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US Immigration from Hungary

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Police certificate clarifications - Help
8:33 am December 10, 2019


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I have a little confusion about it.

So for me, I need to provide my police certification (from Hungary) at the embassy stage, its clear.

Bur for the petitioner too? Or he need to provide with the i129f?

And is this the correct page he can order it in the US? The first section?


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If you were deployed without passport what evidences you provided?
10:17 am December 5, 2019


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My fianc were deployed in my country without passport.

So he only have his military orders, which doesnt say exactly he were in my country. Its only a list from possible european countrys with my country in it.

Is there anybody with the same situation?

What kind of documents we need from his official travel to my country?

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Passport expedite sos
11:18 am November 22, 2019


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Im sorry i just noticed here is a "passport" topic so i asked it in a wrong one, so i try to ask here.

My us citizen fiance applied for an expedited passport on november 5, but In a post office, not in a regional passport agency.

We are confused now how long does it take to delivery, because Some sources says the 3 weeks expedite only possible in the regional passport agencies, which is far from him.

the question is: is there any chance he get his passport until About december 10?

he has a booked flight on december 16.

The passport tracking page says "not found"

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Additional informations copied pages
10:18 am November 13, 2019


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If we run out of the 13th page of additional informations on the i129F, we can copy it, it says.

But the number of the pages on the copied pages will be still "13th/13 pages".

Should we write on it with pen "14th, 15th, etc pages"?

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Address question
10:12 am November 13, 2019


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Can my fianc use his friends house as his mailing address in the i129 form (8)?

Should he write his friends name in the "in care of name" section (8.a.)?

So if he fill his mailing address for his friends house, and he check "no" for the question "is your current mailing address the same as your physical address" (8.j.), and then he fill his currend pysical address (9.) which is a barrack in an army base, will be good?

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