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  1. If they both ask the bank statements from these payments it can be useful.
  2. My psychiatrist wrote a letter This year im healed, and that thing happened about 3 or 4 years ago. this week when i got pills i was asked If i want scuicide, i said no, because i really no. I dont want to take pills long term, i was just in a crisis and i needed them for one day. But i feel better. So this is my mental “history”. Theres a chance for me to get approved, or they judge me by my past and they will say ill do it again and deny my petition? Of course i dont want to do that again...
  3. If i did self harm years ago but im healed now and not anymore?
  4. So years ago i was treated with depression, with pills. One time i was in hospital for one day only. last year i quit pills by myself, and i went back to the doctor to tell this to him, and he gave me a paper i dont need more, because i feel better and i dont need therapy and\or pills. He agreed and wrote this to me, we cancelled the therapy and pills. But this week some bad things happened i couldnt handle, and i was at the doctor to give me some pills (Frontin) to can sleep and calm cause i was mentally exhausted. my question is, will it affect to my medical result? Because it will shown in my medical history. Will they deny my application because i got pills after my doctor said i need no more?
  5. Yes i was thinking about this! So i refer in the intent to the plans as i told in my post, and attach some discussions between us, and one page wedding plan with exact place we were talking about, and guest list, etc
  6. Just because somebody got an RFE about it. Im not saying its general, but i dont want to get one.
  7. So ive heard about RFE-s about the wedding plans or etc in the letter of intent. Will it hurt if we write a bit more than the usual intent? Like: "Dear Sir or Madam: I, ..., do hereby state that I am legally able and willing to marry ...., and intend to do so within 90 days of my arrival into the US using the K-1 visa. We plan our wedding after my arrival to the US in a courthouse, with closest family members, and after that we want a wedding ceremony with friends and family. Detailed wedding plans are attached to the petition with our text messages. Yours truly," And my fiancé will use the exact same, except "90 days of HER arrival"
  8. In my country they only make official translations from official documents like birth certificate, with stamp and signature. But if i want to translate any other document like receipts, they only put a text on the translated page with the name of the translator office, and a text "its a translation...", but no stamp, no signature. My question is, will it be okay without signature and stamp?
  9. He has no yet, but he can ask for something from his boss. but i want to prove our meeting with bank papers, or with any other official paper
  10. Oh, and we dont have passports and boarding passes, because he is a soldier and he was deployed here without passport. We have a hotel receipt with registration forms, but we have these kind of bank card statements and receipts i attached, because we both payed with our cards.
  11. They will be translated, but the dates and the places are understandable in my opinion. So you think its not a good evidence of meeting in person?
  12. As you can see both transaction was on august 16, my statement shows it was on 16, but his statement says august 17.
  13. I show what we got (many of these) - receipts from both of us, same place, same date, and its bank card payment paper - bank statement from me from these - bank statement from him from these (but with one day delay)
  14. Is that one we got from the terminal? That one contains only our cards 4 number. So we got a receipt from the foods and drinks and price, and one from the card payment with the price and the bank cards last 4 number.
  15. We are going to use our bank card statements for evidence, to show we payed at the same time and place. But the dates on my fiancé's statement are shown one day later, maybe because of his bank's crediting one day delay. Like we payed in a pub on 2019. august 16., but on his statement this is "2019. august 17." We gonna highlight these same payments, but will it be a problem? We write a short description about it anyways. And we have the receipts of these payments too, with our bank card's last 4 number on it.
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