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  1. Teddy B

    Sessions rescinds DACA

    Yeah, I forget where I am once in a while. Might be senility setting in.
  2. Teddy B

    Sessions rescinds DACA

    I also suggest that you stick to thread the topic. I will not be replying to anymore posts with this line of questioning.
  3. Teddy B

    Equifax cyber attack.

    Make sure you include a list of your credit cards with numbers, you know for security reasons.
  4. Teddy B

    Sessions rescinds DACA

    His reply was very coherent to me, but it was not factual. Your bar for what construdes as a personal attack is extremely low, perhaps a political discussion board isn't the right venue for you?
  5. Teddy B

    Equifax cyber attack.

    Yep, but they're only trying to help. I didn't fill out that form.
  6. I was hoping you could provide us some insight as to why Rush Limbaugh would be evacuating from a hurricane that he refers to as a over hyped, fear mongered storm?
  7. Both FEMA and the NWS are fake organizations anyway. #everythingisfake
  8. Just tap water though, the bottled stuff is too good to waste on the gullable.
  9. You could read the thread again if you need some clarity.
  10. Well to the trained eye it appears that Rush is simply full of bull. But perhaps some of his followers that have supported him in this thread could chime in on that?
  11. Rumor has it that Rush is fake evacuating the fake storm. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2017/09/06/rush-limbaughs-dangerous-suggestion-that-hurricane-irma-is-fake-news/?utm_term=.2de04d952dd5
  12. Did you see the quotes from Alex Jones in your previously linked article? The guy is nuts.
  13. I don't know how anyone can take anything Rush says seriously, he's one of the biggest hucksters out there.