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  1. It took 14 days for them to contact us. Hoping you hear from them this week.
  2. It does seem to be specific to each embassy. Case load, staffing levels, and bureaucracy all factor in it seems.
  3. Congrats to all! Also... to us! We were contacted today by the Frankfurt consulate to finalize our visa application. We'll have to get new police certificates, do a new medical exam, mail it in and wait approximately two weeks for the consulate to finish processing. We're right around 11 months of AP and they are asking us to do it swiftly so that we can avoid having to do another interview (necessary if > 12 months). WOO HOO!
  4. @Muhammad&Mansory had the same thing happen to him. They called the next night. Stay awake for it
  5. Yes I hope you (and me) get waivers soon. Keep us updated please if anything develops.
  6. Probably good. I'm tracking 15 cases where people had their case change to "or" and were contacted by the embassy to continue getting their visa. I'm also tracking 6 that changed to "or" and haven't heard a word in nearly a month and I'm tracking 6 other cases that changed to "or" since early September and haven't heard yet. But probably it's good.
  7. I hope that this tentative order can benefit our case (Syrian family WoM). The hearing is on 23 September.
  8. We interviewed at Frankfurt last October. After the interview if they asked you to submit the information like past email addresses, social media accounts and stuff like that, then you should go into AP after that point. We interviewed and CEAC showed refused, a day later the embassy asked us to provide that information via email, and then a day after we sent it our case changed to AP.
  9. I hope so.. this has been a long, expensive, and embarrassing experience. She is in real mental anguish over it... it's not safe to return to Syria, she isn't welcomed in USA, and while she isn't a refugee in Germany, there is rising anti-Syrian sentiment due to a variety of social and political factors, so I'm desperate for it to get issued for her.
  10. Yes, so far out of the 9 in our lawsuit, 1 got a waiver already and I'm tracking that 5 others all changed to "or" on the same day.
  11. Yeah man I also got a call last winter from someone at USCIS after writing the White House, the VP, and a few other directors at some agencies. I'm not sure which letter prompted the call, but in the end even the USCIS rep was laughing at the absurdity of the request being forwarded to them. I hope you get contacted soon to wrap things up.
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