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Travelling with AP if Green Card has already been approved?
3:09 pm today



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Hi all,

I have a question that I haven't found a clear answer to online.

If an individual has been approved for I-485 but not yet received the actual green card in the mail, can they still travel internationally with Advance Parole? Or is the AP technically cancelled as soon as the I-485 case is approved?

I ask as today I've been approved for Advance Parole (yay!), and I also have my green card interview scheduled for early July. We're planning to travel internationally 21 days after the interview, and so are aware we may not have the card in hand by then even if we've been approved.


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How long is typical wait between Green Card interview, approval, and receiving actual Card?
5:09 pm yesterday



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Hi all,

I'm a September 2021 AOS filer (marriage via k-1), and our Green Card interview is scheduled for early July at Newark, NJ. I already have EAD but no AP.

As the topic title says - is there any guidance on how long the typical wait is between the interview, approval, and receiving the Green Card itself in the mail?

We are hoping to travel internationally 21 days after the interview - is this feasible?

Thanks in advance!

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5:25 pm May 16, 2022



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Hi, so my wife and I moved from NY to MD last summer and when we filed our 751 we were still in NY. When we moved, we did a changed of address that was NEVER picked up by USCIS and by the time my wife finally got her interview letter (back in April), they scheduled it for for 4/8/22 IN NY instead of MD. We were not able to take off of work to go. We called USCIS and they told her not to go and someone will call back to schedule a new appointment and also get her an appointment in MD to get a stamp renewal allowing her to work since that was expiring too. Now, because she didn't show up, by way of the USCIS officers instructions, the visa has been DENIED and we have to spend money to appeal (Form I-290B) when it wasn't our fault. What can we do? The letter states that we have to provide evidence that it is LEGALLY their fault. They also sent us a letter saying the address has finally been changed and yet the sent the denial letter to the NY address AGAIN. This is insane.

  • Change of address sent last year July.
  • They never picked it up.
  • USCIS officer told us not to attend and someone will get back to us with a new date
  • The letter they sent is not even dated AND it was sent to the old address even after getting a letter stating the address was updated.

Please HELP!!

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Required vaccines
1:34 pm May 15, 2022



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I have had many of the vaccines required on the list for US immigration, however, many of those vaccines were more than 10 years ago. If my history shows I got, e.g. typhoid, polio, tetanus etc in 2008, do I need to get those vaccines again before my medical examination, or is my status acceptable as is?


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5:44 pm May 13, 2022


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Hi guys, I am collecting documents for the NVC stage, one of them is a criminal record certificate from Jordan. When i lived in Jordan i used my maiden name, i have successfully got the criminal record certificate IN my maiden name but there is no possibility to add a reference to my current married name, has anyone had a similar issue? Will this be a problem?

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