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Transfer of Embassies
3:55 am May 28, 2023


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My fiance and I filed for our K1 in December of 2021. We were approved, it went to NVC and was sent to the wrong Embassy. We have jumped through hoops trying to get it to the Embassy where he's at. They accepted the transfer. It's been a few weeks. Has anyone transferred theirs? If so, do any of you know if our case number stays the same, just change the first 3 letters to the letters of the country he's in? Thank you.

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USPS Returns USCIS Letters
2:22 pm May 27, 2023


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Have any of you been through the perplexing situation of USPS repeatedly sending back USCIS letters? Despite submitting the AR11 form multiple times for both the I751 and I90 forms, we've encountered this problem about five times. The puzzling part is that some USCIS letters have made it through, indicating an inconsistent issue. We're genuinely stumped as to why this might be happening.

This recurring issue led to the unfortunate destruction of my wife's new green card, which had its conditions removed. As a response, we filed the I90 form, only to face the same mailing issues. Now, when we check the USCIS portal under my wife's account, we see a warning message. It states that a notice regarding the I751 form was dispatched on May 24th and subsequently returned back to USCIS by USPS!

Could there be a way to check if USPS mistakenly linked her name to the wrong account? Any advice on how to navigate this situation would be greatly appreciated.

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Police clearance cert req
5:12 pm May 26, 2023


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Hiya, I've asked around and gotten different answers so hoping the more experienced folks here or someone in a similar situation will know.

I was born in another country, left age 11 and lived in a second country until I was 15. I have not returned as a resident to either. I still have citizenship to the second country.
I will be interviewing for K1 in London, my current nationality and home. I know I need a police report for UK and any country I resided in post-age 16 but I've seen people get refused pending documents for countries they haven't lived in since under 16. It seems due to fact either they don't have UK nationality (settled status) or because they have nationality for another country.

My question is, will I need a police check for the first and/or second country? One is my birth country and the other I hold active nationality for. Once again, I know what the embassy website says but it doesn't explain why people are being asked for criminal records for countries they haven't lived in since like age 11 so some detail is missing here...

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London Medical Experience
8:14 pm May 25, 2023



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This is for the nervous folk like me!

I recently had my medical examination in London at Visa Medicals. And it was no where near as bad as I thought it would be.

For context, gathering the necessary paperwork for this from my GP was a real pain. As I m sure most of you have experienced. Despite having no ongoing or previous conditions, any history of mental illness, drug/alcohol issues or criminal past. My brain defaulted to the potential that I would be subject to extra scrutiny due to lack of medical history.

If this sounds like it could be you then let me tell you, that s not the case.

I arrived in the afternoon. The lady behind the counter took all my medical summary, passport and police certificate to photocopy. She then gave me a more detailed questionnaire to fill out whilst I waited.

First up was my vaccinations, I had everything up to date aside from my hep b jab. A tip for those who haven t their hep b jab, you only need one to pass the medical. This one jab costs 50. If you were to do the full course at say your GP or pharmacy, you re looking at around 120- 150. Do with this information as you may!

I was then called in for my chest x-ray. All I had to do was remove my t shirt, stand up against the screen and then I was good to go.

Lastly I was called in to discuss my medical questionnaire with the practitioner. The lady I spoke with was really pleasant. She asked me about any previous medical issues and a few lifestyle questions. I then had a quick vision test before removing my top again to sit on the bed to be given the full MOT which included blood pressure, lymph node checks, heart beat checks and then a glance for any scaring. To which I had scares from an operation I had as a child which I d disclosed.

She then took my blood whilst I laid on the bed.

After that she explained that my results will be sent to the embassy after 5 working days once they do all their checks. She explained that no news is good news. If anything needed to be followed up I d be contacted in the next couple of days. But she said that glancing at my x-ray results that everything looked to be all good.

I then went back to the front desk to collect my passport and settle the tab. My total came to 430 ( 380 for the medical + 50 for the hep b vaccination)

To anyone who was nervous about their upcoming medical, I can assure you that if you re a cut and dry case like me then you have absolutely nothing to worry about! I hope this puts your minds at ease!

Feel free to shoot me any questions!

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RFE plus I-797?
8:13 pm May 24, 2023



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My fianc received the attached in the post. It says notice of action, approval notice and it s dated 16 May. Today the case tracker app updated to say that they d sent an RFE (with todays date on it). Is this normal or have they sent the wrong thing? Any advice appreciated.


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