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  1. Hello, how long did it take you to receive your green card after the interview?

  2. I actually did have work authorization at the time (combo card but was still waiting on AOS IV) 🙂 I believe the consensus was that being physically in the UK for 3 months was the issue
  3. Thank you both! I figured this would be the case. I assume this also holds true even though I’m on a conditional green card? And wont cause problems when I go to remove conditions as long as I’m in the US for a majority of the time? (by that I don’t mean 51% of the time, I mean as long I stay in the US closer to 80-90% of the year). And yes we have a great accountant, and will be paying US taxes on everything. Thanks!
  4. Hi all, I am a contractor who has been offered a mostly remote role with a UK firm. My legal status: I am originally from the UK, and was approved for my AOS (from K1) green card a few months ago. The role would be 3 months, and I would probably need to fly to the UK 2 times during that period for 1-2 weeks. I asked a similar question here a year ago but people advised me not to take it, however the details were different.. that role required me to be full time in the UK for 3 months and it was prior to my greencard approval, so I believe the advice was based on it being difficult to prove I wanted to remain in the US? I’m wondering if given that this role would be mostly remote, if it is safe to take? FYI I have been doing contracting for a US based firm for the last 6 months so the actual contracting would be more of what I usually do (hoping that may help to prove that this is just my line of work and I do not intend to abandon green card / remain in the UK).
  5. Thank you so much! That is a huge relief. I’ve had two different agents tell me this, so is there a link you can forward to me so I can reference it if I don’t hear back by 120 days?
  6. Hi there! Yes I asked USCIS about this 120 days and they said that I actually need to wait the 2 years (or whenever my case falls out of processing times) and that it didn’t matter that I had done the interview. Do you think I was just given misinformation? If I can put in some type of service request / infopass etc after 120 days then that’s a huge relief, but the USCIS call line agent told me that I can’t do that and have to wait 2 years.
  7. I had my AOS interview 8 weeks ago. The officer told me we would hear back within a few days (he couldn't approve on the day as his system was down), but it's been 8 weeks with no updates. I have tried calling USCIS and all they say is check the online processing times.. and that I have to wait until my date is current to inquire. The date for case inquiry is currently June 2018, I am May 2020. I'm exhausted. Another potential 2 year wait is nerve wracking - my husband and I want to buy a house and start a family, but I can't do this with this hanging over my heads. I just want confirmation that they know my interview was scheduled, and just to know what the holdup is. I don't want to wait 2 more years to find out that something was wrong with the application. Is there really nothing that can be done?
  8. Neither ! I didn’t get a slip on the day, and the system still says interview scheduled Ok thank you! What would be next steps if I don’t hear back after 120 days?
  9. Hi all, I had my AOS (from K1) interview over a month ago. The interview went well and the office said he see’s no reason as to why he couldn’t approve us, but that his computer system was down so he needed to do final background checks before approving us. I have not heard any updates since (30+ days) and wondering if there is anything I can do to speed up the decision? Would an info pass appointment help? thanks!
  10. We had our AOS (from K1) interview a month ago. The officer asked us a few questions (how we met, where our wedding was etc). And we supplied evidence such as joint taxes, bank accounts, lease, photographs, etc. The officer said that he see’s no reason why he wouldn’t approve us but that his computer system was down that day so he couldn’t do our final background checks or something like that? And that he would come back to it when it was working again. anyway, it’s now been a month and there’s been no further updates. Are there any next steps that I can take to get the final decision?
  11. Sorry for asking so many questions! I am getting all my AOS interview docs ready. I have the following as proof of bona fide relationship: - photos (these are in a word doc, 13 pages with 22 pics. also, is this format ok? i.e. printed word doc with descriptions under each pic, rather than printing on proper photo paper?). Photos include our wedding, friend's wedding, date nights, pictures with his family, pictures with our friends, pictures from our vacation) - joint tax return - we paper filed so it's not officially on the IRS website to download yet. Our tax return was 80 pages, which bits do we specifically show? - cards that we have sent each other for valentines and birthdays - 2x joint bank accounts - joint lease (both for our current apartment and previous) - his workplace benefits that show we have a joint health insurance plan, and also life insurance plans on both of us where each other is the beneficiary We don't really have joint bills, as the majority are solely under husband's name. Is there anything else that you think we need? Thanks in advance! 🙂
  12. Do I need to bring either an updated I-864 and/or updated evidence to my AOS interview? There has been no material changes to husband’s work (still working at same place but received a 5% pay increase). I have also started working now but assume I don’t add that in?
  13. My husband (USC) has been inconsistent with his use of addresses. Address 1: parent's address that he has not lived at for years, but often uses as his mailing address. Address 2: the address he lived at for 3 years, and I joined him there for the final year. Address 3: the address we just moved to 2 months ago. His driving licence and one of our joint bank accounts are still under address 1. We do have a lease agreement under address 3 in both of our names, and a second joint bank account that is under address 3. We also have our previous lease agreement under address 2. When we filed our i-485, we did use address 1 as our mailing address, and address 2 as our physical, and updated to address 3 when we moved here. Will the above be a problem at all, in proving that we genuinely live together?
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