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  1. Well, initially the courts had an injunction order stating that people with a bona fide relationship were exempt from the travel ban. Once the Supreme Court lifted that back in December 2017, the bona fide injunction order ended and they were no longer exempt. That's when we all started getting submitted for waiver consideration. PP 9645 specifically states that a spouse is an example of someone who is likely up for a waiver, and I'm not aware of a single person who was otherwise eligible that isn't under consideration for one after their interview. Does anyone know something different?
  2. From what I've seen, you will qualify for a waiver automatically since you're married. There is not much that a lawyer can do to assist you. At the link below, AILA suggests taking several documents with you to support your waiver request, if needed: https://www.aila.org/File/DownloadEmbeddedFile/75354 It starts on page 10. Read that and decide if you need an attorney or not. They did not ask for anything from us when we went to our interview. We've been waiting for a waiver for 4.5 months now.
  3. Yes, this is frustrating for all of us. Keep us updated!
  4. @mado1983, yeah each office works different. It sucks you're experiencing that. Please keep trying and eventually they will contact the embassy on your behalf.
  5. From what I understand, P.P. 9645 gives special consideration to applicants from Canada. It specifically mentions Canadian Permanent Residents as an example of someone eligible for a waiver. Also, the guidance issued to consular officers (attached) specifically mentions Canada and the special relationship the US has with it. I would say that's why he's having no issue crossing the border or getting a visa. I have friends in Europe who are dual citizens of Syria and Hungary since birth, and they can't travel to the US even on their Hungarian passport. During their B2 interview they were asked if they had been to Syria since 2011. Since they did travel there in 2012 to visit family, they were required to fill out the DS-5535 form for "extreme vetting." They've been in AP for more than 9 months, and that's as full EU citizens. The travel ban didn't apply, but the bigotry still does. I suspect Canadians are exempt from the DS-5535 requirement. 18092140.pdf
  6. I'm not so sure the Mexican passport will work like you think. If he has travelled to or resided in Iran since 2011 or so, my understanding is that he will still have to undergo "extreme vetting" which is also taking an unknown length of time to complete. It seems to be another black hole, aka the silent travel ban.
  7. Oh that's right. Yeah, I was hoping for better #'s overall.
  8. January 2019 visa statistics are out. Nonimmigrant: https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/Statistics/Non-Immigrant-Statistics/MonthlyNIVIssuances/JANUARY 2019 - NIV Issuances by Nationality and Visa Class.pdf and Immigrant: https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/Statistics/Immigrant-Statistics/MonthlyIVIssuances/JANUARY 2019 - IV Issuances by FSC and Visa Class.pdf I'm not sure about the other banned countries, but I don't notice any significant increase or decrease to visas issued to Syrian nationals. I think the single K-1 was for @bashar26!
  9. @Ameen2019, which country will your wife interview at? There might be specific embassy info we can give you that might be useful. From what I can tell, every spouse who goes for the interview is considered for a waiver now. I suggest get to the interview as soon as possible in order to begin the Administrative Processing to get a waiver.
  10. That's awesome!!! We interviewed a month after you... so exciting to think this may be nearly over for us and so delighted to hear this nightmare for you both has ended. Get Bashar on the plane tomorrow! haha.
  11. Yeah Judy Chu and Chris Murphy tried to introduce these bills in late 2017, but there was no support. I guess it'll pass in the House now but will be dead in the Senate is what I predict. Perhaps I could see it being used as leverage in the greater immigration conversation that is happening (the wall), but we'll have to wait and see. I guess I could theoretically see Trump agree to restore the bona fide relationship portion of the travel ban if necessary as a plan to get his dang wall. A week ago or so Nancy Pelosi made some strong statements on how un-American the travel ban is, so there is hope that it's on her radar to consider...
  12. @M-A-F, it sounds like they are wanting you to give them the "extreme vetting" information from DS-5535. Does the form want details like your email addresses used, and social media accounts and stuff like that? Each embassy handles the collection of that data uniquely, so hopefully there is someone on here who applied through the Abu Dhabi embassy that can help with the specific questions you have. If not, you may need to contact the embassy directly for help. The consulate in Germany where we gave that data just had us reply to an email with our supplemental questionnaire answers, and there was no form. As for how long it might take... who knows! Some have finished it within 4 months, and others have been waiting for more than a year. It's so frustrating, so keep us updated.
  13. @JoeySantino, We prepared a waiver packet prior to our interview, but it didn't seem necessary. The consular officer immediately informed us we were going to be submitted for a waiver (also K-1 with a Syrian). But, to let you know what we prepared: --Letters of support from a Senator and my congressman --A letter detailing the hardship we are experiencing That was about it. The consular officer did take our packet, but be aware I've read that some won't accept it even though you still get submitted for the waiver. Good luck and let us know how things go.
  14. Ron, the ban doesn't apply to dual nationals but the "extreme vetting" (DS 5535) still does for most from these countries. We even have a forum member with a Norwegian passport who isn't allowed to travel to USA because it says he was born in one of the banned countries. So in essence it's still taking way too long to receive a visa. Right now the extreme vetting process takes anywhere from 4 months for some lucky individuals to more than 20 months and counting, for others.
  15. That's so awesome to read. I can't wait to post when our dumb AP is over. I hope that the government shutdown doesn't delay the issue of the visa.