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  1. I just logged in to my uscis online , case completion time July 2020 ( Indianapolis), my biggest dream might come true and get naturalized on 4th of July!! That would be 👌
  2. I think there is hope to get citizenship for some locations, which location are you with?
  3. Thanks, sorry. Iam on furlough and I am trying to get a lots of things done around the house and don't read to many news! Thanks 😊
  4. Hello, is that correct information USCIs will be closed until June 3rd?
  5. Est time is back 3 month later then I supposed to be before. Right now shows 07/2020 for me. Finger crossed
  6. If you are on conditional green card and let say your card exp date is right now, I think USCIS will do another spepecial extension. This is what I meant. Or your situation is different?
  7. Did you receive any information on additional extension on USCIS website ?
  8. Good afternoon! I just got a letter from uscis online account saying my interview has been canceled on the 9th of April. When I go under my profile I went to documents and here you go the letter was there date back 3/31. The Letter says: This is to advise you that, due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to cancel the previously scheduled interview. I am a little sad.. But the health of other people is very important to me too. I am waiting on the next letter.
  9. Hi. Do you think 04/09 n 400 interview is canceled? I logged into my USCIS account and I did not get any messages.Thanks for helping
  10. interview scheduled in Indianapolis 04/09. I am excited!!
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