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  1. Hi, Is it a big problem if my US citizen fiancé is 6 years younger than me (im the girl)? I'm 30, he is 24.
  2. We spent the whole summer together, meeting every week average 1-3 times. Maybe we can meet months after we file the petition. We planning he comes.
  3. Which USCIS form he need to fill for that? So he have to add all of his addresses from the past 5 years. His official residence is different than he lives now (at a base), but he can use the base as a mailing address? We didnt filed the I129F petition yet.
  4. He can receive the mails on base, and on his official residence too (parents can forward them to his base). which is better? in the petition, he should write his official residence, right? Or he can write his bases adress? we will live on the base after approval.
  5. Hi, Can it be a problem, if the US petitioners official residence is different than he actually lives now? He lives in a different state now temporarily, because hes a US. Army member. Can it be a problem with the mailing, or if i want to move there to him, to his temporary adress?
  6. Hes a US army member. It changes anything?
  7. Thank you! unfortunately for some reasons i cant do it now. (job, etc)
  8. Good to hear! So it wont be 12 month? (If everything ok with case)
  9. Okay i was a bit confused. I thought the US petitioners residence is important, which belongs to nebraska service center.
  10. No we wont, until everithyng will be 100% we have plans only.
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