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Are 2 previous F1 visa denials going to affect our K1 application?
7:05 pm today


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Hi all,

I am a UK citizen and I visited the US on a J1 visa for 3 summers as a camp counsellor 2014, 2015, 2016. I met my US citizen boyfriend whilst working there, and we have been dating since that summer of 2016. I then got another J1 visa to be an au pair from March 2017, where I did 18 months au pairing in my boyfriend's city. I wanted to study in the US at a school in the same city that had a really great nursing program and also wanted to be close to my boyfriend, but we were not ready to get married so the student visa was a great option as I could study and would give us time together. I applied for change of status from J1 (au pair) to F1 (student) and was approved and I started nursing school in the fall of 2018. My boyfriend and I then left the US over Christmas 2018 to visit my family and I went to the embassy to get my F1 visa stamp, however was refused under 214(b), lack of home ties. I couldn't believe it as I had already started school and had been working really hard to keep my good grades. So I applied again a couple of weeks later and brought with me as much documentation as I could showing ties to the UK but the consular officer didn't even want to see it and denied me again. I was not asked about my boyfriend during these interviews nor did I mention him.

So fast forward to now, my boyfriend and I are depressed without each other and have decided to start the K1 visa process. I will still be wanting to go to school eventually once I have my green card but right now it is more important to us for me to be over there with him. We have lots and lots of evidence of our relationship, vacations, family photos, emails, cards, etc, however we are worried that my prior F1 denials will be an issue seeing as we were dating when I applied for the F1, even though we were not engaged at that point and have only decided so since the F1 denial.

Should we wait a little time to apply for the K1? How long? I have read people who applied as little as 8 weeks after and have had success but paired with my approved J1 visas I just wanted to know if anyone had been in a similar situation and had success.

I just saw him over Christmas but have not seen him since my second denial a couple of weeks ago, should we meet again before applying for the K1 to show that we genuinely thought about it and that he 'proposed' in person? Or does it not matter?

Can I still say that I want to study when I'm over there with him? I don't have a degree from the UK and if they ask me where I plan to work in the US is it ok if I say that I plan to study?

Thankyou for any advice! We are newbies to this and appreciate all the help we can get!


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Is “additional administrative processing” normal
4:59 pm today


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Hi sent a question to the embassy today and got the mostly standard response below just concerned about the words additional administrative processing is this normal or is the additional something to be concerned about?

Thank you for your email.

Embassy records show that your application remains subject to additional administrative processing at this time. Such processing is mandatory and cannot be waived or expedited.

Please note, there is no mechanism for routine status updates while additional administrative processing is underway. As soon as the processing of your application is complete and the outcome of your case is known, you will be contacted using the email address provided when your visa interview appointment was scheduled. Please, therefore, make sure your email address is up-to date on your Visa Appointment Service account at https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-gb/iv.

As processing varies in each and every case, timescales are given for guidance only and we cannot guarantee an outcome on or before any given date. This is one reason why we advise all applicants against booking tickets, resigning from employment, relinquishing property or making final travel plans unless they have received their passport containing a valid U.S. visa appropriate for their purpose of travel.


Consular Information Unit
U.S. Embassy, London

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How many of us waiting post interview
1:49 pm today


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Roll call please!!

Our case has been as follows:

jan 11th interview case updated

jan 14th ready case updated

jan 15th immigrant admistrative processing case updated

jan 16th immigrant administrative processing case updated

nothing so far since then on either immigrant or non immigrant trackers.

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yet another GC interview checklist
10:59 pm yesterday


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Good day all, i'm trying to go though all the things i have put together for my AOS interview. I've followed the instructions on the I-797c of what to bring, but i would like some eyes to run through it if you can spare the time :D

As follows:

Interview Notice I-797c

Gov issued ID (passport)

Vaccination supplement


Both of our birth certificates

Marriage license

My wifes previous divorce decree

NOA2 of petition

Joint apartment lease

Joint life insurance +health insurance

Phone contract with both out names

Police ACRO (this is the UK police cert saying i have no convictions)


Bank account confirming address

Flight information from trips made together

Wedding vows

Photos (a hefty assortment of us at places and us with people)

Christmas cards with both our names

Is there anything people would recommend adding?

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Vaccinations for IR1
8:09 pm yesterday


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Hi all,

One part of my VISA application that I am confused by is which vaccinations I require. The "chart" that I found on the uk embassy website is in Medical-ise.

Will any vaccines I am missing be administered as part of the medical. I don't mind if there's a fee, just wondering if I need to get any I am missing prior to the medical.

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