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  1. I received my passport card back today but they kept the copy of my naturalization certificate. Not sure if they are actioning my case or not so will wait for a few days to see what comes in the mail before calling them.
  2. Houston or Dallas? Just looking at your profile. I received my notice the same day. Others I know waited a week or so.
  3. From where do you get that it is the slowest? I don’t see any where where this information is captured other than one or another’s perception. My own case was 4 weeks or so. I’ve seen other cases being the same. Looking forward to seeing your progress
  4. I received my certificate just over two weeks after receiving my passport card...
  5. Just send in your completed SS-5 form, letter of explanation plus your evidence (passport book, card or naturalization certificate)
  6. Decided to drop off my application, passport card and a letter to the nearest SS office. By dropping off, may be I will mitigate the risk of anything going missing in the mail on the way there and shave off a few days for them to look at my application.
  7. Have you spoken to an attorney? The one I used for AOS charged a $50 appointment charge which he then took off his fees when we decided to process with him. During that meeting he told us the appropriate cost for his services and whether it would be hourly rate or a set charge. Every case is different so worth making that appointment if you have decided to go down the attorney route
  8. Okay, bit the bullet. I dropped off at my local SS office my application along with a letter, my passport card and a copy of my naturalization certificate. Let's see what happens..
  9. Why do you say that? Took just over a month back in July for my application vía that office.
  10. I agree with you. I was intending to send my passport card but I think I’ll wait. I called my local office and after the forth try, someone picked up “no, just mail in your passport or naturalization certificate”. No thank you
  11. Yes, not for my passport but for other packages. Package would turn up the next day.
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