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Please Help! Interview coming up but found out filed I-129F wrongly
3:47 am today



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Please my interview is coming soon, but we just fond out that we filed I-129F Part 3, Questions 4.a. and 4.b wrongly.

My Fiance had a DUI 2 years ago fine was fewer than $500, and had a drug case dismissed many years ago as well.
We thought only 2 cases not more than 3 and fine not more than $500 we don't have to check YES on 4.a.
What we should do now? Should I bring a fiance letter and declare he made a mistake on I-129F and said it should be YES and then reply 4.b. as well?
Should I tell them ahead before the interview?
Anyone had this mistake or experiences and got approved??

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Case at Embassy 17 May 2019
2:31 pm May 17, 2019



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Hi all,

I am from Hong Kong and our K1 visa case has arrived at the Embassy today.

I'm wondering how long would it take for the embassy to send out packet 3? What is your experience?

Anything I should prepare during this period before receiving packet 3?

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April 2019 K1 NOA2 @ NVC
12:07 pm May 11, 2019



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Anyone received K1 NOA2 in April and waiting for further notice from NVC or has already heard from NVC?

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Anyone can share Hong Kong packet 3 for K1 visa?
3:28 am April 25, 2019



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Hi all, can anyone here share with me the packet 3 for K1 visa you get from the US consulate HK?

thank you very much!

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Hong Kong K1 visa
6:27 am April 23, 2019



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Hi everyone,

is there anyone here applying K1 visa who is from Hong Kong?

Wish everyone luck xoxo

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