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  1. I had my interview pre-covid so I could have brought the boss with me. I decided against it as it was not mentioned anywhere and she cannot keep taking days off for this cr#@ In the end it was never even brought up. Also I did not submit any evidence online (only uploaded that what was required to move to the next step) and was never asked about it either.
  2. It happens, not a whole lot you can do about it now. The main reason the letter tells you to bring everything again, is for them to cover their a#$. Most of the time they will have all your stuff but sometimes stuff goes missing or they find something missing that they should have issued an RFE for. Having a full copy of everything can make the whole process easier if that would happen. In the rare invent that stuff needs to be added during your interview, they will ask you for it. You than tell them you don't have it with you and they will issue a RFE and your file is on hold till you sent it in. Annoying but not too bad in the grand scheme of things. You should be able to gather most stuff again I would assume. So learn from it and don't stress over it too much (than again the N400 would be the next time it comes up and that one does not require a bunch of stuff to begin with.
  3. To answer your question; Type or write, either are fine. (or try the Javascript trick) Now, for the important thing. Please do everybody (including yourself) a favor and file online. it is much easier for all parties involved, your application can't go missing during shipping. It is set-up so you cannot forget anything. It's a much much better way of filing. "Unemployed" in the history section does not mean you filed for unemployment benefits. It means you were not employed.
  4. I got one for my ROC. - Bring spouse - Bring everything you have ever submitted with you (just in case something goes missing last minute) - Bring originals of important documents and a copy. - Bring any additional co-mingling evidence not yet submitted There is a decent change you won't have to show much but better be over prepared than to receive an RFE at the interview
  5. That is what I'm saying, the N400 gets priority. Your file will be forwarded to the NBC to process the N400 than, if everything is ok with that, sent to your local office to set-up the interview. There is a decent change you will get a combo interview (regardless of whether a combo interview was announced or not). Overall the move to the NBC cab cause a few weeks delay but that is about it.
  6. As long as you got the status "received RFE" you are well within normal processing (unfortunately) They took over 2 months for them to respond after they received mine. If citizenship is your final goal, file the N400 if able. As long as your file has not been transferred to your local office you are looking at minimal extra delays (I would say 2 to 3 weeks) and actual decent changes to have the process move faster
  7. That is awesome and congratulations on the good news. To everyone else hoping on the same result; Sometimes cases get fast tracked, there is no rhyme or reason. There have been rumors that some files get pulled to make the numbers look better, but nobody really knows. Some people get lucky, I had this happen with my AOS and nobody knows why. Copying the petition package does not guarantee a speedy processing.
  8. You are asking the wrong question (as is the HR department). The I-551 stamp can be used to establish legal present, but it is not the only document. HR is overstepping their boundaries by insisting on that. If you have their requirement in writing you actually have a pretty solid legal case against them. HR is allowed to ask if you are legally present and allowed to work. But they are not allowed to demand certain types of prove for this. This is a very important difference. All they need to do is enter your data into the SAVE system and they will get an OK from that system. Your problem is that you want the job and don't want to piss off HR. Understandably, but it is not like they will give you the job if you don't push back. So depending on how much you want this job, you need to get a little more aggressive with them. I would suggest to try to get this demand in writing. sent them an email and tell them you need their demand in writing so you can obtain the I-551 stamp. Than wait a few days and tell them you are not able to get the stamp in time, but that you have enough documents to meet the I-9/SAVE part and casually include a statement that their request is against the law and that you really want to help them staying out of trouble. If that does not work, threatening legal actions may change their mind, but that would also mean they are likely to fire you the first change they get. Getting the stamp in a timely manner is, unfortunately, not very likely..
  9. I'm assuming you are asking because you have yours coming up. The answer you are looking for is very, very simple. Bring everything with you Everything you have ever sent and everything you have not sent (yet). Regardless of the base you are filing on, you bring everything. Stuff goes missing, stuff gets overlooked and sometimes they ask for stuff you never thought of. Bring all the paperwork (you should have a nice file yourself by now). A few more lbs in paperwork is better than having to answer "I have that, but not with me" and getting delayed a few weeks.
  10. Be prepared for a combo interview. Bring all evidence, documents etc for both petitions with you. Bring your spouse with you and if security will not let him in, have him stand-by in the area (make sure his phone is on and working). The combo interview is rarely officially scheduled and appears to be more based on local office procedures. Without the I-751 being closed out and approved they cannot approve the N400. They can do the interview and the test but not the actual approval. Again be prepared for a combo, but don't be too disappointed if they want you to come back for a I-751 interview.
  11. Your file is sitting in a pile at the NBC waiting for the local office to have space. As long as you have not received the "interview scgeduled" or "transferred to another office" notice, it will remain there. You can file the N400 and force the file from the bottom of the pile to be reviewed for the N400. Those petions have priority over other petitions. If you file after you get either of those notices, it will most likely delay your ROC a few weeks as the file needs to be transferred back to the NBC. The N400. I would file the N400 if I were you (as a matter of fact I did file with the intend of getting my file unstuck during my ROC and it did appear to help).
  12. There has been a known error in this portion of the system. According to the IO it always reports that number back incorrectly. They will change it into the correct number during the interview. Answer the questions on the page correctly and don't worry too much about the displayed numbers.
  13. The "expired" I-797 should work. The expiration date is really only meant for travel, but you are facing the same issue with DMV you faced earlier. As you had the same issue with the I-551 stamp, you might as well just try the I-797. In order for your wife to get the license, DMV needs to enter the data into the SAVE system. The documents they list on the website all require a different code to be entered into the system. as long as they don't look at the document and just enter the data you will be fine. If they start to think for themselves and see an expiration you are in for a long discussion again. The best solution would be for them to contact Madison immediately. Virginia got so fed up with it that they now require the local DMV's to sent the application to the state capital for approval.
  14. I-551 stamps are legit and most check-inn staff, working US flights, know this. Should you run into a person not familiar with it, get the supervisor out. If they still have issues with it, they need to contact their CPB contact. But it is pretty rare to begin with.
  15. Anywhere from 10 seconds to 6 months. There is no standard.
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