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  1. Well there goes our plans for having AP by Sept for a cruise wedding with and for our sibling.
  2. Anyone on here who actually got their hard-copy NOA1 for I-485, I-765 and I-131 - Was there any specific instructions on them? Or only to wait for further letters in the mail? We have still not got our mailed hard copies of the NOA1 - called USCIS but they cannot do anything until 30 days. Just wondering if there was anything in particular we needed to do for any of them.
  3. Thanks for your replies - we are waiting til Monday/Tuesday of next week. The problem I have is that this was supposed to show up on May 11th through informed delivery - yea its a saturday but still - every email i received the days preceeding M-F was delivered on same day, and after saturday all this week same deal. I and the SO are beginning to think we live with some unsavory people who might have had something to do with the disappearance. I should all be relegated soon however as we are due to move out within the month. We figured we would call USCIS to let them know we did not receive it by the date they ask on the USCIS App. So no worries. Again, thanks for your replies.
  4. It’s weird, our NOA1s, were supposed to arrive May 11th at the mailbox according to usps informed delivery. Yet it’s Thursday and we still don’t have them. Every other day of last week M-F whatever was supposed to come was delivered and same for this week M-W so far as well. Beginning to wonder what happened. Thinking of calling up USCIS.
  5. A post for others to have a general timeline as well. Package sent : May 2nd Package recieved May 3rd. I-131 and I-765 NOA1 dated : May 3rd. (*Very Odd*) I-485 NOA1 - Dated : May 7th All hard copies in the mail arriving : May 11th
  7. I got txt messages last night at 11:20pm. when I check the case tracker it states that I-485 fingerprint fee was received? It that what it is supposed to say? No mention of AOS for I-485. Can anyone confirm?
  8. I dont think so. I think the mileage varies based on who’s desk the package lands on.
  9. No NOA1 yet - but my CC just got charged also. I am hoping for it to be like tiggermuffin to hopefully get the NOA1 the day after.
  10. My Bird and I just sent it by mail today - USPS. Since we live in the Chicago Suburbs - they said it should be there by tomorrow. Kind of fretting though. Filled out I-485, I-864 (*This one is my worry*), I-765 and I-131. Its odd though because we didnt really put anything for the medical since it was done with the K1 and I-129F before the embassy interview so we only included the card that showed we got vaccines. So i guess the wait begins.
  11. Is there a place where it says there is the respective benefit for filing concurrently with I-485 the I-765 and I-131? Because the fee calculator shows me a one time biometrics but adds all the others for a $2295 price.
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