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  1. Still waiting… I noticed on Informed Delivery today that we’re getting mail from USCIS, so I was worried. I looked on the USCIS website, and there is a note saying Request for Evidence was received (that they requested on November 16th and received our response from on November 24th!) last Monday and that it would be reviewed…..
  2. I saw on our USCIS account that an RFIE was sent for my (the petitioner's) birth certificate. I thought I had submitted it already, but that should be an easy fix. The biometrics appointment is Friday.
  3. The appointment is 11/19. Charleston, South Carolina, is the local office.
  4. We received the online access code today and the biometrics appointment date. At this point I regret applying for her SSN with the I-485, though.
  5. AOS package delivered 10/11/2021. Texts received 10/15/2021. Personal check cashed 10/18/2021.
  6. Our NOA-2 took 10 months, so I empathize. Definitely contact your state's US Senators AND US Representatives if you haven't already. They may not be able to do much except for an additional inquiry on your behalf, but at least it makes contact with USCIS. I was planning to file a complaint with the USCIS ombudsman if we hadn't gotten our NOA-2 after getting the Senator and Representative to place an inquiry, but thankfully we didn't have to.
  7. That's what we did. We were waiting on the NOA2 when she moved. We gave the new address when we completed the DS-160. No issues.
  8. It is the passport photos that have specific size requirements. I wouldn't worry too much about the size of these -- standard photo sizes are fine.
  9. I also wanted to add that her POE was also Atlanta. No issues there either!
  10. My fiancée transferred through Amsterdam (from Warsaw) on July 30 on her K-1! She had absolutely no issues. She flew through KLM.
  11. At the time I applied, I no longer had access to my boarding passes, as they were electronic, and I didn't know at the time that I would later need the evidence when filing the I-129F. I submitted two pictures, my flight itineraries, passport stamps, hotel receipts, a couple restaurant receipts, and a short letter about our in-person meeting. Thankfully we were approved with no RFEs.
  12. My fiancée had her visa interview this morning and was told that she was approved and should receive her visa soon
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