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NOA2 bank info
11:35 pm April 4, 2020



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Hi, we received NOA2 on Monday, and my fianc e went to her bank to ask for the following as described in the guide

You will need several items (for the above form). Gather duplicate evidence of income and resources as appropriate:

(A) Statement from an officer of the bank/financial institution with your deposits, identifying the following: 1. date account opened; 2. total amount deposited for the past year; 3. present balance
(B) Statement(s) from your employer on business stationary showing: 1. Date and nature of employment; 2. salary paid; 3. whether position is temporary or permanent (also include copies of your last two pay stubs and your previous W-2 for the associated employer if available)
(C) If Self Employed: 1. Copy of last income tax return filed (or IRS transcripts); or 2. report of commercial rating concern
(D) List containing serial numbers and denominations of bonds and name of record owner(s).

For part (A), is the past 12 months of statements enough, or does she need something more specific?

Any other tips which may be helpful for this part of the process are also much appreciated.

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AOS and SSN situation during COVID19 lockdown
7:05 pm April 3, 2020


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Hello VJ Community!

I hope you are all staying safe and well during these scary circumstances.

USC Petitioner here, seeking guidance on how to go about applying for my now-husband's Social Security number. My husband arrived in Texas from the UK using a K1 visa on March 16. All Social Security offices shut their doors (as a safety precaution against COVID-19) the day after, on March 17. We got married on March 21 and are now in the process of putting together our AOS/I-944/AP/EAD packets.

We saw that you can choose to apply for your SSN on the EAD application, but I assume he wouldn't get the card until after he receives the EAD five or so months down the line. We were thinking of checking "No" on the application and waiting until the offices re-open so that we can apply in-person and hopefully get the card in the mail sooner. His I-94 expires on June 12, so we are really hoping that things normalize before then.

Any thoughts on going this route? Thankfully, not having an SSN hasn't caused major roadblocks for us yet. We were able to get him a phone plan, health insurance, and I was able to add him to my checking account, savings account, and credit cards. The biggest setback would be not being able to obtain his driver's license. He has a valid UK driver's license that he's eligible to use for 90 days, but he'll need to apply for a Texas license after that point and having an SSN is a requirment to obtain one.

Has anyone tried checking "Yes" on the EAD, but then also going to their local office to apply in-person after submitting the application? Would that cause issues for him down the line?

Thank you! Will appreciate any advice/input you can provide.

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Weirdest Question - I need an answer to
2:07 pm April 3, 2020



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So here's a weird question that my fiance and I are not even sure where to begin answering. He has a full, red beard. He works at a hospital and they are about to switch his ward over to a 'red zone' for Covid-19 patients. He was told that he would have to shave off his beard and has no problem with that what so ever, it's so his mask will seal properly as he will be working in direct contact with corona patients. Our question is this: when we originally took the pictures for his medical (4) and embassy requirement (2) he has that full beard. Our NOA2 is in tansit to the embassy and god willing that will open up interviews again in the next few months, however that won't be enough time for him to grow his beard back out. Do we re-take the photos for the embassy (the medical already has the bushy ones) or do we just explain at the time of interview the circumstances? He looks quite different with and without a beard. any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Stay safe out there!

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Applying for Unemployment on a Green Card
12:14 am April 3, 2020


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Hi there. My husband is a green card holder (got it in Nov 2019) after having a K-1 visa. Since I was a grad student at the time of K-1 application, my father financially sponsored him in the affidavit of support. Last week his office closed down due to COVID-19. From my vague understanding he is not able to apply for unemployment benefits because his green card is still conditional. Does anyone know any info on this? Can he apply for unemployment? Thank you for any info you have! Take care everyone x

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File Online vs Mailing in?
5:56 pm April 2, 2020



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hello VJ members

I went on the USCIS website and saw there is an option at the top which says File online and then if you click it, it says to create an account. Does this mean the application can be filed online instead of mailing the packet?


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