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  1. The officer told me my fingerprints can't be read during biometric. He said my fingerprints has worn off. He still submitted it and said it is normal, some people hve the same case as me. The next process he infomed is the FBI will check about it (my background, where I came from, etc) then I might will take my fingerprints manually at the police station. They will contact me later on. Actually if there is no problem, it is a fast process there. They just take picture and your fingerprints
  2. Update , just checked the mail, we got the biometric appointment on 4 Nov in Charleston, WV. Mailed AOS on 29 Sept 2021 NoA 5 Oct 2021 Biometric Appointment 4 Nov 2021
  3. I just came to ssa office today, we had appointment at 11.30 AM. I called ssa office last week and told them about my case, she said her supervisor will call me back to set up the appointment, then 2 days later the supervisor called me and inform me the appointment date. Try to find the ssa office here : https://secure.ssa.gov/ICON/main.jsp
  4. Oh yaaa , happened to me few times calling him my fiancé after we got married 😁.
  5. Mailed our AOS package on 09/29/2021, and today (10/05/2021) my fiancé received the text they got our AOS package.
  6. Finally! Happy for you Yes, I have to pay for the medical examination and visa before the interview. So, we received P3 (email from the embassy) informing all docs needed, including medical check up and visa fee. They also informed to set an interview, we can set it 10 Business Days after the medical examination. I arranged it earlier because the hospital informed me that they already sent the result to the embassy after 2 days
  7. I finally received my visa in the mail yesterday! Finally I can be with my fiancé together in person next week after separated for 3 years. For those who are still waiting, be patient! I hope you'll soon be together in person with your loved one
  8. It varies for each consulate and I can't tell for consulate in Turkey, you may ask this question on Turkey portal. Or you can ask to other VJ member from Turkey. I think I saw one member from Turkey got P3 after more than 1 month or nearly 2 months. You better search in this discussion forum
  9. I can say "yes" to those 2 questions. What I meant by begin the visa application early is preparing the docs needed for interview. And you can start fill out DS-160 online (no need to submit it but just fill it out. It can be saved). You definitely can check your status CEAC once you got your case number. "In Transit" means they are sending the file to the embassy, "Ready" means the embassy received your file.
  10. few VJ member got it after 3 months / 90 days. If they cashed the check, that means they are processing your file. And for meeting the person within 2 years, it is when you file the petition (you can check when they cashed the check). The last time I met my fiancé was on August 2018, we filed it at the end of July 2020.
  11. Did you mean by the US embassy email? I don't know if the subject would be the same template or not but what I got is : "K-1; Case number from NVC - Beneficiary name" For the email address, you can check Brazil portal / Rio De Janereiro Consulate Information, it mentioned several email. It usually one of them. https://www.visajourney.com/consulates/index.php?ctry=Brazil&cty=Rio De Janereiro When I checked, the embassy just forward the reply email from my fiancé (petitioner). Also check your spam folder.
  12. yes, it's for the interview. Btw, can you give the link about the Q&A of I-864? Thanks in advance
  13. As far as I know affidavit is still needed. The link you gave is for Form I-864, and that will be needed later for AOS. I-134 filled by petitioner not beneficiary
  14. Usually NVC will create case number in the system around 5 - 10 business days after they received your case from USCIS, so before the case is transferred to respective consulate. Then after the consulate received your case, they will send an email to petitioner to confirm about your case and ask the beneficiary data (name, address, email, phone number). Then they will send an email to beneficiary to inform the docs they needed from beneficiary (the email called P3).
  15. It's common when calling NVC, try to call several time. Best time to call: Right after they open, which is around 7:00 AM US Eastern Time, Mon-Fri. Most have had luck getting the phone answered after the first ring if they called right at 7 AM. Also, in the evening, phone traffic is a little lighter. If you can't get through to 1-603-334-0700, maybe you can try the other number on this post below
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