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  1. Thanks everyone.. you guys are awesome!! ❤️❤️
  2. I got my visa few days ago after waiting so long in AP (thank God im done!!).. during the interview the CO asked me for the police certificate of Spain (the country im residing in now) but i did not have it because i have not been there for more than 6 months yet and she agreed. Everything went great but i will be going back to spain for a couple of months before going to the US.. do i need to bring spanish police certificate and show it at the POE since it will be around 6 months residing in spain? Or they wont ask about it since my visa had been issued? thank you
  3. Today I went to the embassy to receive my passport with the visa stamped on. I noticed that the visa type they issued was CR1 but ive been in AP long enough and my 2nd marriage anniversary passed months ago so i should receive IR1 type of visa. I went to inform the officer about this and she took everything back and told me to come back tomorrow Did this happen to anyone before? I am kind of worried that it may take long 😕
  4. Lol 😂😂.. man my brain is going places, im pretty sure i dont need one but still i had to ask 😂😅
  5. Hello, i have a question regarding a police certificate. i have been residing in Spain since September,2019 and i have a second interview in January 2020 in Amman, Jordan. the embassy sent me an email requesting a PC from every country i lived in for 1 year or more. Do i need a PC from Spain? It will be less than 5 months from the day i entered Spain until the day of my interview thank you
  6. Guys is there any syrian here who had his 2nd interview in US embassy in Amman, Jordan? i need help, thank you
  7. hey guys I looked at my case this morning and it is saying "expiring soon".. I contact the embassy on monthly basis.. why is this happening?
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