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  1. That's a good development ... nice to see that Dallas office is now completing a case within 6/7 months ..
  2. Oh shuuuu .... that was my mistake and I didn't catch that ... I mean September 11, 2001 (9/11) event
  3. biometrics letter? you mean for those already have their parents currently in US right? I am just a little bit curious about the way this i-130 works. Anyone with the idea of how soon would we the November filers start getting approvals and request for AOS
  4. I'd advise you do it the right way ... since your intent is for her to come and live here; not visiting, then file i-130 for her. Inviting her over with B2 visa without going back is abusing the visa and making it difficult for those who genuinely wants B2 visa back in your home country to get approved.
  5. I've been looking for this Nov 2019 thread for some minutes I submitted I-130 for my mum on 11/25/2019 via online.
  6. You should have specifically requested for a more later date for your oath showing the officer proof of traveling out of the country within a month after your interview ... try sending it through fedex like some people suggested earlier ... I don't mean to sound negative but from what have read on here, rescheduling oath or interview with Dallas office is like requesting for additional wait time without no confirmed end time (maybe different now that things are moving faster but I doubt - considering numbers of applicants waiting in-line ... not even your Senate or Rep member can push for an earlier date for you ...). They do same day interview for students and those who drive like 4 hours to the office (I asked for same day oath and the IO told me that)
  7. Depending on the officer's level of clearance to approve ... most cases same day if no any further issues and maybe a day or two
  8. This makes sense and I will assume same too because I was not asked about it on my interview date even though I went with it as requested in interview letter. the documents the IO asked me were my most recent tax returns and not even for the last three years.
  9. Sorry I seems not to be right ... I just double checked now on my own interview later and it stated otherwise as shown below:
  10. A US Passport would suffice if she has one but if not, just like someone suggest, let her take her social security card to the county and get another one ... as simple as that
  11. So sorry for replying to this late ... been in and out of the country for a while. Yes I booked an appointment but I see people also doing walk-ins. All I showed was the ticket of me traveling that same night (I was told the traveling has to be within a week). It's at: Department of State 1100 Commerce St #1120, Dallas, TX 75242 I forgot which floor ... I got it in less than an hour ... no stress once you have your ticket and naturalization certificate
  12. Congratulations friend ... the journey is finally coming to an end tomorrow ... Have fun and drive safe tomorrow
  13. They have couple of new officers they recruited sometime this year and all training ... so the other agent might just be shadowing the main officer there ... I saw a lots of that when I went for my passport stamping and interview as well... The officer that interviewed me mentioned that the former conference hall they used for oath ceremony in their office would be converted to open office with cubicles for the newly employed officers
  14. Congratulations Natonstan ... glad to read about your approval. Have been outta the country for some time
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