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I-485 no response
4:01 pm today



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Hi all,

Has anyone else had any experience with having zero response after filing their AOS package - I sent it via USPS on 09/24/19, signed for on 09/27/2019, and heard nothing since.

USCIS have confirmed nothing on my file when I called them and the cheque hasn t been cashed

I m worried that such a large amount of sensitive personal details could be lost...

Has anyone been in a similar situation recently And at what point should I consider mailing a new application?

many thanks

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EAD Expedite - Apply for job?
1:18 am today



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My AOS package (including EAD and AP paperwork) arrived at the USCIS office last Friday. I have found a job online that looks fantastic; I've read that EAD can be expedited with a job offer? I would love to apply for this job but have no clue if this would be worth doing.

I just have no idea how likely this would be!

My husband is a full time university student (and works part time) so only barely makes enough money to support us both. My mother-in-law filed as our joint sponsor for the AOS paperwork.

Would this be sufficient grounds for expedited EAD to be considered?

Thank you in advance for your help. This forum has been nothing but an incredible source of help! :)


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They swerved to avoid hitting an animal, now they are in ICE custody
10:30 pm yesterday


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I ve been reading about this news story. As usual, I imagine there s more to it than just swerving to avoid hitting an animal in Canada and then finding yourself in ICE custody


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Moving from UK to New York
12:26 pm yesterday



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Hi everyone

My brother and I are looking at moving to New York and we are wanting to know about employers who are willing to sponsor people for the greencard.

I am a first year accounting student while my brother has no degree at all, and is not I retested in one.

We both have a good amount of work experience.

We have dual citizenship for both New Zealand, our country of origin, and Great Britain where we now live.

What companies would be willing to sponsor us for the greencard?


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Possible to go into *too much* detail?
9:07 pm October 14, 2019



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Me and my Fiancee have been dating for 5 years and just got engaged last week. Safe to say we have a lot of evidence of our relationship.

For our evidence of in-person meeting what created a word document containing details from each visit we've both taken between the UK and US to see each other since our relationship began containing photos, boarding passes, passport scans. Currently the document is 2000+ words and 20+ pages and I haven't put in the evidence for 2018 or 2019 yet.

My question is have I gone overboard? I'm aware this level of detail is probably unnecessary but will it be a negative to our application?

Cheers all!

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