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  1. We got our NOA2 in the mail today, dated on July 17. NOA1 date: Dec 12, 2019. Glad to be moving forward from this stage. Good luck with everyone else still waiting!
  2. Yes, I'm wondering the same. When I looked into it, it is for non-residents in US. If you come in on a K1, you aren't coming in as a visitor, right?
  3. Just to follow up. I submitted my ITIN application on April 9, 2019 and received it yesterday May 20. In total, it took 6 weeks, much faster than there quoted 10-12 weeks. If only USCIS will surprise me like this...😜
  4. Also Canadian. When I got divorced in Ontario in 2017, I received both a divorce certificate ( Form 36B) and a divorce order (Form 25A). I ended up submitting both for my I-130.
  5. Here's a good account of one user's experience. Also, read the CBP. It provides a lot of the information you may need.
  6. I think there is also an option to expedite it.
  7. I am actually doing something similar. Aside from meeting the curriculum prerequisites, you will need either a social security number or individual taxpayer identification number, which is a state requirement for tax enforcement purposes. You will need this in order to obtain your license. I filed my taxes jointly with my wife this year to obtain an ITIN (at a small cost) in order to facilitate my own medical license process. I was told this process can take up to 6-12 months. My plan is to apply for a medical license as soon as I obtain my ITIN so that I will be able to look for work once I obtain my CR-1.
  8. Also from the beautiful city of Toronto - the city with the most disappointing sports teams.
  9. Hi everyone, I’ve been visiting VJ almost daily for the past 8 months and just noticed this introduction forum. I am a Canadian physician, who never thought of leaving Canada before I met my (now) wife in 2016 while volunteering overseas. My visa journey has been filled with mixed emotions. On one hand, I am excited to finally settle down and build our future together. On the other hand, I’ve really enjoyed the life I had in Canada. The decision came down to job opportunities as it is much harder for her to find work in Canada. VJ has been immensely helpful with my journey so far. I am self-employed, so I do most of the visiting. My visits are relatively short 1-4 weeks and I am neurotic about keeping a spreadsheet of my visits to ensure I don’t overstay my cumulative 6 months in the previous 12 months. However, I do visit frequently, so I am afraid I will get turned down at some point. Reading about everyone’s experience has been a great source of comfort. Anyway, I am still less than halfway through, so the wait continues…
  10. In San Diego, we had to book an appointment in advance for IRS taxpayer assistance center. So plan ahead of time. The other added benefit is that they can certify your ID with your passport then and there and give it back to you right away. I called 2-3 weeks before to get an appointment, but it was also in the peak month of April.
  11. Don't know how to link a previous post. You may be referring to this poster. Different username, similar story.
  12. That would one of the greatest news I've had since starting this CR1 process. Thanks for optimism!
  13. That would be my dream. I would like the ITIN ASAP too. That was the time frame the letter the IRS gave me when I submtited the W7 on 4/9/19.
  14. This seems to be a very common theme. Everyone has their own agenda and there are probably a lot of reasons why, but I think the reality of leaving everything behind, moving to a new country and living with someone for the first time may make people change their mind. I face the opposite problem. I had so many questions and wanted to take things slow but kind of wished we started the process sooner. Hindsight is 20/20 I suppose.
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