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  1. Hello everyone, I do not know if it is an intentional thing or just a coincidence: I noticed that the US embassy in Amman avoids sending out emails when the AP is over! They tried to reach my wife for a few days over the phone and could not get ahold of her (her phone no longer in service) and then they called me and I was not able to pick up the first day; yet, they continued to call over the phone and gave ALL instructions over the phone! Are they avoiding sending emails in order not to be liable or be held accountable ?!!
  2. They should try to call you again next day around the same time. I also recommend that you send them an email to Ammanimmigrantvisa@state.gov and tell them that you received a call and could not pick up and that you will wait for a call from them tomorrow morning. Congrats
  3. FINALLY! they just called me and gave us an appointment 5 weeks from now for re-oath and submitting documents. I hope all of you receive this call guys!
  4. My wife' s phone number in Syria no longer works since she left the country; but they still have our emails I also had sent them her updated phone number a few weeks ago; i guess they do not read our email carefully!
  5. I sure hope that was not the reason Hopefully they do not take their time to call back. Some embassies they make calls once or twice a week for scheduling purposes. We shall see! It is very stupid, it is 2019 and they do not think about emailing or leaving a voicemail!!
  6. I have sent them 4 emails so far In the last email, I told them that I won't sleep tonight in order to wait for their call! Also, my lawyer sent them one. Thank you dear. When I called back the numbers they used, I was sent to an operator and he was not able to transfer me to anyone!
  7. Glad things are finally rolling. Personally, I received a few calls from the US embassy in Amman while I was asleep last night and did not pick up since my phone was silent I stayed up the rest of the night waiting for them to call again; I am hoping they will call me tonight! We have been on AP for 15 months and we hope it is over!
  8. To those who recently received a call from the embassy after being in AP for over a year: what are the documents they asked you to submit? I am trying to prepare some paperwork to buy time. thanks
  9. That is great. when did this happen? just recently? has your fiance get the visa yet? My wife is in Amman's embassy. Today the status changed back to AP. So hopefully they contact us soon! How did they contact you guys? an email to both of you? or only one of you?
  10. So an update about the / vs. or theory: I just talked to my lawyer about it and she freaked out out of excitement! She just checked all the cases she is working on: 4 cases had their / change into or in the recent days and the 4 received an email from the embassy lately asking to re-submit docs because their AP is over! the rest of the cases she has still has 'or' and they are still in AP! SO HOOORAY and I hope to receive an email from the embassy soon
  11. So our case has received 3-4 updates the last 4 weeks (including one yesterday), in addition to changing the / into 'or' and today I see this message! It freaked the hell out of me this morning, until my lawyer said that it is just their stupid system that displays such a message after a certain period of time! If my brain gets f**ked up anytime soon, it is because of this f**king process! Do you guys know anyone who got such a message while being on AP for almost 15 months!!!
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