provided information and status about our information anyway after verifying our info. She then asked if we still want to be transferred or if she provided what we needs--we asked to be transferred anyway. She was courteous, pleasant and precise. She even told us that we will be asked for the same info to verify our identity again and we're fine with that. When we got in line to speak to tier 2, it says that the wait time is over 200 minutes. However, we were given a choice to get a call back instead after providing our name and phone number. It also says that we will not be losing our line when we hang up and wait for call back. That was nicr of them to say After 3 hours, we got a call from Tier 2 Bernard and gave us the good news that we were approved on April 17th. He was really nice and was very happy for us. He also said that they will send out the letter soon. No text, no email, uscis online are not yet updated. We got antsy and had to call. It was a great call Wohoo!!
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