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Address Change In Middle of Process
9:20 am today



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Hi all,

My US Citizen wife lived in the UK with me when we submitted the I-130 in August 2020, but moved home in December 2020 and awaits my arrival.

Should we have updated USCIS with the new US address immediately, or are we okay to just leave it as it is? I'm trying to avoid any delays to the case - as we have only received NOA1 and nothing since!

Another question -

We have asked the NSC for an update on the case, as it seems so delayed! Has anyone else used the online request for update? Do they give much information, or simply confirm that the case is still waiting to be looked at?

Any information is so useful to us, it's so frustrating being apart this long!

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Good News?????
11:23 pm yesterday


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Can someone read the latest update for Embassy in London? I think its good news....

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Anyone waiting on IR5 interview for parents?
6:33 pm yesterday


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Hi there

I tried searching and couldn't find much so I just wanted to see who's waiting on an interview for parents? I applied Feb 2020 and my mom was DQ'd in January 2021 and my Dad finally in March 2021 so waiting on London to schedule and interview.

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What immunisations did you need updating?
4:47 pm yesterday


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Hi there

My parents are currently DQ'd and awaiting their interview. They are older and had vaccinations years ago but I'm just wondering what people needed for the medical?

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London to Dublin Case Transfer
12:31 am yesterday


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I've searched, but cannot see... How much hassle is it to transfer a K-1 from London to Dublin? Currently stuck at NVC, but looking at options...

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