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  1. I don't have all the answers here, but as for your Ontario plates - if you cannot return them to the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario, you just keep them and do not renew them. You will just lose out on whatever $ you spent renewing your sticker. I believe you can drive your car in the U.S. with Ontario plates as long as your insurance covers you here. But that may vary by state. My insurance covered me for 6 months but I waited until I had my GC to go back to Canada and get my vehicle. Once you have your green card you need to import your vehicle within one month (I am pretty sure - might also be state specific) as a permanent resident. I am not sure what the requirements are before the GC in North Carolina, i would suggest contacting the NC DoT for specifics.
  2. I mean, during my experience at the border they wanted the receipt stating it was installed by professionals, and they did look at it. But installing it on my own wasn't an option for me. You can try a smaller auto shop maybe they will give you better rates?
  3. I saw a few people asking which TPMS was purchased. I know there are a few out there but when I asked my mechanic which I should go for he said Schrader as it is a known-brand. This is the one I purchased last year https://www.amazon.com/Schrader-SCH-BRK-4PC-Retrofit-Passenger-Wireless-Battery/dp/B008YQOZMG
  4. From my experience, you cannot import a car that you are financing from a lender in Canada. The car should be yours and completely paid off.
  5. I paid my car off a week before I imported it as well. I had the letter from the bank I financed through saying that it has been paid off and they do not own the vehicle anymore, I do. Congrats!!!
  6. I did not have to pay anything at customs, only when I was at the DMV stage.
  7. Hey everyone, I don't want to start a whole new thread, so just wondering if someone can let me know if filing an N400 is mandatory or once i get my 10 year green card I can just keep renewing it every 10 years? I can't find an answer online .. maybe someone here knows? Sorry if its a stupid question! Thanks :)!
  8. I didn't bring the amazon receipt, just the receipt from the mechanic which states i brought my own TPMS and that he installed it! And yes i registered and got plates at the DMV the next day after the border.
  9. If your compliance letter does not state your vehicle is not TPMS equipped (or any other deal breaker for importing) then your vehicle should be fine for importing as long as it meets the EPA/Safety. My compliance letter stated it was EPA/Safety compliant, but no TPMS installed. The border would have seen that, and not let me import it without the receipt saying a TPMS has been installed. Perhaps your Dodge has the TPMS already? Both of my parents cars a 2011 Ford and 2013 Mercedes have it, but apparently there are no Subarus in Canada that have TPMS or the ability to 'activate' the TPMS. One importer said to me :" Sorry you can’t import that unless you can find a Subaru dealer to install an OEM TPMS. If you find one, I doubt you will, let me know." So, maybe its just Subaru that doesn't do the TPMS, I have seen many forums posts regarding this issue. :/ I had to relinquish my Ontario license within 30 days of moving to Buffalo. I got it in my married name after we had got married. I just brought my Ontario license and and the marriage license to the DMV. My license does not expire for 2 years. I also got my SSN within the first week of moving to the US, and then went back to change it to my married name. I have lived here since October, and have only just brought my vehicle over in June for importing. My insurance covers me in the US for up to 6 months, but I have imported it within 2 weeks of bringing it across. I have insurance with Progressive as I got the best price from them, but it took a couple days for them to review my documents. Apparently insurance fraud is very common in the US, so the time between bringing my car across and getting it insured was almost a week. They asked for photos of: Green card, pay stub with address, SSN Card, old insurance policy, ON vehicle registration slip, marriage license and drivers license. I also completed a defensive driving course online for a discount on insurance, and needed to provide proof of that. After I received my ID cards from Progressive, I went to the DMV to register my vehicle. I brought the border stamped papers, my license, the bill of sale, my ON registration, 2 forms the DMV requires (registration form and tax exempt form) and the US insurance slip. I brought my marriage license as my registration and bill of sale were in my maiden name and I also brought proof that there is no lien on my vehicle from TD Bank, as I paid off my financed vehicle. I got the new NY plates on the spot. The total cost was $130 for 2 years of registration, and I received a 10 day temporary inspection sticker. Inspections cost around $20 I believe, and after that I am done for now!
  10. Thanks for the advice! I have also gone back home to Canada as well and changed my name to my now married name, so my creditors could report that to the credit bureau in Canada. I have some Canadian friends who had trouble purchasing a house in the US as they were trying to cross reference her by her maiden name in Canada. So that's taken care of as well. We are looking to buy a house in the next year or so I'd say, but what other things can I open up if i don't necessarily need anything just yet? I have 2 creditors reporting to my credit report in the U.S now according to TransUnion.
  11. Just wanted to share my experience with building credit in the US. We got married in November, as as soon as I got a SSN I opened a bank account at the same bank as my husband and he made me joint on his account. He has also added me as an authorized user to both his credit cards so I had credit cards with my name on them. A couple weeks ago, Capital One sent me a pre-approved offer in the mail and I followed through, and now have my first credit card on my own here. Once I created a login, it let me see what my credit score was and it was the same as my husbands credit score which is in the high 700's -- so being an authorized user helps as long as your S/O has good credit!! I never inquired about getting a card from Capital One, or anywhere else at all.. It has been 7 months of ..well, me existing in the U.S and I got approved with my own card, not so bad
  12. I would like to share my experience importing my vehicle, which has no TPMS - I am sure this topic has driven many people a little nutzo, as it did me because I really did not want to leave my car behind in Canada. My vehicle is a 2010 Subaru Impreza, purchased in Canada and paid off before time of import.My vehicle had no TPMS installed by the manufacturer and there was no way to "turn the TPMS" on as an option some vehicles may have. The first thing I did was contact Subaru (customercare@subaru.ca) for the compliance letter; I had to provide them with a picture of my vehicles registration, and they took about 2 weeks to respond by email with a compliance letter, no charge. My compliance letter stated "Our data indicates this vehicle at the time of manufacture conformed to all applicable US FMVSS, EXCEPT FOR: - FMVSS 101 Controls and display differences (1) MPH vs KPH (2) Brake telltale (3) ABS telltale - FMVSS 138 Tire Pressure Monitoring System i didn't think it was a big deal, the TPMS, and I contacted an import company (5 of them actually) just to get a quote to see what it would cost for someone else to do the work and everyone had the same response "In order for your vehicle to become compliant with U.S. safety standards, you must have OEM TPMS installed by an authorized dealer or repair facility. No one has been successful in completing this because OEM parts usually don't exist for vehicles that weren't originally manufactured with TPMS as an option on the vehicle." & "NHTSA approves modifications in regards to FMVSS No. 138, only performed by a certified Subaru dealer. If you can find a Subaru dealer to install the TPMS in your car, we can import it for you." After receiving these kinds of responses from all 5 importers, I called four different Subaru dealers in Ontario near where I lived and called the two larger Subaru dealers in the Buffalo area and heard the same thing from all of them; basically the vehicle wasn't designed to have OEM TPMS so quite simply; it cannot be done. I even called Subaru Canada and Subaru America to speak to customer service reps..they all suggested that I do an aftermarket one, but the NHTSA says OEM only ---This is where I was super bummed out. I was going in circles. Can't install it OEM, but OEM is the only way I can import it ?? This made no sense to me. so I called the border. I live in Buffalo, so I have Peace, Rainbow and the Queenston Lewiston bridges all a short driving distance from me. I mostly got automated machines and it took forever to get through, but I did manage to get through to a border agent at the QL Bridge, and I basically told him exactly what was going on regarding my TPMS troubles, and he said that It does not have to be OEM, but it must be installed, and he referenced people in the past doing it at Canadian Tire, so I said, cool! I'll go there. Long story short for Canadian Tire - they couldn't do it for me. My vehicle doesn't have the option to turn TPMS "on" as I mentioned before. They could put the sensors on the tires but they would have no where to send the signals to...so now even more bummed and stressed out. I decided to call the border back again and luckily got the same border agent who remembered me. I told him exactly what Canadian Tire told me and the issues I was having and he basically told me, the TPMS does not need to be part of the vehicle. They have imported vehicles that have external monitors (so basically aftermarket) and that as long as they can see the system installed, and I have a receipt from anywhere (either side of the border) then it will be fine. I found ONE mechanic in the Buffalo area willing to install an aftermarket TPMS system for me. I found a Schrader TPMS retrofit kit with internal sensors on Amazon for $180 and he installed it for me. I went to the QL bridge, they looked at the compliance letter, looked at the TPMS receipt, took my green card as ID, made me fill out 3 forms. After I filled them out, they stamped them, copied my registration and said go to the DMV with the paperwork, you're done here. I was literally in and out in 15 minutes. I was seriously stressed out since March till now, freaking out about importing because of the TPMS. But I am so happy it all worked out! Next steps : US Insurance, DMV and Inspection.
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