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What to expect for medical exam in the UK
5:38 am today


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I'm curious to anyone in the UK who has had their medical exam of what to expect? What were you required to bring and what type of questions did they ask? Were the results sent to you or straight to the embassy?

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Beneficiary Criminal Record
4:06 am today


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My Fiancee (the beneficiary) has only one actual charge from his juvenile days (he was ordered 9 months probation with no jail time or fines) for having a knife. He also has a couple warnings and cautions, the last one being almost 4 years ago now. I have order the SAR and I will be getting the court records from his juvenile charge before his interview. My question is, do you think we have a chance of being denied because of this charge and his cautions (even though he was never charged with those)?

I would love some examples of others being successful or denied with similar situations as mine. My anxiety is kicking in as this could be the only thing that hurts us. We have met numerous times in person, I meet the financial requirements and I have never had so much as a speeding ticket. Desperate for advice or input!

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K-1 Beneficiary criminal record
10:25 pm yesterday


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Hello, I have a question about my Fiancee (the beneficiary) having criminal record from England. He only has one actual charge when he was a juvenile that he got 9 months of probation (no jail time) for having a knife in public. Of course, his normal background check says he has no criminal record but the one for the visa shows even his warnings and cautions which he has a few of those as well. What worries me is the initial charge was wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm since the police had encountered an individual that had a cut on him and automatically assumed it was him. After looking into it, it was not him that had done it and he was only charged with having a knife on him. My only hope is that all this happened when he was about 15 years old. How do you think this will affect our chances of being accepted?

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Filing n400 online
9:48 pm yesterday


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Hi everyone,

In a few months i will filing my n400 apication online ( also have pending r.o.c.). My question is straight forward ...

What are the things do they require to upload in the intial online part and what can i take to the actual interview. Im guessing important things to upload would include the application form ,tax returns , front and back of green card , copy of passport, driving license etc. Also do i need updated criminal from south africa even tho i haven't been there for 13 years. I will get an updated criminal report from the u.k. and would these also be jave to uploaded or can showing them at intervieq be ok.But what about all the bank statements, utility bills, birthday cards , anniversary cards ,xmas cards , travel memories (boarding passes,hotel bills etc) photos? Can all these things be taken in binders to the interview?

If anyone that has applied online for n400 before can tell me exactly what they had to upload with intial application and what they took (or plan to take) to interview i would greatly appreciate it.

Many thanks ,


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E2 Spouse Visa put in Administrative Processing
7:23 pm yesterday


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Hi All,

I have been with my fiance for a little over 2 years. We were going to get married later this year. (We are both British citizens).

I moved here on an E2 Visa last February. My at the time Fiance (Now my wife) came over to see me on back to back ESTA's. She was advised to get a B1/B2 Visa. Unfortunately this was denied twice under 214b.

As a result, we decided to bring the wedding forward and got married on 4th January in Tobago. She had her interview at the Embassy last Monday, 14th January. They took a copy of my visa and our marriage certificate and issued her a 221g letter stating Administrative Processing; no further information was necessary and was told that she would "receive an E-Mail shortly"

Any ideas why this may be the case and it wasn't issued there and then? Do they do additional security checks or are they checking our marriage is legitimate as she went from a B1 application to an E2 spouse?

They did not request any further information. And the ticked box on the 221g is that "no further information is required"

To add some more information sorry: She was questioned a lot about our relationship during the interview:

"How long have you been in a committed relationship" - 2 Years
"Have you ever lived together" - yes, in England throughout 2017 to Feb 2018 when I traveled to USA
"When have you seen him since August" (When she last left USA) - for 2 weeks Sept / October in Canada, then in Tobago for 2 weeks at end of December early January when we got married.

I don't know if this indicates they are investigating the validity of our Marriage and how they would do this?

When I applied for my E2 I was going through a divorce so as I was legally Married at that time, obviously my Ex-Wife's name was on my petition. Could this of caused any flags?

I would be grateful to hear of anyone else's similar experiences and expected wait times?

Many thanks,

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