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Looking For Some Advice
11:04 pm yesterday



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I've been reading through so many of your stories today - it is all so overwhelming and astonishing how many folks are dedicated to achieving these dreams! :)

We had confirmation of I-130 receipt from NVC exactly a year ago (NOA2?) and purposefully have delayed submitting further documents as to not get approved too early. (Yes, we kept the application active and have written confirmation of its continuation.)

In terms of timelines, we are really stuck as to the best path forward.

Here's our catch: we need to immigrate precisely on May 31, 2022.

In a normal time, it would have been easy enough to guess through this all, but in this current situation? Definitely need some advice.

We are hyper-aware of the fact that to be able to immigrate with the above date, we need to have the interview no sooner than 30 November 2021 (6 month rule).

As such, our concern is that if we complete the application and documents (we have paid) on the NVC portal soon, that we'll be assigned an interview date prior to that earliest November date. Conversely, we worry that if we wait too long and the COVID backlog is substantial, that we might blow a good thing.

So, here's the questions from this:

1) In terms of the term "DQ", does this refer to the point of receiving confirmation of document review from the application and AOS on the NVC portal? If so, how long is this expected to take (from submitting all NVC requirements to having this confirmation)?

2) It seems that London has a substantial backlog at the moment and as such, I wonder about how long it will take from receiving that DQ above to an interview assignment. While I know this is a guessing game, do any of you have a good guess as to when would be a good time to submit at the NVC phase to maximize our chances of an interview between November and, say, March?

3) If we did submit all of this soon and received an interview date before November, how many times can you re-request the interview date and is there somewhere to view stipulations on this? The only thing I have found is regarding the "wait until your date passes" portion.

I thank you in advance for anyone willing to read and comment; I've read across this forum substantially, but find it all a little overwhelming and thought I'd just ask these questions in a straightforward way.

Thanks a million!

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Transferring embassies procedure?
10:37 pm yesterday



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Hi guys,

I was DQ about 2-weeks ago and am waiting for NVC to send my case to the embassy in Bogota, Colombia. However, I have 2 issues:

  1. I've seen that the backlogs are obscenely long and people that received DQ in Sept/Oct are only just getting interviews at the Bogota embassy.
  2. My Colombian residency has expired, and I don't wish to renew it, as I genuinely don't know how much longer I need to be in the country.

I'll cut to the chase...

I'm a UK citizen and I would like to potentially transfer my case to the US embassy in the UK (London). Is there an easy way to do this, and how long does it roughly take?

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Affidavit of support after living out of country
7:12 pm yesterday



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We applied for the spousal visa in March 2021, so we are still in the initial waiting game for USCIS approval (Texas service centre). I have a question about the affidavit of support which I am hoping you can assist with.

I've been looking into the form and it requests income for the previous 3 years. My wife (the U.S. citizen) lived in the UK with myself from 2018-2020, so she only has income from April 2020 to present. I can prove she was in the UK with me as we have her student visa with the dates on it. My question is, is income from the last year enough to satisfy? We don't have anybody to co-sponsor and we really don't want to wait another 2 years for two more taxes to be filed. Income wise, my partner earns $45,000 per year plus an additional $14,000 from the military as a disability payment for injuring her knee during service, that gives a combined income of around $59,000. The household size will be 4 (including me) which puts the poverty limit at $33,000. I have bank statements showing the salary and military payments going into her bank from last year, so I can include these in our application if it will help. She does own her house but it still has a long way to go on the mortgage so we can't use that, savings wise between us we probably have around $20-25,000 - so too low to include also.

If it matters, we have been together since 2016 and married since 2018.

Thanks all.

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Is this sufficient proof of bona fide relationship for AOS interview?
6:22 pm June 13, 2021



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Sorry for asking so many questions! I am getting all my AOS interview docs ready. I have the following as proof of bona fide relationship:

- photos (these are in a word doc, 13 pages with 22 pics. also, is this format ok? i.e. printed word doc with descriptions under each pic, rather than printing on proper photo paper?). Photos include our wedding, friend's wedding, date nights, pictures with his family, pictures with our friends, pictures from our vacation)

- joint tax return - we paper filed so it's not officially on the IRS website to download yet. Our tax return was 80 pages, which bits do we specifically show?

- cards that we have sent each other for valentines and birthdays

- 2x joint bank accounts

- joint lease (both for our current apartment and previous)

- his workplace benefits that show we have a joint health insurance plan, and also life insurance plans on both of us where each other is the beneficiary

We don't really have joint bills, as the majority are solely under husband's name. Is there anything else that you think we need? Thanks in advance! ?

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Anything else needed to be done?
5:43 pm June 13, 2021



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hi all,

We were approved last month. Payed the immigrant visa fee. Received the passport.

Anything else we need to do before taking off to the states?

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