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Where did you and your spouse last live together?
6:33 pm June 24, 2022


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Filling out form I-130 online for my foreign spouse.

Me and my wife have visited irl and lived together in the same house (her father's house) for 4 months while I was visiting her home country visa-free, is it ok to list this address as an answer for where we last lived together or will USCIS not accept that as living together?

I intend to list it for our support of a bonafide marriage as well, so is it ok to list it as an answer to this question or is it better to put "Never Lived Together"?

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IR1 or K1 advice
3:29 pm June 24, 2022



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Hi all, I am new to the forum and I have searched finding a similar question to my own but I didn t want to hijack the OP s thread as it is still going. So I apologise upfront for asking a question that has probably been asked 100 times over that everyone is sick of ?

To give you the background, I am the beneficiary, living in the UK and my fianc e is the US citizen. We are pretty much ready to submit our I-129F to the USCIS and start the process for a K1 visa. Having read a lot on here it seems that this is no longer the fastest or the best route to go down.

From what I can tell the I-130 forms are being processed at a similar pace as the I-129F s but we know there is still a long way to go after that. The USCIS are saying that the I-129F is currently being processed on average in 13 months, it is then an average of 88 days before the interview at US embassy in London, followed by the 7+ months wait for the EAD after arriving and submitting the AOS.

As I mentioned, my Fianc e is the US citizen and she lives in the US but obviously we are not yet married hence looking at the K1. I have another flight booked to stay with her for 2 weeks over thanksgiving.

Would it be best to continue with the K1 application journey, likely to be sent out next week, or get married on my visit in November and then submit an I-130 and go down the IR-1 route, baring in mind it will be 5 months before I do travel there. Would it even be possible to marry whilst there on a tourist visa? I would ensure that I have enough proof to show that I would be retuning to the UK, tenancy agreement, letters from my employer, return flight tickets and financial commitments here etc.

Our intention is just like everyone else, to be together as soon as possible. The thought of not being able to work for 7+ months scares the life out of me or rather the hair I ll be pulling out.

Again I want to apologise for asking something a lot of people are probably sick of answering, I m just trying not to hijack other threads and confuse people as I am myself.

I appreciate any responses.

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I-751 Approved; Card picked up by USPS but no delivery...pending international trip
5:34 pm June 23, 2022



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Hello everyone,

My wife's i-751 ROC was filed on Sept 13, 2021 and it was approved two weeks ago on 6/10/2022 (Card in production update). On 6/15/2022, we received I-797 Notice of Action in the mail (Approval of request to remove the conditions on your permanent resident status). According USCIS case tracker, the card was picked up on 6/16/2022 by USPS. We were provided USPS priority mail tracking. Due to Juneteenth holiday, it showed delivery date of 6/21. We did not receive the card. USPS online tracking status shows "In Transit, Arriving late". We have contacted USPS and opened up a case. They contacted us yesterday, confirming the shipment made it to Los Angeles International Distribution Center and no update since then. We get priority mail packages quite a bit and noticed that all of our packages usually go to Los Angeles Network Distribution Center (which is a different distribution center that the one our card went to). USPS indicated all packages ship from distribution center to local post office in a truck and "There is nobody at the distribution center to call to acquire about this tracking". Normally we would wait for a few weeks before getting concerned and/or contacting USCIS. However, we have a pending trip to UK in a few weeks. My wife still has the original expired 2 year GC and 24 months extension (expires in Dec 2023) plus the new I-797 NOA indicating final approval and removal of condition.

I know we can use expired GC and 24 months extension letter to board the plane back to US. My question is....would there be an issue upon arrival in the US with CBP if we do NOT have 10 year GC by that time? We are planning to have the following documents when arriving back in US:

  • Wife's UK Passport
  • Expired 2 year GC
  • 24 Months extension
  • I-797 NOA showing final approval and conditions being removed

Thank you in advance for your responses.


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What to Put as Location of Marriage for Utah Online Marriage? (Online I-130 Filing,)
11:16 am June 23, 2022


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"Where were you and your current spouse married?"

We got married yesterday while we were (and still are) on vacation together in Denmark, physically together in the same location, but it was done via Utah County online marriage ceremony.

We are filing out I-130 online today and are unsure what to put for this question, should it be Utah or Denmark?

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Interview scheduled for AOS - Tax questions. Any advice.
8:28 pm June 22, 2022


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Hi all,

I moved here last October and got married in the same month and sent AOS in December adjusting from K1. I asked advice before on how we should file our taxes for 2021 because I haven't got a SSN and we were given advice to file an extension in hopes we got EAD/AOS approval and SSN with that before October tax deadline so we could file MFJ and if not we were going to file MFJ with ITIN application.

I still have no update on my EAD or AP however we have now received an update on our AOS interview being scheduled.

We followed the advice to do the tax extension and if approved would be perfect to receive conditional green card and SSN in time to file taxes MFJ.

We will be taking everything listed on interview appointment letter, but we will not be able to take our 2021 taxes since we filed extension.

So do we take the 2018, 2019, 2020 tax return transcripts, along with letter of employment showing stable and above required amount for the current year in income with paystubs? Should I take anything else? If I can get hold of tax extension form 4868 showing extension, and bring 2021's W2 that shows income earned was more than enough for that year, even though we haven't filed yet?

Thanks in advance.

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