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  1. @Oritneye how did you go with your son's medicals?
  2. So good to know that you have moved another step forward. Went to the SSA office yesterday and finally processed it. SSC should come in the mail next week.
  3. Use the name on your Passport and hold a copy of your marriage certificate. Congratulations
  4. I know your interview will go very well. Will be right here waiting to read your consulate review of approval. Congratulations in advance buddy.
  5. Yes buddy.. and yours is in 5weeks. Can't wait to put on my dancing shoes..💃
  6. Lol.. the slip color differs from embassy to embassy.
  7. Very common with beneficiaries from Muslim countries. There's a sub forum for those that were given/emailed the DS5355 form,so you can search for it. Goodluck
  8. Call Nvc and demand to speak with a supervisor. If it's the same old story,I will advice you get your congressman involved.
  9. Since it was because of lack of bonafide relationship between you both which is the most commonest reasons for K1 denials. Go to the beneficiary's home country,get married and file the cr1 and during this process,try to go back home to visit the beneficiary. In our case,we didnt withdraw the K1 petition,rather we allowed it to expire then went through the CR1 route and by his grace today,I'm in the US with my husband. Goodluck to you both on this long and tough journey.
  10. Goodnews sis. Congratulations. Happy birthday to you.. May God continue to enlarge your coast. Amen
  11. 4days as in to complete the medicals for children and then take 10business days for pick up.
  12. Congratulations and a blissful beautiful beginning to you both.