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Uncertain About Case Status (NVC Process Question)
4:03 am August 2, 2021



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Hello all,

Was excited to see that NVC had finally reviewed documentation that had been submitted. We had every submitted document switch to an "ACCEPTED" status along with what looked like 3 RFEs. The first two seemed to be auto-generated related to AOS income (Please submit W2; Please submit Evidence of Income). This was followed by the third message and what I believe to be the actual outcome (Case does not meet AOS requirements; recommend joint sponsor and Consular Officer will make decision at interview). There was then another one that specifically agreed with my justification for not having a document (document will be sent directly to Consulate by Authority).

No issue with understanding the message itself with regards to sponsorship - we tried to see if they would accept, but knew we would likely need joint sponsor - that's already arranged luckily.

My real question is, having gotten these 4 messages in very short succession, and understanding that the first two were related to assessing AOS Qualifications and the third to state that a determination was made and that Consular Officer will have final say on what we prepare/present, I don't THINK I need to take further action in the CEAC system at this time. I believe that now I should be waiting for DQ notification... However, since I have not gotten such communication and it has been a week, wanted to check if this is normal for NVC. I'm guessing I will just experience silence for a few weeks until it gets around to notifying us of DQ/upcoming consular steps, but would appreciate any input someone may be able to offer.

Again, we've prepped all the joint sponsorship stuff and know, based on NVC communications, that AOS related decision will be made at the Interview. Just making sure the two seemingly irrelevant RFEs (auto-generated based on AOS assessment I believe) aren't hanging and waiting for feedback for us before we move towards DQ.

Thanks for any insight!

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Police Clearance for Cobsular Interview
11:17 pm July 24, 2021


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Hi, guys. I'm trying to help a friend of mine with his K-1 visa process. His fiance' in Indonesia needs help obtaining a police clearance from Singapore, but everything I've seen said it could take 6 months to process and that there's no guarantee they would even process it.

She doesn't have 6 months. Her DS-160 was recently submitted.

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Things to prepare for work during K1 AOS/ EAD waiting time
10:10 pm July 7, 2021



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Hey guys, so because of the pandemic, it takes longer time to process AOS & EAD applications. Since I don't have a work permit, I haven't been able to work in the past few months. In order to minimize my anxiety of unemployment and increase my chance of getting employed once I get EAD, I have been taking online courses to upgrade myself. I was wondering if there is anything else I could do to increase my chance of getting hired, other than doing online courses? Can you guys share some of the things you do/ join to prepare yourself in a new job market (i.e. USA)? Is there any good resources for career changers? I also heard that there are free resources in community college for new immigrants. Is that real? Thank you all for sharing!

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Police certificate requirement - US consulate in hk
11:19 pm July 2, 2021

V & E

V & E

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My wife born in China and got adopted to hk when she was a bady and lived in Hong Kong afterwards.

Do she need to get the police certificate in China as well?

she already applied the Hong Kong police certificate.

your input is greatly appreciated.

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Spouse visa CR-1 Interview Appointment date estimate in Hong Kong.
8:47 am June 29, 2021



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Hello Everyone.

I am applying for the Spouse visa (My husband is US citizen) If I received the email from the NVC stating that all my documents have been approved and that the NVC will work with the U.S. Embassy/Consulate General in HONG KONG to schedule an interview appointment. How long should I expect to have this interview date if my documents were approved on JUNE 15 2021? How long is the estimate of time that I should wait?

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