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  1. Visa Category: C1/D ( Transit visa ) 

    Interview Date : 02/08/2018

    Islamabad USA Embassy


    Hi Good Day !

    my interview was 02/08/2018 in USA Embassy during my interview VO ask Some questions about my travel plan etc after that kept  my passport and gave  me a white paper 221-G same day  i got email from the consulate NIV section .to send my details past travel history family details etc. after submitting the documents received a phone call from USA Embassy for a interview again by 04/09/2018.

    during second interview VO asked me some more questions end of my interview they did not give back my passport .few days ago i email to them and ask my case status !👇

    Thank you for contacting the Nonimmigrant Visa Unit of the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan.  We appreciate your interest in traveling to the United States.


    Your visa application is undergoing routine but required administrative processing, an integral part of the visa adjudication and issuance process that can be neither waived nor expedited.  Most administrative processing is resolved within 60 to 90 days of the visa interview; however it is difficult to predict the amount of time it will take.  The timing will vary based on the individual circumstances of each case. 


    Please be assured that we are aware of your concerns and will process the application to completion as quickly as possible in accordance with U.S. law.  We recognize that this process can be frustrating for applicants and regret any inconvenience.  Once the administrative processing is complete, we will contact you.


    For additional information, please consult our website.





    Nonimmigrant Visa Unit

    Consular Section

    U.S. Embassy Islamabad


    1)i just would like to know they count 60-90 days from first interview or from the second interview ?   

     2) if they kept passport is that good sing - how many chance's to approved Visa ? 
    3) there anyone had a same issues?

    Please Share Your Thoughts ! 
    Advance Thanks  

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