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  1. So unwatchable you watched an edited version of the same thing only a few hours later!.....(hey, I'm not judging, I am a 90 day completist except for maybe that ####### they did with 90 day people in lockdown, so.......)
  2. I mean, it's pretty clear that this is the best sex Gino ever had but I can't decide if he is enjoying the abuse she is handing out....
  3. Didn't Gino send Jasmine's nudes to his ex? Something tells me this is about so much more than a paint color.......
  4. I have a cat that gets called cow now and then Sumit's gotta come up with something new as a reason to not marry jenny is that the worst "proposal" or "reproposal" in the history of proposing. I mean, jesus, even Steven managed better than that
  5. You need a pre-departure test - within 3 days of departure of vaccinated and within 1 day if not. You need copies of vaccination status (if vaccinated) and a copy of your test results. Depending on what airline he is flying out on, he may be able to upload these on the Verifly app - I flew on BA, which partners with this app, UK-US last week - you can check in online if the docs are uploaded there (allow 4 hours or so from time of upload) otherwise you need to check in at the airport and supply copies there.
  6. I like how all of Family Libby is on onlyfans - like, they hate Andrei but because of him they have a bigger platform for their side hustle
  7. what I need to see is her potential suitors tell her that colteeeee is a mama's boy and she needs to cut the apron strings
  8. town bicycle - lol As 90 Day villians go she has surpassed anfisa and is heading towards debbie territory
  9. I need Alina's mother to apply the smackdown on Steve's dumb behind. Especially when he scolds her for the wine. Stevie - that girl earned that slug of wine oh yeah - Evelin melting down when she realizes her power has been diminished due to peruvian jenny was very satisfying
  10. It took me a few moments to realize that Pole is the terrible Paul of Paul and Karineee - imagine being so terrible your own mother calls you a deadbeat
  11. I mean..........based on the chicks he pulls versus how terrible the sight of him humping and pumping above you must be....
  12. I bet libby's sisters and Charlie&Meghan goaded her into it so they could have a bigger platform for their onlyfans accounts obviously natalie of mike and natalie wanted to launch her US media career to get her out of woods so many of the broke ### men (horrible paul of paul and karine, david of david and annie, etc) probably did it for the TLC money Why did Colteeeee do it I wonder?
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