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I-129F Query - Is it 6 months from day of medical or day of visa approval?
5:54 am today



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Hi all,

Just wanted to check but is it 6 months from the date of the medical or from the date of visa approval?

As the medical place when I rang them about this and have said to me that the medical is valid for 6 months and within that 6 months from the date of the medical I need to obtain the visa and then travel to the USA, however, I have asked our law firm this question as well and the paralegal said it was 6 months to enter the USA from date of visa approval.

I have seen different answers online regarding this and it has left me really confused about it.

Hope you can help!

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GCSE/GED Conversion?
12:59 pm June 20, 2024

Melancholic Mage

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I couldn't find any information on the Forum about this, but there's some confusion about whether my GCSE certificates will be counted at face value as proof of myself finishing high school once I'm in the US.

In-laws tell me I may need to resit exams to earn a GED for employment, while others say I can convert my GCSE's and other results to a US recognised grade using WES.org, while some say it isn't an issue at all.

My highest degrees are College level which I have certificates for. I also have some spare degrees (Generative AI for example) which I'm unsure what these would equal in US terms, or if they'll be taken as they are. Would appreciate some kind of conversion scale or advice. Thank you.

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Final few questions before submitting AOS for marriage green card!
12:49 am June 20, 2024



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Hello everyone! :)

I am on an E2 visa sponsored by my company (I work for a British staffing company here in the US). I have just married my US Citizen partner and we are now submitting a green card application.

After hours upon hours of research, videos etc. we are nearly ready to submit but I just have a few outstanding questions, which I would love help on!

I am submitting:








1. With previous addresses, should the dates match from the day of leaving the last address or day after? For example, first address - date to: 09/30/23 and then next address date from: 09/30/23 or next address date from: 01/10/23?


1. For question 25a on page 3 it says:

When I last arrived in the United States, I: was inspected at a port of entry and admitted as (for example, exchange visitor; visitor, waived through; temporary worker; student):

Would I put E2 in this box?

2. For question 2 on page 4 it says:

Are you applying for adjustment based on the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) section 245(i)?

From my online research I believe I say no?

3. For question 24a on page 10 it says:

Have you EVER been a J nonimmigrant exchange visitor who was subject to the two-year foreign residence requirement?

12 years ago I came to the US on a J1 visa to work in the US for 3 months during summer break at university. I have found the original form and on the form it says: The exchange visitor in the above program: not subject to the two-year residence requirement

So for this question do I say no? If so, should I still include a copy of my J1 visa?


1. For question 27 on page 3 it asks for my eligibility category, am I right in thinking it is (C)(9)?


1. As I already live in the US, am I right in thinking I am applying for advance parole as opposed to reentry permit?

2. I am finding contradicting information on if I need to pay a fee for this form. Some places say if I am submitting the I-131 with the I-485 form that I don't need to but other places are saying, I have to pay the separate I-131 fee?


1. For question 7 on page 4, it says:

My current individual annual income is:

My husband works in sales and therefore gets commission, in this box should he just put his base salary? As I read that we need to provide proof of this number and obviously can't show proof of commission that hasn't been won yet.

2. Below this question, it says:

Income you are using from any other person who was counted in your household size, including, in certain conditions, the intending immigrant.

As I am the spouse beneficiary, should I put my salary in this box?

Thank you so much in advance for any help or guidance on any of this!

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Qualifying Life Event Documents
7:02 pm June 18, 2024



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I am trying to sort out my ACA health care coverage as my spouse and I have just moved from the UK to Virginia. Our qualifying event for coverage is obviously the move itself, but not sure what documentation I can provide to show for "Proof of Prior Coverage" as we were both covered automatically under the NHS.

Any advice as to what document to provide would be greatly appreciated as don't want to miss the window to apply



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Can Domestic Violence Expedite Visa?
3:17 pm June 18, 2024

Melancholic Mage

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Please note this does not concern my husband.

My circumstances are complicated so I'll spare in-depth details, but I was punched and bitten by a family member late May who has since left the residence where I'm staying.

A police report has been filed and a statement given, but the police have made it clear this will most likely not lead to anything significant. Despite me wanting to press charges.

Even so, is the incident and record of such (pictures, victim statement, even offender claiming to call the police back on me in retaliation if I call them to, and I quote, "knack my visa up"), be enough reason to get my visa expedited? Or is it no longer a concern since the offender has left the property, despite still having keys and potential access?

The police are aware of the threat and my visa situation, which I've made clear over and over out of fear of it affecting my entry into the States, and it's a bit of a messy situation. The injustice of it has left a mark deeper than the wounds inflicted, but I can't say I feel entirely well or safe since the incident.

I've had no incident updates since giving my victim statement, and can't say I have any hope it will go any further despite me being assaulted. My I-130 and DS-260 have been greenlit and I'm currently waiting for embassy appointment letter and to organise my medical at current.

Is it worth chasing any of this or should I just wait out the visa process?

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