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  1. I have never completed a DS-260. However reviewing the questions, it asks - Have you ever used other names (i.e., maiden, religious, professional, alias, etc.)? - Do you hold or have you held a nationality other than the one you have indicated above? How did you answer these ones? Assuming you did not? I'm guessing when an application asks the applicant for several important pieces of information that were not declared, then simply completing a new application with all the important information after the fact would not give me, as an immigration officer good vibes about who is sitting in front of me. Good luck on your journey.
  2. My I-130 last status change was 2066 days ago and still states “Case was received” congratulations on your GC
  3. https://hackinglawpractice.com/will-case-go-faster-if-biometrics-reused/
  4. https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/document/flyers/M-767.pdf https://www.uscis.gov/newsroom/news-releases/uscis-expands-partnership-with-social-security-administration I am not doubting your experience so the USCIS need to update their literature
  5. I believe you’re in Houston right? What I did was drop off my application and passport at the local SS office..about a week later, my passport was sent back to me via UPS overnight mail. As others have stated there is no rush to update your SS. I just didn’t wanted to be done with everything. I then went to the Richmond Mega Center to update my drivers license. They actually told me that since I had updated it after my green card and still had a more than a couple of years validity on my drivers license, there was no requirement to update it and to just wait until it was time to actually renew the drivers license. However since I was there, they updated my record anyway. The only advantage was that I would, as a US citizen, be able to renew the license online as opposed to in person. I will test that out in a couple of months as Texas allows you to renew drivers licenses within two years of expiry.
  6. https://www.eac.gov/voters/voter-registration-cancellations https://www.gurfinkel.com/new-hope-for-non-citizens-who-accidentally-registered-to-vote/
  7. My suggestion is to speak to the State registrar to have your name removed from the voting list right away. I assume you have never attempted to vote? How did you find out you were registered? Did you register yourself? These are maybe the kind of the questions that you could be asked (or not) but you have to remove yourself from the registry asap.
  8. Hi, there are plenty of SS offices in Houston depending on where you live. The drop off box is just inside the building where security sits and I’m sure all the offices have drop off boxes. If you want to be sure, call the office closest to you
  9. My own was scheduled for May but then pushed to June such I had my oath a few days before Independence Day. Worked out just fine
  10. I had mine cancelled then rescheduled within a matter of hours. I didn't even see the cancellation and reschedule until I looked at MyUSCIS account and saw it 3 days later. Really depends on the reason for cancellation; missing file, COVID and staffing issues, some other reason. May have to wait a few days, may have to wait a couple of weeks or a month for the reschedule. I'm sorry for your experience.
  11. Ps i was able to get a certified copy of my son’s birth certificate here houstontx.gov/health/BirthCert/index.html
  12. They never asked to see any of the evidence that I had previously uploaded to support the application. I assume you applied online and had uploaded certificates etc? If so, if they were concerned with only seeing a copy of his BC, you probably would have received a RFE. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. All easily explainable.
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