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  1. Thank you. Sure you are making good progress with your application.
  2. PD August 28 EAD Approved Jan 31 (158 days) It was an agonizing waiting period.
  3. In Part 5, put 1 under items 1 and 3. Put NONE under items 4, 5, 6 & 7. Put 2 under item 8. You can use a black pen to write 1 under item 3 if you filled your form before printing.
  4. If you are filing the three forms (AP, EAD & AP) concurrently you are exempted from paying an additional fee for both the EAD & AP. So you can disregard the fees attached to the EAD & AP. It is better you file the three at once otherwise you will have to incur the cost attached to each form. The $575 was listed for those who choose to file separately.
  5. 1. Yes you can file I-485 and I-864 alone. 2. If you file AOS, EAD & AP altogether it will give you a total of $1,225. 3. AOS does not have to be filed within the 90days period. The implication of the 90days stamp is that you must get married within that period. 4. You may have to see a physician here in the USA if you are yet to complete your medicals.
  6. You have nothing to worry about since you got married before the expiry of your i94.
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