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AOS and trying to get an apartment
5:45 pm October 9, 2016


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Hey Everyone! I just had a quick question for you all,

My husband recently received his approval to work! And now he got a job :) We currently live at my parents house and we have a 5 month old daughter together. My mother signed the form Affidavit of Support form only to provide room and board. Also we have a joint sponsor for him. Anyway it states that we can not get any sort of government assistance for 5 years. I understand when doing this process you have to have "money" because this is not a cheap process lol. But my question is am I still able to get government assistance? Or will they say no because my husband can't receive it? I'm 19, I really don't know how any of this works, and I am asking on here because I wanted to know if any of you have been in this situation and was able to receive assistance. We are trying to get out of my house and go on our own and I was wondering for just in case purposes. Sorry if this post was all over the place.

Thanks in advance! :)

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i-864 question
6:44 pm October 2, 2016


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Just had a question after reading a post on the 1-864. You're supposed to write the income of the last three years... and send in last years tax-return... However, for my fiance's situation the last years filed income or the last 3 years total do not meet the income requirement. His present income does though.. So short question...Will the same extra evidence that was sent in for the i-134 then suffice? This includes bank statement and letter from employer, with employment status, wages and how long he's worked there on official letter head.

Thank you! :)

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Flu vaccination
7:43 am September 24, 2016


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How important is the flu vaccine for the AOS? I have a well filled in DS-3025 from my K-1 medical in august of this year, but it wasn't flu season then. I'll most likely file for AOS during winter in California - does this mean I need to go to a CS and then have the whole i-693 filled out for that one shot only?

Seems crazy to me coming from a country where only oldies (and other people with "weak health") get the flu shot.

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4:13 pm September 16, 2016



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So back in February/ March I had to send back my green card cause they issued me the wrong card (10yr card tho I should have had a 2yr...)

Did my biometrics in April and have no heard anything ever since. Anyone who knows how long it normally takes?! I know it is a loooong wait....

Just to be sure - I was given my work permit pretty much the same day as my green card was approved, assuming I don't have to worry about that work permit (since that is only issued for a year) since my green card was approved already?

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Now what?
7:35 pm September 8, 2016


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Hi all! On August 23rd USCIS approved our K1 visa application! :joy:NVC recieved it on September 3rd, and now on September 8th it has left NVC and it's in transit! :dancing:

However, as it's my time now to fulfill this really short journey for us (thank goodness) I do have a bunch of questions and I am not sure where else to get them. So please, if you have the answers, please help me with this!

When can I start applying for my papers? I.e. the police certificate, birth certificate etc?
When can I make my medical appointment?
Will I have to call the embassy to schedule my appointment, or will they call me?

What is the number I have to provide the embassy with? The number NVC gave us?
What proof is good to bring to the interview with an on-going relationship? I've got letters from his and mine parents, my best friend wrote a letter, I've got pics, chatlogs.

As I just recently graduated, what vaccination papers do I need to bring and is it required I take my old school vaccinations as they are fairly fresh?

As I have a denied B1/B2 visa (denied on not showing enough ties) will this be an issue?

Thank you all so much! :dancing:

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