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Greencard approved, when will I receive it?
2:04 pm today



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Hello all.

Had my interview on the 16th October and on the 17th October my status changed to 'card being produced'. On the 18th the status changed again to 'case approved'

Assuming it goes the same way to the EAD the next steps will be 'card mailed to you' and 'card picked up by USPS'

When should I expect to receive my green card?

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5:18 pm yesterday


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Hi, so me and my now WIFE were issued a re issue (ha) on our k1 visa that we used. I entered on the 27th of May and we were married on the 21st of July. Our 90 days weren t up until the 24th of August. We did everything we were supposed to do. However we have just received a RFE from our i-4 form stating that we did not marry within 90 days which isn t true. When I entered, the officer did write on the wrong visa but another officer fixed it for me. Everything is how it s meant to be. My lawyer doesn t seem too worried as he said this is obviously a mistake as you have married within 90 days. I wondered if it was because our petition was from 2018 and the person reviewing our case is confused or looking at my old visa? But I was re issued with no problems and entered with no problems. I am so confused and obviously very panicked. Any advice?

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I-864 evidence at interview
9:21 pm October 18, 2019



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Got my green card interview date! (after only 8 months! I'd be over the moon, if it hadn't also taken them 8 months to approve the EAD)

In the list of what to bring, it says:

"A completed Affidavit(s) of Support (Form I-864) with all required evidence, including the following, for each of your sponsors (unless already submitted):

- Federal Income Tax returns and W-2's, or certified IRS printouts, for the most recent tax year;

- Letters from each current employer, verifying current rate of pay and average weekly hours, and pay stubs for the past 2 months;

- Evidence of your sponsor's and/or co-sponsor's United States Citizenship or Lawful Permanent Resident status."

"all required evidence, including the following" makes no sense to me, because you don't have to submit letters from employers or pay stubs with the I-864 unless you need supplemental evidence to back up your W-2. We submitted the I-864 and my partner's W-2 and tax return as part of the initial filing; they earn well above the required minimum and have done for years, so we didn't need a co-sponsor or any supplemental evidence.

So does the "unless already submitted" apply to the I-864 packet, in which case we're good because we already did that and so we can ignore the rest of the bullet point, or does it apply to all items on that list, meaning we now have to go sort out a letter from their employer and pay stubs even though we don't need them?

I guess what I'm asking is, are there genuinely stricter evidence requirements at the interview or have they just worded their list poorly? Has anyone had to produce pay stubs for the interview despite having already filed their I-864?

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K1 application submitted and NOA1 received but did I make the wrong choice?
7:52 pm October 18, 2019



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I have filed for and paid for my K-1 visa in August. NOA1 received a couple of weeks later.
My partner and I both live in the UK. I am a US citizen by birth. We both wish to relocate to the US to live and work.
I thought K-1 would be the best option, now I am wondering if it would have been better to have arranged a quick marriage here and gone down to direct consular filing route at the embassy.
Should I withdraw the K-1 application and go down another route? Should I continue on this path given I have already paid to file?
My partner is ok with not working for a few months when we arrive but am I putting myself under a load of extra hassle having to adjust status once we arrive?
Any thoughts, comments or suggestions very welcome!

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Evidence of ongoing relationship at interview stage
2:04 pm October 18, 2019


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Hi all, I'm trying to gather all of the documents I need for the K1 interview at the London Embassy. I read somewhere at the start of this process that you should gather more recent evidence of your relationship to take with you as proof, though I can't seem to find anything in UK specific forums or on the official embassy website. Should I be looking through our chat logs again and printing evidence or is it not necessary?

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