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  1. Thanks everyone for your contributions. At this stage no fee for I-485 has been withdrawn. We haven't heard anything about the I-485 so far. Is it possible to contact Chicago and just put a stop on the application? Even if they haven't begun processing it yet? From what I'm reading it's simple to withdraw the I-485 application with just a letter. The I-130 was filed for consular processing and sent to Dallas. The petition shows I'm in Australia still, and previously visited the US without ever overstaying and returned home. So, I should contact Potomac and just ensure they are aware the I-130 is intended for consular processing, even though that should be clear in the petition? Or should I just make this clear in the letter to Chicago? We're patiently waiting through the process and had no intent of doing the wrong thing. I'm prepared to do what I can to resolve it. All helpful information is appreciated. Thank you kindly.
  2. Thanks for your replies. I'm currently in Australia. I was in Australia when it was filed. My intent to file the I-485 was to register for Permanent Residence (once I-130 was approved). I'd read the I-130 and I-485 could be filed together, so we were trying to be organised, but I must have misunderstood. So, do we have to actively cancel the I-485? Will the filing fee be processed even if it's rejected? Or will it be deemed redundant and just be ignored and forgotten about if we don't follow it up? Or will it stay on file somehow and I just update it later at the appropriate time? Thank you kindly for your help
  3. Hello, We, (meaning I), may have been a bit too eager with our petition and application. So I'm not sure what happens now, seeking info. I believe I had read, a number of times (on VJ and other sources), that the I-130 and I-485 packets could be filed together. So we got them ready and filed them. We submitted our I-130/I-130a petition packet (to Dallas Lockbox), and our I-485/I-864 packet (to Chicago Lockbox) at around the same time. We received our NOA1 for the I-130. We haven't heard anything in relation to the I-485 application (which we tracked with USPS as delivered on Oct 14th, postmarked Oct 10th). Some time passed and with a fresh outlook I started seeking info about when we might get a receipt letter for our I-485. I then realised.. seeing I (Australian citizen) am not living in the US with my husband at the moment, the whole 'filing the I-130 & I-485 together' thing really isn't applicable to us...or is it? So where does this leave us? Will our I-485 application likely be rejected? Or just held there ready to be processed once the I-130 is approved? Beginning to second-guess what I've done now. Thank you - Alisa
  4. IOE is just a new electronic receipt number. This number does not identify the service centre. It is a new receipt system they are using. We also got an IOE number and our case is being processed in Potomac Service Centre. Your case is being processed in Texas. That's what your letter tells you in the bottom left corner. 🙂 When you check your case online, it says 'Env location', so does ours. It is because your case number is from the new electronic system 'IOE'. What you've shown here seems to be fine, and normal, as others have received with the new IOE system. If you want to talk to someone about your case, you can contact the Texas Service Centre. I hope that helps. 🙂
  5. Hello everyone, My husband (USC) and I (Australian Citizen) recently submitted our I-130 package (included Forms I-130, I-130a and G-1145). Progress to date: 8 Oct 2019 - Posted (USPS Priority Express) <8:32am GMT-4 EDT> 9 Oct 2019 - Delivered (Dallas TX Lockbox) <4:56am, not sure if GMT-4 EDT or GMT-5 CDT (local), etc> 12 Oct 2019 - Text message received (2 texts to same number) (advised USCIS received package) <12:24am GMT-4 EDT> (IOE receipt number received) 18 Oct 2019 - NOA1 letter received (by USPS mail) (Potomac Service Center)
  6. Hi, what does 'postmarked' actually mean, according to the USCIS? Does it mean the day the parcel arrived at the USCIS Lockbox? I've read on the USCIS site about their 'Receipting and Acceptance Processing' (linked below), but to me it doesn't clarify about weekends and public holidays. If a parcel arrives on a weekend or public holiday, will it be postmarked as received on the weekend/public holiday it arrived there? Or will it be postmarked as of their next business day? To me, it seems it would be postmarked as the day it arrived at the Lockbox. USCIS website says they assure that the receipt date is recorded ("...as receipt date may be critically important to determine applicant eligibility."). Just wondering if I've understood this properly. Could someone clarify this for me? Thank you in advance. https://www.uscis.gov/ilink/docView/AFM/HTML/AFM/0-0-0-1/0-0-0-1067/0-0-0-1095.html
  7. Hello, I haven't found this answered clearly yet - For i-130/i-130a petitions recently sent to USCIS, will the public charge rule (effective Oct 15 2019) be applicable to their future process? Or if the i-130 petition is received at USCIS before the cutoff date, will the case continue according to the previous rules? Thank you for any responses.
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