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  1. They sent the package last April 28 then mailed it back April 29. Then we noticed they encashed our check last May 20. Received the extension letter May 25. Now, I'm not sure if they're gonna waived the biometrics. As per checking at portal still "Case Received". Goodluck 😊🙏🏻
  2. March filer that's turns to April filer Nebraska Service Center (LIN) March 10 - Sent package April 23- Rejected April 28 - received rejection mail letter Aprl 29 - mailed it back May 5 - Case received May 20 - encashed check May 25 - 18 month Extension letter received
  3. I know... the thing is they accepted it and returned it back to my lawyer. And my lawyer received it almost end of April. They could have just accepted it...
  4. Yes, I think my lawyer mailed it March 10. 15 days earlier.
  5. Is anyone here same as my situation? We filed our I 751 last March 10 and mailed it same day. As per receipt date they received it last March 18 and sadly they're returned my application last Wednesday April 28 due to 90 day period thingy... And just received the a Rejection Notice letter from USCIS. 🤦‍♀️ It's pass the 90 day period coz they mailed it April 26...but still they returned it. So, advice to those who wants to file they're I751 make sure you're in your 90 day period.
  6. Same here... sent our package March 10 Up to now NO NOTIFICATION OR ANYTHING...
  7. Last March 10. Until now no notifications, encashment etc... how bout yours?
  8. Same as here... no notification or deduction on our account...
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