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  1. Stop worrying about the EAD/AP. It becomes useless once the green card is approved.
  2. We got our card yesterday in the mail. Currently from the approval and print order it is taking about 1 week to get the card in hand. I filled out our timeline so if anyone wants to see and approximate, feel free to check it out. Good luck and Godspeed.
  3. Having health insurance is not a must or requirement - it just makes the relationship much more Bona fide looking. I for one do not have it for me or my wife. Got my wife a flu shot. After rent and bills and other daily living expenditures there is no room for $350/month health insurance. Omabacare also hurt people who were unemployed but forced to take insurance and that has since been changed to you can opt out of having to get it. Also what’s the point if you pay $350/month and you still have to pay out of pocket deductible of $5,000-12,500???? It’s ridiculous. save yourself all the trouble and just get a joint bank account and car insurance with both your names.
  4. So case was approved and the card was mailed. Any one where the card gets mailed from? I would imagine it takes about 1-3 business days to arrive.
  5. Welp. Finally - after the name change - it said card/document is in production this morning. finally after all the patience and all the waiting.
  6. Yea i dont understand this whole waiting game. We did the same because the guy barely asked us any questions stating that the US Consulate did all the ground work when they did the interview in my wife's country. The officer had me do the same to acknowledge that she should never take any government assistance and i said yes, i know. I had to be a bit forceful saying me and her met in medical school and been together ever since etc and we gave them the docs as well to add to our profile - joint bank account, joint auto insurance, etc. But alas we have no choice either but to wait. some times this ####### is ridiculous. We wanted to travel to see her family in europe some time after christmas/new years and we felt better to be able to do it from the GC than the AP/EAD and take chances.
  7. We were never told of approval or not. We only had the status changed to “my name was changed”. then it said initial review. We have been together since 2010. Now we are wondering how long it’s going to take for us to get the green card approval and green card itself.
  8. Hey JZ38 - so one of the things i gauged is that the officer for our case may be different from yours. however - our officer stated that since this was AOS from K1 Fiance Visa - he was not going to ask too much because the Consulate in my wife's country did most of the leg work of vetting whether or not it was a bona fide relationship so therefore he just asked formality questions like to state names, birth dates and then asked like 30 questions from what was already answered on the paper document. Also some advice - wait until you hear the full question before answering. Our apt was finished within 35 mins. Good luck and Godspeed.
  9. We had our interview today. We asked them about the maiden name vs married name. Officer asked why we kept the maiden name. I said to make it easier to find in the system from the K1. He said he could go ahead and change her name for the GC so it prints out with the married name, hence it being easier to start with that rather than running to court and spending more money on a name change etc later on. We checked out status - it changed to "My name was changed." - Not sure if we are approved or not and if the green card will be sent to print but the uscis app said "Initial Review." Not sure what this means. We had no RFE's - we gave all docs + supporting evidence + we added to that supporting evidence today with joint bank account / car insurance in both our names, etc. Kind of left wondering what will happen next.
  10. welp Interview is Oct 17th EAD/AP - approved Sept 16th and Combo card delivered Sept 23rd. So much for that because we wanted to cruise on Sept 19th to mexico but couldnt lol.
  11. Don’t bring it up on the interview unless they do/ask about it. Then apologize and say it was your error. otherwise, it’s water under the bridge and no one else is the wiser.
  12. Hmmmmmm We have an interview scheduled but apparently we just got a notice that the EAD was approved and the order to print the card and send it has been sent....... very awkward as our interview is still a month away......
  13. Yes. We got our date. Filed May 2nd, received on 3rd, notice on 7th, biometric on June 3rd, sept 6 told that interview scheduled. date is for oct 17th - 6 weeks out. hope this helps
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