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  1. sorry guys that you have to go through this. Hopefully it is much less painful now that they have an automated system to process the waivers. Recently, citizens of the banned countries have been receiving a lot more visas that the past due to an auto system that process the waivers. So generally speaking, expect a 3-6 month delay in addition to the whole process. Good luck
  2. Our journey has come to an end. My wife received her green card yesterday! We applied in May 2017 interview in June 2018 Received an email to re-do medical test and police report in Sept. 2019 Re-oath taken on Oct. 26th 2019 Visa received Oct 28th Green card received Dec 2nd We filed Writ of Mandamus and spent $8k The embassy of Amman! Good luck to all of you.
  3. Dear all, FINALLY; my wife got her visa today. Here is a summary of all the ####### we have gone through: Filed I-130 on05/13/2017 Interviewed in Amman on 06/24/18 We filed WOM on 07/26/19 We received a call from the embassy on 09/17/19 to re-do medical exam and submit DS-260 and police certificate. They also informed us that we are scheduled for a re-oath on 10/26/19 My wife went to Amman embassy and the re-oath was a group one. There were over 150 people scheduled for a re-oath and all of them were Syrians! After the re-oath, the embassy gave applicants a slip of paper and asked them to come back after two days to pick up their passports. After handing out the passports today, applicants went through a face to face survey asking questions about the situation in syria such as safety, livelihood etc... And now we come to closure!
  4. I heard and the guy got screwed by the embassy! The guy emailed the embassy asking for a solution prior to the interview date; embassy replied 15 hours prior to the interview by saying: "We would like to inform you that the result of the Administrative processing is valid for four months after that the applicant may need a new one and the case may remain pending for another period of time. "You can put in a request to reschedule an immigrant visa appointment 24 hours after the interview date passes through https://ais.usvisa-info.com. After you register your original appointment date on this web site please click on “group actions” menu and select “Missed my appointment” and “send request”. Please submit your reschedule request approximately two months prior to the date you will be able to travel to Turkey for your interview. The requests coming through this web site will be evaluated by the Consular Section. We would like to inform you that the web site will not provide you with a selection of available appointment dates. Your new interview date will be set according to the Consular Section’s schedule. Please note that in periods of high demand; this may be several months later. After the date is changed, you will be informed by email. Basically they told him that their case will be placed on AP AGAIN after 4 months. The guy was hesitant to take the medical test because his wife was 5 months into her pregnancy and the doctor did not reccommend it. Now they have to schedule another interview, which might take a few months to happen!
  5. Has anyone taken medical test while pregnant? I know a guy in Turkey who got contacted about his wife's visa; but his wife is pregnant and they are planning to wait until she delivers (4-5 months from now). Has anyone done medical exam during pregnancy?
  6. Hello everyone, I do know if this happened with anyone before The embassy sent us an email a couple of days ago asking us to renew my wife's passport and send them a copy of the new one and then 3 minutes later they tried to recall the email!!! My wife has an appointment on 26th of oct. and her passport will need renewal after Nov. 11th (when it becomes valid for less than 6 months). What do you think? do you think they realized that no need to renew and they tried to recall the message? I emailed them to verify and provided the details of the expiration date and they have not answered yet. if we renew the passport, she might end up on AP again
  7. Congrats. They schedule Syrians on Saturdays, no worries. what is the date they gave you? ours is the 26th of Oct
  8. This son of a gun was not even in power when you applied! May he gets inflicted with a disease that pains him for as long as we have suffered!
  9. Hopefully they call you within the next couple of days. How long have you been on AP? which embassy? what is your nationality? it seems some embassies are faster than others!
  10. Hopefully they will call soon. My lawyer told me that sometimes they take a week to call back. So hopefully tonight you will receive a call.
  11. I think it is true because it applied to me and to several people I know of! Also, my lawyer checked her cases and confirmed that all those who got contacted by the embassy got their \ change into or a few days before being contacted.
  12. nope, they are calling us for our spouse's visa; even though we did send them an update phone number a while ago; they tried to reach my wife via her old phone number; when she did not answer, they called my US number.
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