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ACRO Police Check from HK
1:39 pm yesterday



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So I'm trying to prepare well in advance and looking into getting my police certificate from the UK.

I have a bit of a dilemma. As from what I understand, the police certificate will have your address on it.

I currently I reside in HK - I have a "solid" address which is my parent's place and I have address proof for that (Let's call this Address 1).

However, I rent a room in a flat-share where all bills are under my landlord's name therefore I have no proof for that (I'll call this Address 2).

In our I129F mailing address is Address 2. There is no mention of Address 1 in our application..

If however, I apply for the UK Police Cert and it has Address 1 on it.. Will the Embassy scrutinise this discrepancy?

**I am unwilling to use Address 1 on the I129F as I rarely go back to my parent's place and mail is known to get lost.

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ead card extensions and expedited the case
8:46 pm February 10, 2020



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I am a F1 student. I was doing my opt after i graduate on December 2018. My ead card expired on January 01 2020. I got married on September 2019 with my husband which he is a citizen of the US. We sent I-130, I-1485, I-765, I-131 all the forms to USCIS. USCIS sent us mails to notice us they received our forms on December. already finished the finger print on January 2020 and USCIS updated about that on my account too.

My manager told me my ead card expired so I called USCUS to explain the situation if there is a way I can still legally working. They told me I am on c9: adjustments of status , which I can extend my card 180 days. They told me tell my manager about that and then it should be fine.

However, my manager asked me to see if USCIS can give me a official letter to prove it. So, I called them again and they said they will not give me anything to show that. Everything I need is on the website.I asked if I can have a chance to expedited my ead card then I can still keep my position. They told me it s just two months now so it s not necessary to do that.

I want to keep my job because I love that job so much. What I can do now? Should I apply expedited the ead card still?

Thank you

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Too many visits results in a ban?
4:18 am February 9, 2020



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So my boyfriend is working in Hawaii. And over the past 7 months of our relationship, I have visited him 4 times.

July 2019 - 3 days

August 2019 - 4 days

December 2019 - 1 week

January 2020 - 1 week

I am a teacher so I visit whenever I have holidays (summer, Christmas and Chinese New Year holidays).

I have a British passport so I enter on ESTA.

As I passed through immigration in January, the immigration officer told me that I am visiting too much and it could result in a ban of 5 years.

I understand the concerns of visiting too much however I have been honest that I come to visit my boyfriend and I have a steady job as a teacher therefore I will be returning to my country of residence. Plus the duration of my visits are not lengthy so I didn t not think frequent trips were much of a problem.

Could anyone shed some light on this potential ban if visiting too much? I never knew such thing existed

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5:55 am February 6, 2020


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Hi all - my mom came to the US to visit me (PR) on ESTA (visa waiver program) from Hong Kong back in December. My mom planned to stay until early March, leave before the allowed time. However, the Coronavirus outbreak feared me to send my mom back home as Hong Kong has many confirmed cases and someone died of it already.

I want to know is there a way she can extend her stay for another month or two until the spread of Coronavirus going down? I think I saw it saw it somewhere on USCIS that visitor came in via ESTA aren't allowed for visa extension (since ESTA not really a visa).

Is there other way I can try to apply something for her, maybe based on humanitarian reason?

Thank you

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Extending K-1 (Special Situation)
8:01 pm February 1, 2020



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Greetings fellow VJs!

Has anyone extended (or try to request extension) on theirs (or partner's) K-1 Visa?

I have a special situation that may need to extend my fiancee's K-1 Visa.

She lives in China and as of today, because of Coronavirus, there's level 4 (Do Not Travel) travel notice for China. Also, many flights to / from China have been cancelled and US government may take another measure to prevent the spread of the virus by blocking any flight from China.

She has her visa approved and ready to travel, but her visa is expiring soon (next month) and I'm afraid the situation may be getting worse there. She has done a check-up and clean from the virus.

Does anyone have advice on requesting K-1 visa extended?


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