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US Immigration from Syria

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Obamacare for USC who is married to GC holder
12:42 am


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Hello everyone!

If a USC who is married to GC holder wants to enroll in Obamacare does that effect their GC holder spouse? I have seen on the news that Trump is proposing to deny GC or citizenship to immigrants if they or any in their household have used any public benefit programs. Also, Is it possible for the USC and their GC holder spouse to both enroll in Obamacare? I am worried that if we enroll it might effect my spouse, who is a two-year conditional green card holder. My husband got his two year conditional GC last March. He had a 6 month temp job and I am still under my parents healthcare, which last until next June. We just moved to a new city and open enrollment starts tomorrow. We are trying to decide if we should go ahead and enroll in Obamacare now or wait until we get health insurance through employment.

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7:16 pm


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Hello all.

Last week i had my naturlization interview at newark uscis office. My appointment was at 1:00 PM. I arrived 12:00 PM. The office was extremly packed and no place to sit. Around 3:30 i started noticing that people were leaving the interview right away (before that they used to come out and wait for their names to be called) and they are not waiting for the oath ?. I had my interview at 4:30 after waiting 4 and half hours. The officer was very nice and friendly and started the interview by appolgizing about the delay and unfortunatley they won't be able to do same day oath for me today because they are overbooked and every one who had his/her interview after 3:30 PM will be recieving thier oath date by mail within 2 to 3 weeks, the interview went very well and she gave me form N652 that says congrats you are recommended for approval.

Did anyone have a similar experience? If so when did the letter arrive? I just cant wait to be a US citizen

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Interview scheduled - waiver chances
1:09 am


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Hi guys,

just wanted to update you all.. I got my interview date and its on the 24th of September, and I got a letter that supports my case from the US General Consul in Istanbul. My wife is moving back to the states to establish domicile (we're trying to avoid anything that might cause us any unnecessary delays). I also recently got accepted to Columbia University in New York. Now I'm wondering if there's anything extra we should prepare for the interview, any tips or advice will be much appreciated.

Specifically I'm wondering exactly what original documents we need to bring (apart from my civil documents) and what extra information will be helpful for qualifying for the waiver.

Thank you all,

bashar and kat

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Travel Ban Support Group
3:56 am


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Hello everyone, I would like to make this thread as a support group to those impacted by the Travel Ban issued by Trump. PLEASE, if you are not in this category, no need to comment here because we do not need any negative energy! A lot of us are US citizens who cannot even bring our spouses! We do not need to be lectured about how good such a ban can be!

If you are affected by this ban, feel free to ask anything!

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Can I interview based on a citizenship other than mentioned on I-130?
7:37 pm


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Hello everyone,

My wife is Syrian and she had her interview in Jordan 5 weeks ago for an immigrant visa as a spouse (i-130). She was not given a visa due to the travel ban issued by president Trump.

We are considering seeking another passport(Sudanese). Once she is able to obtain this passport, is she able to request another interview in Sudan using the Sudanese passport? on all our application papers we stated that she is Syrian; however, upon the receipt of a new passport, is it possible to add it to the file?

If anyone knows, please let us know.


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