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1:23 am August 13, 2023


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Hi to all! I just got DQ last week and as for nvc is now working to transit my documents at embassy. Does any member from hk can share their experience and thoughts on how many months of waiting before it transfer to hk consolate? Please share your experience it will be a big help for me. Thanks and God bless

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Rescheduling CR1 interview to a later date?
8:48 am July 10, 2023



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Hello, due to some family matters I am considering rescheduling my CR1 interview to later in the year. I've read on visajourney that most people just wait until their interview appointment has passed before rescheduling a new interview, however, when I contacted my embassy, they've been giving me conflicting advice.

They first mentioned that "The visa appointment cannot be re-scheduled unless the failure to appear for the interview is due to reasons beyond the applicant s control, such as serious personal illness" and that if I fail to appear at the interview, my case will be cancelled "subject to Section 203(g) of the US immigration and Nationality Act". However, after asking for more information, I was told that I could reschedule my appointment on their online system, and that I should check their schedule periodically for future appointment slots.

Has anyone had experience with rescheduling their interview at a later date, and were there any issues with this? Or is completely depending on each embassy's rules/policies? I'm just very worried of breaking any rules and potentially jeopardizing my visa, and the embassy only allows communication via email so there's been a lot of back and forth communication and the rules are super confusing.

Thank you!

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If the DS-2001 is needed after scheduled the interview
7:34 am July 8, 2023



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Hi guys

We are applying the IR1 visa and from Hong Kong

And we already got the interview date from the hk Embassy General

However we just saw there s a form #DS-2001, it status that if you have prepared all the documents for interviews you will need to mail this form to the hk Embassy General.

We are wondering if this form is still needed ? As we do not see so much post talking about this recently.

And we also read online need to confirm the interview date one week before the interview, but we didn't find any way we can do the confirmation.. wondering how to do the confirmation?

Appreciate for your advice in advance

Best wishes for all of you!

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Travelling to US after CR-1 visa
12:49 pm July 3, 2023



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Hello, I have my CR-1 visa interview in late August and will be travelling to the US in mid September and then going back to my home country at the end of October until around January 2024. I just wanted to check that this would be ok and that my visa would not be affected. Thanks!

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Tax documents for N-400 application
2:34 pm June 26, 2023



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Hello VJ members,

I should be filing under the 3-year rule in the next month or so. My spouse and I filed tax jointly since I became LPR. However, we filed for extension for 2022 since we were both busy early this year. That said, we have the 2020 and 2021 income tax returns (MFJ). We never owed taxes and we even have credit with IRS.

My window for filing under the 3-year rule will open in a few weeks and let's say I file at the end of July. By the time I have my interview, we should have already filed tax for 2022. I can then either upload that 2022 tax document or bring to interview. I understand the key point is that "evidence that you have paid your income taxes to the IRS for the past 3 years".

Should I wait until we DID file the 2022 tax returns before submitting my N-400 application?

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