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  1. Hi all, I'm sure this has been answered before but can't find clear answers. For the i134, we are planning to submit a letter from the employer confirming salary etc, and also 2018 transcripts. Is this ok? Also, when we are logged into the IRS website, the options are: 1. Return Transcript 2. Record of Account Transcript 3. Wage & Income Transcript 4. Account Transcript Which of these is the correct transcript? Thanks in advance! 🙂
  2. It definitely goes California USCIS > NVC > Embassy. We got an email from NVC when it left. Just some info, your case gets a receipt number from USCIS beginning with WAC. Then NVC gives it a new case number... which starts with letters for your embassy. London would start LND2020... you can use the LND number to get status updates on where your case is (at NVC, in transit etc) via the CEAC tracker. First step for you would be to get that LND number. You can call up NVC to find out if your case arrived, and if so what the reference is. Search their number on google and they’re open pretty late, mon thru fri. If you’re not in the US and worried about call costs, download google hangouts ! Free calls to the US :-) second step is to type that reference into the CEAC tracker for updates: https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx?eQs=stLgYJNY3SVNSD63kBq4ow== Also, did you see my comment at the end of page 2 about timelines?
  3. Yup no worries ! It wasn’t long ago that I felt helpless and I only just found this website in November. Everyone here has been so helpful :-) so happy to pass on that positive energy! re vaccinations, I believe you only need MMR, TDAP and flu vaccine (if it’s flu season), if you’re between 18 and 65. Also varicella only if you haven’t had chicken pox. At the medical you let them know if you have and they take your word for it. No evidence required. You can get the vaccines at the medical, but if you’re from the UK probably better to get them on NHS as likely to be free. Just make sure you get a letter / proof of the vaccinations for the medical.
  4. I think this bit all depends on you!! But make sure you get the paperwork all ready and medical booked in so you can book your interview sooner than later. When I booked in early Jan, there was availability throughout Jan, but I booked it towards the end of Jan so we had time to gather paperwork + schedule medical
  5. Congrats on the NOA2 approval. I really recommend filling in your timeline as you get estimates from Visa Journey. Also these are past processing times: You can also search other people's K1 timelines on here which is what I did. Our timeline was 8th Nov (NOA2 approval), 4th Dec (received by NVC), 23rd Dec (left NVC), 31st Dec (arrived at the embassy). At this point we booked the medical and interview. It's worth doing all the prep ASAP, e.g. getting the documents required for the medical as GP surgeries are quite slow... and ordering police certificates etc. Good luck!
  6. Guess what came in the mail yesterday.... a letter from the embassy, which is I believe "packet 3", it didn't have anything useful but the same info as the NVC letter
  7. Someone please correct me If I’m wrong... but I don’t know if we get these packets anymore. At least for me... we had an email from NVC saying they were sending our case to London and these were the next steps. From there I filled in the ds-160 and made the appointment. It’s been 3 weeks since that NVC email and we still haven’t gotten anything
  8. I’m London embassy and booked around the 5th of January. There was availability on around 50% of dates in Jan, starting from the 7th Jan to 31st Jan. Weirdly no feb dates or later were showing up when I booked. Is yours coming up?
  9. Congrats !! When does she plan to fly out to the US? Oh no!! How come?
  10. Yup exactly this !! It’s so entertaining. I wonder if they’re real k1 couples? Also watch it via sauceoholic’s YouTube channel. His commentary makes the episodes even funnier 😹
  11. Best of luck!!! And let us know how you get on :-)
  12. So.. we have the interview coming up shortly. I keep flipping between being worried something will go wrong and we won't get approved, and being excited because we are getting so close to being able to be with each other!! How did you all try and stay calm in the roller coaster run up to the interview?! 🙂 I've been keeping myself entertained with the 90 day fiance show - it's so funny!
  13. Hmm, this last part doesn't make sense to me. Why would they shorten the time if they find TB, rather than just deny the visa?
  14. Amazing thank you!! July is perfect, I just wanted to plan ahead based on work projects etc. And yup, I went to the GP yesterday to get the rest of my missing shots 🙂
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