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US Immigration from Syria

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Travel from Germany to the US
12:15 pm May 20, 2020



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I might be able to catch a flight from Lebanon to Germany (transit)to the US.

will i be able to do so if i hold an IR1 visa?

did anyone try doing this before?


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Transiting in EU with IR1 visa
11:50 am April 27, 2020



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Will i have a problem transiting in a european country through my flight to the US?. I am aware of the proclamation but I cannot see it mentioning transit . Plus i can see that Spouses of US citizens are exempted. Please correct me if i am wrong


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Flights going back to normal
11:07 am April 3, 2020



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Any predictions/insights/sources on when flights and airports would go back to normal?

i can see that April won t be better than Match. But could May be the good month during this pandemic??

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IR-1 visa in hand but canít travel due to COVID-19 restrictions
12:36 pm March 23, 2020



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I got my visa and have until mid of July for my visa to expire.

i tried so many ways to book a flight to USA but now my country is totally locked down (All borders and airports)

I an so stressed out and I feel that my visa will expire before I can get to the US

i don t know what to do..

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New police certificate at POE
9:11 am January 25, 2020



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I got my visa few days ago after waiting so long in AP (thank God im done!!)..

during the interview the CO asked me for the police certificate of Spain (the country im residing in now) but i did not have it because i have not been there for more than 6 months yet and she agreed. Everything went great but i will be going back to spain for a couple of months before going to the US.. do i need to bring spanish police certificate and show it at the POE since it will be around 6 months residing in spain? Or they wont ask about it since my visa had been issued?

thank you

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