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Do I need police cert for home country?
11:38 am yesterday


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Looking for experience from anyone who inmigrated as a child and has citizenship in a new country. Did you need your police cert from your home country for k1 interview?

Please dont quote 'you dont need police certs if you were under 16'. Ive seen numerous cases of people needing it despite leaving as a child but they didn't have citizenship for their interview country.

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Advice on contacting the USCIS - Should I?
12:08 am yesterday


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Hi everyone,

Needing a little bit of advice here and would appreciate any input on what to do next.
I moved to the USA from the UK on a K1 Visa on September 1st, 2021. We got married within the 90 day timeframe on October 15th, 2021.
We filed for Adjustment of Status on November 8th and an RFE was requested on November 18th from the USCIS (we believe it was due to scanning the papers incorrectly on our part) which we promptly addressed and resent the same day. A biometrics appointment was also scheduled at this time which we went to successfully. The response to the USCIS was received and they "began working on the case again" on December 16th, 2021.

We got a social security no. and a temporary work visa as we had asked for both of these in the AOS.
Apart from this, we have heard nothing for 646 days regarding the AOS.

Should we now try to contact the USCIS about this? We seem to have waited far longer than others we can see. I'm having a hard time not being anxious about it now.

Thank you in advance for your advice.

Edit: - My AOS should be being processed in Norfolk, VA. From what I can see, there really isn't that many AOS green cards that get processed there. Should my wait be this long for this location?

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Different estimated processing times even though I-130 petitions were submitted together?
1:06 pm September 23, 2023



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I submitted my husband and daughter's I-130 forms on the same day, named them on the petitions as additional family etc but my daughter's petition has a shorter estimated processing time than my husband's, is this normal? Should I be concerned?

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Advice needed - Pregnant wife and new job whilst awaiting green card
12:04 am September 23, 2023


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Hi there,

My wife (UK) came over to the US in September of 2021 on a K1 visa and we got married that October. Her interview at the London embassy went fantastic and after the Covid19 restrictions lightened up she finally made it to the US. Life has been amazing for both of us so far. We promptly filed our I-485 and we ve been waiting ever since.

I barely squeaked by on the financial requirement for I-864, so we got one of our friends to be our joint sponsor.

Fast forward to today. We still haven t heard back about our application. I just got a new job making about $41.5k, however our joint sponsor lost his job last year and only recently got employed again.

My wife and I have gotten so tired of waiting and we really want to have a baby, so we ve started trying now that we bought our own house and I have a better job.

The plan is to bring all my pay stubs and an employment letter showing that I make well over the financial requirement. We also have another friend that makes about $39-40k that is happy to be a joint sponsor.

Will this level of income be enough to satisfy the interviewing officer?

I ve been thinking about it so much lately and it s made me incredibly anxious. I ve been losing sleep and can t get it off my mind. I guess I m really just looking for reassurance for our situation.

We ve been together since 2014 and really wanted a baby, we couldn't wait any longer. Do you all think everything will be OK given the circumstances?

Thanks in advance for your responses and input!

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Dress Code for Oath Ceremony - Kilt
8:13 pm September 21, 2023


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Hey folks!

Just got approved today! So excited so I'm just waiting for the Notice to come in the mail and let me know where my Oath Ceremony will be and when.

Had a quick question. I know the dress code recommended is "dress befitting of the Oath". With ceremonies (especially good ones like Marriages/Ceremonies etc) I usually wear my family kilt and dress shirt (obviously I will not bring decorative knives). But I was wondering if they would let me do that for the Oath ceremony or if they just want me to wear a suit.

I saw in some Oath ceremony videos that folks from Ghana and Nigeria would wear their traditional clothing to their ceremonies but I have no idea what the expectations are (other than no flip flops and t-shirts etc).

Any guidance on this?

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