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  1. So I just came across that some people have had to provide a certificate of no marriage or certificate of singleness. I saw that if you live in the Philippines, you do. I'm Filipino, but live in Canada. Wonder if they'll ask me for it for the interview?
  2. Oh, good you sent an original DD too in the i-129f petition. My fiance did even if i told him to send only a photocopy. If you sent the original in the petition, did you still have to bring this to the interview?
  3. Thanks much. We decided to return it and try elsewhere
  4. They are supposed to know. And that is where i got my us tourist visa taken and that worked. Tourist and K1 photos would be the same right? It seems like it from the tourist photo specs.
  5. Thank you sooo much. Do you remember what about your photo was not according to requirements. This helps so much.
  6. I did go to Walmart photo centre and INSISTED on the specs. They kept blowing me off and saying it was standard US passport. I measured and it was still a sixteenth short from the bottom to the eyes. Argh.
  7. Even as I insisted on the specs to the photo girl at walmart, the measurment from eyes to bottom of photo was a sixteenth of an inch short. Do you think that will matter? Could you guys share what their specific instructions were when they sent an RFE
  8. Do you guys think they will be fussy that the photo is 1/16 of an inch off?
  9. i know what you mean! a lot of the stuff is kind of contradictory or unclear. between the form and the instructions. so visa journey really helps
  10. Am I reading this right? The only place to get interviewed for a K1 in Canada is Montreal?
  11. This helps! I was just in the US and my I-94 just expired so I was confused as to whether I had to fill in that part, as well as the passport part. So, no need right? Since I'm back in my home country (Canada) and will be here at the time of filing.
  12. Yaay. Thank you again for all the advice and for answering my questions.
  13. Wow!!! That is extremely quick! This is so helpful. I was contemplating how to go about binding everything so it helps to know your best practices. I'm planning to just print the photos in colour on paper, instead of having it printed on photo paper. You think that's okay? I screenshot my photos so that the metadata is showing (less work for captioning).