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Help bug error: issues acquiring deposit slip on website jorden embassy
1:56 am March 30, 2023



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When filling out form to recive deposit slip and make interview Appointment at the amman jorden consolate, my fianc e encountered an error where he was asked for the receipt from his payment for the visa prior to receiving the deposit slip on the payment page. You must recive slip to make payment and only then do you recive this number.

The website asked for his iv case number, he tried to put in our original receipt number and the new case number from the nvc (per our lawyers advice) with the following response "no valid record could be found for the entered receipt number. Please validate that your receipt number is correct and that you have paid the correct amount for which you are applying for."

From what we understand it's asking for the receipt number you get after you pay. We filled out form countless times and never got the page to recive the deposit slip to make the payment so we could recive the iv case number. It always goes straight to the iv case number skipping the payment page.

We have been attempting to contact the Jordan embassy with no luck. Does anyone have any advice?

We emailed this email Multuple times: jorden-support@ustraveldocs.com with no luck

We followed all the directions on this website:


Our issue is not being addressed. We have already waited 2.5 years please help with any advice! Thank you

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Interview appointment - IR5 Visa
12:57 pm February 18, 2023



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I received an email saying that my interview was canceled. I'm confused because I never get an interview email in the first place. Anyone knows or have the same issues?

IR5 Visa - DQ 21/10/2022 Amman - Jordon

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Bringing parents with under 18 sibling
3:39 am October 31, 2022



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Hello. I m in the process of applying for my parents, but one of siblings is under 18. I am not sure if I will need to apply for her separately or she can come with my parents on the same petition. Could you please advise me of the best option.

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Changing sponsor after admin processing
9:24 pm August 23, 2022


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Can we attempt to change our sponsor after admin processing? Our case was finally approved today after 9 months in AP!!! we weren t able to give anything to the officer at the interview that had my updated financial info trying to prove I can be his sponsor and we no longer need our current sponsor. We were told to send in his passport. Should we send in a letter with evidence for sponsoring him with it?

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Admin processing- email from embassy
8:50 pm August 17, 2022


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We received an email yesterday from the Ankara embassy in turkey asking for a copy of my husbands renewed passport. Just a little background We have been in admin processing for 9 months now. My husband had his passport renewed a couple months ago because we knew the expiration date was approaching. Is this a good sign or just regular procedure that they need his new passport . We haven t hear anything from them at all so it was excited to finally hear something from them but I don t want to get my hopes up too much. Has anyone had experience with this?

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