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N-400 Interview In Santa Ana, CA
12:35 am today


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It s been about 2 years since I came on this website. I have my Naturalization interview tomorrow in Santa Ana, California and wondered if they are giving out same day Oath Ceremony s due to COVID-19? I read somewhere they are doing drive in oath ceremony s which is kinda funny. If not how long are people waiting for a ceremony date after their interview?

After 6 years the journey is nearly at its end.


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Changing interview date, help
2:49 pm August 8, 2020


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I cant find how to change my interview date ( London).

I registered my appointment in the system as instructed, but I cannot find any options to reschedule.

Help please

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Filing I-765 and I-131 concurrently with I-485
2:45 pm August 8, 2020


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When filing concurrently do I still need to include 'supporting evidence' for the I-765 and I-131 such as marriage certificate, I-94, photocopies of passport etc, or will having that evidence included with the I-485 in the same application suffice? If not, will photocopies of my marrige certificate suffice as I only have 2 certified copies of it? Thank you in advance! :)

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Interview before i-130 approval?
1:34 am August 8, 2020


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OK, so.. we had an RFE back in January, the only thing they asked for was a copy of our original marriage certificate, which we provided and they received Feb 18th, and today I checked on My USCIS and it says an interview has been scheduled and we'll receive info in mail? The only thing I can find is maybe they suspect fraud? (It's not- we've been together two and a half years, have visited together 7 times in two years and have a daughter together), I guess I'll find out for sure whenever we get something in the mail. Just seems a little weird to me, it's I-130, I'm the USC and he's still overseas in UK.

Anyone with any experience with this? Our PD was 7-3-2019 and our status never changed to approved/no NOA2 or ever anything from NVC. Happy our status has finally changed (nothing had changed from March 16), but a bit uneasy if they're suspecting fraud ? ?

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Santa Ana CA Field Office 2020
10:39 pm August 7, 2020



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Hi all

We couldn't find any recent AOS discussion from the Santa Ana field office, so, rather than resurrect an old topic, we thought we would make a new one where members can commiserate, pool information etc. I hope this is okay.

As you can see from our timeline, we filed in November 2019. Status changed to 'case is ready to be scheduled for an interview' in January 2020. We've heard nothing further in respect of the I-485 since then. Combo card was received at the end of February 2020.

There's a thread over on Reddit that suggests there's been no interviews at the Santa Ana FO since March 2020, but the timelines here on VJ would suggest there's been at least one since then (which was yesterday - 6th August 2020). No reports of any interview waivers that we can find.

Anyway, fellow Santa Ana filers, please feel free to post here with updates, information, vents or whatever. We'll post whatever updates we have.

Finally, just wanted to give a big thanks to all the people who contribute here. This place has been an immensely valuable resource for us, as we're sure it has been to many other former lurkers.

Stay safe and stay well everyone in these very difficult times.

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