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  1. I never also understand the people when u ask something and them give u anouther stresses and judging also
  2. My case statues in USCIS site said it’s been revoked and in nvc site said we send u letter follow the instructions so now Iam getting confused I can file again or no Iam still in the system
  3. If Yes same religion and yes none cuz we just got married
  4. I was apply for cr1 and was revoked since and When searching for my case at USCIS site it’s say it’s revoked and now will apply again so do I need to give USCIS a call to make sure they don’t have any petition for me or since it’s say my case it’s revoked in the USCIS site I don’t have too thanks for helping
  5. She visit me 3 times before we married every time like 2 weeks
  6. Iam from Egypt and was married before us citizens and she passed away before got nvc and I know my current wife since 6 year
  7. My wife is older than me 23 years old so is it make any problems she visit me 3 times and we have everything on our name so is this will make a problem
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