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UK Passport about to expire. Affect N400?
3:56 am yesterday



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I currently have my green card. With the virus having everything shutdown I'm assuming my passport will take a very long time to renew. My passport expires end of May. I am planning to finish my N400 application this week.

Since I already am a resident, will my expiring passport be an issue?

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Green Card Extension letter and renewing DL
9:27 pm April 8, 2020


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I am about to apply for ROC. My 2 year GC expires in July. I know that I will get the 18month extension letter in the mail. My DL expires on the day my GC does.

How will I renew my DL? FYI NC DMV does not list extension letter as valid proof of legal presence. AND when I went with NOA1 after applying for my 2 year they wouldn't accept so I had to wait for my green card.


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Documentation to remove conditions
2:37 pm April 8, 2020



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To remove conditions it says we have to send as much documentation as possible to prove our marriage is legitimate. The only documentation my husband and I have is our marriage certificate and the joint tax return we filed. We live with my husband's family so have no joint bills etc. I'm worried it's not going to be enough. I was thinking of opening a joint bank account, but any other ideas would be welcomed.

Also, do we still have to meet the same minimum income requirements that we did for the initial spouse visa? My husband and I are both laid off right now.


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I-751 jointly filed. Spouse now deceased.
5:29 pm April 7, 2020



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Long story short. My condition green card expired in 2017 and we both jointly filed for the renewal/petition to remove two year conditions. This was in mid 2017. Unfortunately she passed away in mid February this year. My case has been bounced around office to office with new jurisdiction for the past few months. I called the UCSIS about the situation and they told me to bring the death certificate to the interview if I am called into one. However, I see a waiver is needing to be filed? I really cant get a solid answer.

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Social Security Number
4:54 pm April 7, 2020


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Hi All,

I've been looking around and I'm sure it's here but I'll ask:

- How long from emigrating under a CR1 will it take to get my social security number?

- Can I start work whilst waiting (my boss wants me to re-start a week after a move)?

- Any experiences?

Thank you

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