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  1. I don't know. NVC received all documents and forward my case to Consulate before waiver approved. I brought my approved letter to Consulate's interview.
  2. I did DS260 and I864 before waiver approved. I hope you can received date soon.
  3. I wanna give a huge thanks to this community for all the help I received while going through the 601A waiver process. 601A received August 16, 2018 601A approved: May 30, 2019 Interview: August 7, 2019 SSN: August 26, 2019 GC arrived: September 7, 2019 Thank God! 🙏
  4. Hello Friends, Update. My I601A approved on June 3, 2019. My NVC side closed in 2018. I already filled DS-260 and 864 last year. So I asked new interview from Consulate. They were nice and helpful in the email. I will leave the country next week for going the interview first week of August. I should travel 3 weeks earlier than interview because the medical result they said after 10 days. I super nervous...back after 9 years. Please, support and pray for me. 🙏
  5. I was lucky because NVC closed my case and scheduled interview to me last year. So NVC forward my case to Consulate without approved waiver. I contacted with Consulate and explained Immigration never informed NVC, I applied waiver ... Consulate was very helpful and cancelled my appointment. They said, when my waiver approved just contact with Consulate and they will give me new interview date. So my waiver approved now and I will go to the interview on August 7th.. My advice ask NVC closed your case if you sent them everything and try to deal with your Consulate.
  6. Dear Friends, I just received phone call from my lawyer. After 283 days waiting, I finally approved. Received August 16, 2018 Nebraska Biometrics Completed September 28, 2018 Received Letter (lawyer) June 3, 2019. The app and website still doesn't show any updated info since August 2018. I am waiting for interview date. Thank you so much for all support, prayers and help here. 😘🙏 I hanging here and keep you updated for next step. 
  7. After your payment you should received receipt letter from they received your appl (About 2-3 weeks) Did you use lawyer or did it yourself ? If you know your receipt number, you can request missing documents from USCIS.
  8. Hi, If you have DACA, you didn`t need to do biometrics because they have your fingerprints. Did you receive receipt letter when you applied your waiver? Are you still waiting approval from July, 2018?
  9. Thank you so much. I saw other approved from September today. It's so frustrating. It's very hard to think positive because I have know idea why it's so long mine..why need my case additional reviews...My lawyer said my case pretty strong...
  10. I tried to figure out too how they are working..I think they are organized case after fingerprints came back. I went to fingerprints after 1,5 months end of September. One lady from May, other 2 person from June didn't receive RFE and they sent 2 inquiry already and nothing.
  11. I follow other FB group. I saw few approved for August, and early September (most of them Nebraska office). USCIS sent out lots of RFE for August people. And I surprised couple of people are still waiting from June, July... They are working with big backlog...😭 I don't received anything yet.😭
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