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  1. She is just playing with my head. I am going to take everyone's advise and completely disconnect from her. If she would have been patient and loving, instead of threatening me, the AOS would be signed and lived happily ever after. I even forgave her for threatening me the first time and agreed to process. She made the choice to continue threatening, her loss. Thank you everyone's support and insights. Very helpful. God Bless!
  2. Wife said they talked to an immigration lawyer. She said I would be getting in trouble for not processing AOS paperwork. She said immigration would be calling me and asking me why I haven't filed the AOS paper since we are married. Then she said she would file the paperwork herself. I find it "very" hard to believe, plus I plan on filing for divorce as well. I don't know of any way I can get in trouble for not filing the AOS and her being able to file since I did not. If true seems like it would be a major loophole in immigration law that needs shut down. Is there a hidden law that gives someone power to come after the petitioner for not filing the AOS paperwork? Thanks
  3. It looks like my wife is filing AOS without me. So what does that mean? How can she do that?
  4. With my wife's visa expired and I file divorce, will she be able to collect alimony after 6 months together? She is currently staying at another Filipina's house.
  5. Married to Filipina back in September. We are not compatible being married at all. We are very different. I did not file AOS because I want a divorce. She is not living with me. She wants me to file the AOS while we are separated but that is fraud. My wife refuses to leave and her visa is expired. She wants to fight for her rights to stay in the USA. She can't stay because I didn't file the AOS. What can I do to protect myself? She refuses to go back to the Philippines. She said she was going to contact the government for help. Is there an easy way to send back her to the Philippines?
  6. Congratulations to the both of you, we wish you the best!!!
  7. The interview is not difficult if you know your fiance well, smile a lot, be confident in your answers, have all your paperwork organized and easy to access when requested. I wish you the best with your interview. God bless.
  8. This response to your question is probably way too late, but I scheduled my interview first and then CFO seconds later after scheduling the interview. My Filipina's POE was crazy because of the plane crash at Manila airport the day before. Things have settled down and she is save and sound in the USA now.
  9. My fiance is stuck at the airport in Manila now since this morning. 4 hour delay and not likely make the connecting flight in Taipei. So many people there and so many flights cancelled. She is very emotional as this is first time leaving the country. Wish i was there with her. Please pray for all of those in the same situation that we are in right now. 😢
  10. BluesDancer

    Need some fast help/advise on St Luke's Appointment

    We did CFO and Medical all in the same week back to back with no problems at all. My fiance was able to walk out with the medical report in hand on the second day. I think you both will be fine. Be very organized, be positive, smiling and excited. If you meet all the criteria to get approved, you should most likely have no problem getting approved.
  11. Point of Entry Date Set!!! My loving fiance will be arriving at her POE in San Francisco on August 18, 2018, then finish her last leg to Denver that same evening! Reality still has not set in yet. I will believe it once I see my love at the airport to take her home!
  12. There are multiple 2GO locations in Dumaguete. I just read that the delivery received time can be at times faster to pick up at 2GO. It eliminates one more possible failure point for possible delays in the Philippines. My job is all about reducing risk in a risk management job position. Yes my fiance also received a text that her visa package was ready to pickup.
  13. Usually the visa arrives after the interview in only 5 days, but sometimes it can take as long as 14 days. To pick up her visa at 2GO she had to use a photo ID, sign her name and write down her Photo ID number to pick up her visa package. No I didn't book her flight before we got the visa, it is so easy for things to get messed up in the Philippines, It's not worth taking a chance. Just to make the a name correction on her birth certificate took around 8 months to correct.
  14. Thank you Lord!!! My fiance received her visa today in Dumaguete in the Philippines 4 days after her interview!!! In about 3 weeks she should be finally home!!!