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  1. I do not know how on what basis they are choosing the order... I see that my passport is coming from Arizona ( from the usps tracking). I should receive it today in my mailbox.... I was assuming usps would send it to the local passport center in NY. I guess I was wrong...
  2. Hi all! Here is my timeline: Location : New York City Application date: 11/12/2020 Tracking available: 11/16/2020 "Approved" status email received: 11/23/2020
  3. I applied for the passport and asked the same thing at the post office. "What if..." she said that i will probably have to re-apply & pay for the replacement of the certification on my own... she did say that the passport can come in different package than the certificate... May I ask how long did it take for you to receive the passport after you applied for it?
  4. @Sherja it happened to me. It said that I missed my interview, exactly after I attended it. And I actually received a letter at home stating that I missed it. Immediately after the status changed to " you attended your interview" etc etc. Their system sometimes has issues, that's what the officer told me when I called inquiring about it. I would give it a few more days and see if you receive the actually oath letter with the scheduled date & time.
  5. no name change, interview passed on the spot, no complications. I do not think there's a rule on how they schedule the oath
  6. the letter appeared in the documents tab. I am scheduled for November 9th. I guess no voting for me in this election
  7. pfff... there's no logic then... I thought they had it automatically more or less after the officer officially approves it... we need more patience I guess...
  8. Agree, but simsim2 got scheduled in like 2 weeks more or less... i'm still waiting. i was curious if anybody else is dealing with this. Did your officer approve you on the spot?
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