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  1. It would not be a problem. There is no one will care about where were born But if you want to fix it, then this is for you: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/apply-renew-passport/change-correct.html
  2. It is possible that IO will give you "Decision can't be made" because you changed the name after you were fingerprinted; and sometimes, it does require you to be fingerprinted again. To save time, make an Infopass or simple go to ELIS, make an inquiry as well as upload your Decree. I changed my name and it was finalized on August 16, I applied on December 16.
  3. The same. Pretty much you guys will be on January Oath.
  4. When he was convicted, does it mean he already sentenced and placed under probation ?
  5. Holt

    out of USA

    Let take a look in your case. You have became LPR on 01/27/2013. Total days spent in US (supposedly): 1770 days. Total days you need to spend in US to qualify Physical Presence: 18 months = 548 days. Total days you have spent in US: 1770 - 364 - 62. Condition of Physical Presence: You met this condition. However, you have broke your Continuous Residence because you have spent more than 6 months outside US. I am not sure how to verify if 364 days is still under 365 days. If not , you might apply using 4 years and 1 day rule. If yes, you might need to think about the reason why you have been out of US. Generally proving these conditions applying to you works best: You did not terminate his or her employment in the United States or obtain employment while abroad. You immediate family remained in the United States. You retained full access to his or her United States abode. Hope this helps.
  6. Check your own Office's processing time before to determine next step.
  7. You speak a very good English.
  8. (1) Your post still contain personal information. (2) No, the status system is not reliable. Therefore, you are still being in line for an interview. (3) When did you file ?
  9. Holt

    Time Frame

    Good luck. I don’t want to argue with nonsense points.
  10. Holt

    We made an oops...

    Good luck!!!!! A start of something new!