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  1. I believe you will be fine. just explain yourself and move on. Don't stress out too much. Goodluck!!
  2. he does. anyone can hack the email and use it. email is not a reliable source. he needs a proof that the email that was sent is genuine.
  3. the CO will have a look into it but will not treat it as a serious matter unless the petitioner sends the consulate an email with a letter attached and signed by him/her. I know someone who was in the very same situation, that is how I know that as a fact. Unless each consulate or CO handles these type of matters differently
  4. I don't think it is going to haunt you in your journey. I have a friend of mine who sent an email to the embassy saying that he does not want the visa and will file a divorce but then got his relationship problem fixed. long story short, he got the visa and he is here in the US
  5. It happened to me too. Call USCIS and ask for the tracking number. Call USPS and ask them to keep the mail in their office and you can go pick it up from there
  6. Oh got you. so you mean whenever any one of us work. we should apply to file jointly. correct?
  7. okay but if we both do not work at the moment. how can we do that?
  8. He is not my financial sponsor but it is okay to keep my wife under my father-in-law's taxes ?
  9. Hello everyone, So I really suck at taxes stuff and have no clue since I am a new immigrant here in the US. So my wife is still a student and does not work and she is still under her father's taxes list ( I do not know how to phrase it but I hope you understood my point :p). I do not work either at this time due to COVID-19, I am trying to find work but could not find one yet. So neither of us work at this point, what should we do next? should we register on the IRS together? or is it fine/legal to keep things the way they are at the moment? Thank you
  10. I cannot get the i94 record because I came with an immigrant visa. But i could find a travel history? will that work?
  11. https://www.sss.gov/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/DocumentationList.pdf I have seen these required documents as a proof. well I have my passport and entry stamp from column A. But all I see from column B is for non immigrant visa holders while I am an Immigrant.
  12. Do I have to send any kind of document to proof that I was older than 26 when I entered the US?
  13. Should i do it now or during filing for citizenship?
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