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  1. Fellow Nigerian,have you been able to fix the problem? I just saw your message on my inbox.
  2. Always welcome my beloved sister. Trust your enjoying your new environment and how's the weather over there?
  3. Thank God the security operatives foiled the attack.
  4. Thanks alot sis.. waiting for you to join us here real soon..😀
  5. Yea.... Keep checking your status on the ceac site. Congratulations in advance
  6. @Ajt3 that's very good to know. I'm scheduled to take the written test next week Saturday... How long is the programme? I have been doing very well but have also been very busy. How's the weather out there in Boston? @Zelixx updated her fb with snowfalls making the city of Brooklyn NY look very beautiful.
  7. This is really serious.. I would suggest you contact your congressman afterall it's not an ineligibilty. Prayers going up for you guys.
  8. Doesn't matter so long the co-sponsor lives around/same city and meets the income requirements
  9. Congratulations buddy... Have been very busy,just came online and saw your messge.. Police character certificate is valid for one calendar year for US immigration purpose. That said,you will need a 5cm×5cm passport(US style) for your interview. Go through the links on your appointment letter,hopefully you will see the pre checklist for your interview. Will be glad to read your consulate review of approval come Dec 17 2018. Best of luck buddy..!
  10. Thanks for checking up on us @Don Godwin This wildfire is the worst in California history. Cities around us have been burning but we weren't affected. @Sugarlegetiti @valentinasc @Oladipo and other Californians especially those affected by the wildfire and mass shoootings,our prayers are with you guys. @Ajt3 what's news? Done with my course and started working so it's been very busy for me. @Mrs Prestige welcome to the US of A my sister. @Wendy @olusoladan @Saanish @Saaniya @Oritneye have you guys landed? Congratulations to all the recently approved visas. Cheers..!
  11. Thanks alot for checking up on us... The California wildfire is the worst in its history. We live very close to the affect cities but we aren't affected. Che
  12. @O&O @Kanene @Possible18 and other Nigerians,whats going on with Lagos for heaven's sake? Have you guys called to know what went wrong?at this time I will advise you contact your respective congressman.