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    We were introduced by mutual friends in Dec 2011. We met for the first time in Feb 2012(in Nigeria) and instantly clicked. we got married in Sept 2012 on his birthday....immigration is not going to stop us :)

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  1. I know some people were waiting to hear a feedback from meabout my husband’s interview in Nigeria yesterday. I was having a bad pregnancyday with some shortness of breath so was not up to it yesterday. The baby chose that day to be a football (soccer) player or maybe gymnast inside my belly.Hubby thinks the little one had an inkling of what was about to happen and was doing precelebration. YES we were APPROVED!!!!!!! :dance: by a very difficult embassy. To GOD be the glory because His mercies and favor towards us has been innumerable. Infact,this week has been full of good news for VJ Nigerians who had their interviews. After hearing the details of my husband’s interview, Idecided to use this title to draw attention to the fact that some of theseembassies are labeled difficult only because some of us are not well preparedfor our interviews. Yes I agree, there is still that CO that will issue adecision we may not understand but let us first address our areas ofchallenges(red flags), if any and leave the rest. People, if you will pass through such embassies/consulates, FRONTLOAD!!!!!I cannot say this enough. VJ as community has been a blessing and I thank everyonethat has supported us with encouragement, prayers and good thoughts . I have been and will still be available to assist and share whatever i know as needed here. My review has been put up at our embassy’s site for others’ benefitand below is the link: http://www.visajourney.com/reviews/index.php?cnty=Nigeria&cty=&dfilter=5 he also shared shocking responses given by some applicants. One lady was asked about their Marriage certificate and she said they dnt have any, the Co then produced one from her file sent by her US based hubby and aksed how come that is there ? so how did you guys marry and she was like: "we had traditional wedding and that is considered marriage in our culture". hello????? This same lady was asked "where did you meet your husband" and she replied " at the airport" . The CO then asked "so you go to the airport everyday to see if you will meet a man?" and she said "no my aunt introduced us and he came down to visit so i went to pick him at the airport". Co: When did he propose to you? lady: "two days later"?. CO; you just met someone, he proposed to you two days laters and you said yes? of course she was denied. So many other stories he shared on what he overheard there revealed how callous some people can be. So my conclusion is that these VERY DIFFICULT embassies/consulates are the way we fear them to be because some people do not do their homework well.
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