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  1. Also typo on the date. I am not due to file for removal of conditions until May 2022
  2. Right. I always seem to be in the most complicated situations. I will look into that - informing the last office that sent my NOA. The last was when my LPR was approved. That is exactly what I did not want for USCIS to think - that I am not forthcoming with info. i had already applied for citizenship in Canada prior to me moving here. i knew the process would take a year. I pursued it because I did not want to be a Philippine citizen anymore. For any reason that I have to leave the US - I would not want to have to go back to the Philippines. I wanted Canada to be my “home country” aside from the US. If anything happens to my marriage with my husband I would have moved back to Canada.
  3. Yes! You are correct. It was a typo. Math was never my strongest suit. Lol. I am living in the US and have only spent about 4 days out of the US since I got my green card. Thanks for the advice! Advice on VisaJourney is much more helpful than calling the USCIS customer service. The first person told me US does not allow dual citizenship (I schooled him on that). And the second person told me to write a letter to the field office, which I almost did and then upon further research, found that the field office is primarily for appointments and such.
  4. Thank you! True, and I did consider that but I really don't have a desire to be a Philippine citizen again. And the process to do that might just be more tedious than informing USCIS of my citizenship change. hahah.
  5. Hello! I'm not sure which forum this might fit in, but basically, I acquired conditional permanent resident status last August 26, 2020, and I can apply to remove conditions May of 2021. When I adjusted status, I was still a citizen of the Philippines. However, on June 19, 2021, I became a citizen of Canada. Philippine law states that once a person acquires another citizenship, they automatically are stripped of their Filipino citizenship. Thus, the passport that I submitted to USCIS when I applied for my adjustment of status in 2019 is now no longer valid. I wonder if I need to inform USCIS of this change and how (as I have not found anything online. They only have change of address as an option). Between now and May 2021, when I apply for removal of conditions, would I need to submit a copy of my new Canadian passport or is this something I update WHEN I apply for removal of conditions, on the form i751.
  6. Interview was yesterday, now says card is being produced. Woohooo.
  7. Okay whew. Thought they might need all NOAs for citizenship.
  8. Do you think it'll matter that I don't have the original of the very first photo I posted?
  9. However, I got this right in between. So that's 3 NOAs. After this one, I got one that says the petition is approved.
  10. Can anyone remind me what's on the i129f NOA1 and NOA2? I'm missing a document that I have a scanned copy of, I had labeled it NOA1 but it I'm not sure if it is indeed NOA1. Organizing files for AOS interview. Is NOA 2 the approval one that says this petition is approved?
  11. Was wondering if anyone who is in the same situation could provide guidance... I am here on a K1, and will be attending my AOS interview in August. I got my EAD so I started working. Is there anything regarding that that I need to bring to the interview? Should I have updated USCIS about that? I did not even think that I might need to update their records about job status. But for the interview, do I need to declare that on a form?
  12. My medical has now expired. I took it in June. I was supposed to have my interview in April but due to COVID, it got pushed to August. Does anyone think they're going to make us retake it?
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