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Online volunteer opportunity whilst waiting for EAD
9:23 pm yesterday


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Hi all!

I just wanted to share a great option I found to help fill the time between entering on a K1 and EAD, particularly for those with interest int he health/counselling fields!

So I took some time looking for online volunteer opportunities and they were few and far between, or didn't seem legitimate. However, I eventually found the Crisis Text Line. There's a short application, and they need a SSN for a background check, but it was a straight forward process. You complete an online training course first over 3 or 6 weeks (you choose). This in itself was so good for me. It gave me something to do while my husband was at work! Then after that you book shifts in 2 hour slots to reply to texters, and you don't even have to leave your home! Great for those in states where it's harder to get a driver's licence! It's a super rewarding thing to do, I feel much better just knowing I'm doing something with a positive effect on others.

Happy to answer any questions that people might have!

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Applied for SSN but told 8 weeks?!
6:31 pm yesterday


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Wondering if someone has more information on this than i do...

We applied for my SSN at our nearest office in MA on the 29th October 2018 - really friendly lady took all my appropriate paperwork & told me its currently taking 6-8 weeks?!

My I-94 showed i was on the system so why do i need to be manually verified?! We specifically went on the 29th Oct as we wanted to allow 10 working days in between my arrival & applying.

We just got married at the weekend so i cant even go there to inform my name changed as i dont have a SSN yet


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Pre-emptively gathering paperwork?
4:08 am yesterday


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I ve heard a lot of people wait to gather documents until they get NOA2.

However we just got an RFE because the plane tickets didn t have a YEAR on them. (Which is retarded. No plane tickets display the year of travel.)

So while I try and fix that, I m thinking about going to get my DS-160 police certificate, medical records and a few other things gathered. Is that advisable? Thank you for any help.

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Knightsbridge doctors advice
12:32 am yesterday


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Hey just bit more advice for people wanting to know what the medical is like.

I thought my medical would be like this:

However in reality it was really nice, i seen a lot of people wanting to know what the blood and urine samples are for, they told me directly they are for gonorrhea and syphilis. Also during the medical you go down to underwear only not fully undressed. Worst thing you can do is lie though so just my advice go in, be honest and you will be fine. But that youtube video summed up what i thought it would be like.

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My whole K1 Experience
9:25 pm yesterday


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Hey everyone, just wanted to give as detailed as possible description of my experience with all this process from Medical at Knightsbridge to the Embassy and hope it helps at least 1 person. Ill be going through my experience and my advice on best hotels to get nearby for good prices and close location.

Please remember this is from November 2018

The worst part is filing the paperwork and then waiting for it to become approved which is the longest and most drawn out process imaginable. When it came through I jumped at nearest medical and embassy appointment time deliberately leaving 7 working days between.


I booked a room at the Amber Lodge Hotel, you get what you pay for a VERY nice room less than 7 mins walk from Knightsbridge (Marylebone ONLY there are other locations, DO NOT BOOK unless you are going to the one at Bentick Mansions). I arrived went into room got some food at local Tesco very cheaply (they have kettle, microwave and toaster in room). I barely slept at all on the night I was so nervous about all the what if s that may arise. I went to the Doctors very easy to find with detailed instructions. Walked in the lovely receptionist gave me a cup to urinate in and forms to fill out although just an extension of what you already fill out from the printed copy. I filled the cup and filled in questionnaire went and sat down in waiting room there was myself and 1 other girl in there however as time went on it began to fill up. The first doctor called me and was very nice, asked me some questions about the questionnaire and then gave me a physical examination and took my pulse, BP and blood sample. He then told me to go back and sit down (he was very nice and chatty) I then waited another 10 mins and was called for an x-ray, just shirt off and stood in front of machine (pretty sure if you re female you can request female present). I then waited in waiting room again and the nurse took a little while however when I was called in I needed 2 vaccines, I chose to get them there. Then I went back to waiting room and the receptionist called me I went and paid for the examination and received my passport back, in all it cost me 420 due to vaccinations but that was me done. I was so happy and relieved it was that easy.


New Price list for 2018 (http://www.visamedicals.co.uk/us-price.htm)

With paperwork you only need what is basically listed; Passport, 4 ID photos either UK or US size they accept both (I used US), Police certificate (ACRO), vaccination records, Medical questionnaire (https://uk.usembassy.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/16/2017/05/USA-MEDICAL-QUESTIONNAIRE_IV.pdf) ), summary of medical history (not full history) you NEED reports covering any medical conditions, disabilities, and prior serious illnesses you have been treated for or anything ongoing, if you wear glasses bring them with you (you do eye exam anyway). IF you have any past or current serious issues as stated you will need evidence it is no longer an issue.

Embassy interview

I booked a room at the Travelodge London Vauxhall, 3 Bondway, London SW8 1SJ, very good rates for rooms and like Knightsbridge a stone throw from the place. It is right next to a waitrose to buy food. Again the night I barely slept thinking I was about to receive harsh questions and very difficult time. I got all my paperwork in order the night before probably about 15 times throughout the night. On the morning my appointment was at 9:00 am I got there for 8:30 and was told I had to come back in 15 mins, there is a caf nearby but I just waited on the benches. I went back waited in a short line got my DS-160 and passport ready and he told me to go through screening I went through in less than 1 min, put my papers in tray with my phone and anything in pockets and that s it. Also I will include this in here instead of notes DO NOT bring large bags like briefcases or things the man in front of me was told he could not bring it inside he had a black briefcase. I went through the doors into the embassy went to the Kiosk thing and the lady asked for my passport and DS-160 again, she then put numbers with stickers on my paper and told me to go to the 1st floor, turn left and left again. I got in the lift and went to the first floor and there was a very large crowd in the waiting room which made me **** a brick but I turned left and left again and went into an empty waiting room where my number was over the stall and waiting for me. I went to the window and was greeted by a very nice lady who asked for my passport, photo and DS-160 she then asked me for my Police certificate and asked if I ever served in the Military (which I had) I then presented Military documents after that all she wanted was Affidavit of Support, birth certificate and that was it. (You need additional documents if you have ever been to prison or married before or changed name etc). And that was all she then told me to take a seat and still I was the only one in the room (except people waiting to pay cashier). After 5 minutes (which felt like an hour since I needed a wee but was too scared to move in case I missed my number) I was called to the window and was greeted by an American man who asked me a few questions about how we met and have I been there, she been here etc and then in a casual way he said I am going to go ahead and approve your visa unfortunately my medical had not arrived so it was pending medical however he told me it would likely be with them that day since my interview date was 8 working days after my medical. My interview was for 9:00 I was done and out by 9:15. I read a lot of accounts of people who said it was the easiest part and it really is, even though if you are like me the what if monster will plague you until its over, I can promise you it by far the easiest part if you A have all documents with you and B have a genuine relationship.


Again it is just a case of bringing all documents with you and being there on time and then it is the simplest process (it was for me anyway). Again it is best to buy a folder and carry it with you than bring a large bag because they simply wont let you inside if its even 1mm over size limits.

Anyway that is my account of how the process was for me, I hope it helps and if anything there you want to know and I missed out just ask and if I have the answer I definitely will give you it.

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