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  1. Hello, I will be doing my visa interview next week and assuming all goes well (I've done the medical and have all the documentation ready), I will be granted the CR1 visa shortly. However, I am not planning to travel/move to the US until March of next year, which will be a few weeks after my 2nd wedding anniversary. A few questions: 1. Will I be automatically granted an IR1 visa upon arrival in the US, or is this something that I will need to bring up to the CBP officer? 2. If for some reason the CBP officer is not aware of the CR1 to IR1 conversion rule, and only grants me a CR1 visa, is there anything I can do to convert it afterwards? 3. What happens after I arrive in the US with my CR1 visa? Do I just hand over all documentation etc to the CBP officer, is there another interview etc? Thank you so much in advance!
  2. Hello, has anyone ever received this notification when checking for interview dates? " You have exceeded the limit for viewing this page and your limit will be reset as of tomorrow" I logged in twice today so I was wondering if it resets after 24 hours. Thank you!
  3. Hello, due to some family matters I am considering rescheduling my CR1 interview to later in the year. I've read on visajourney that most people just wait until their interview appointment has passed before rescheduling a new interview, however, when I contacted my embassy, they've been giving me conflicting advice. They first mentioned that "The visa appointment cannot be re-scheduled unless the failure to appear for the interview is due to reasons beyond the applicant’s control, such as serious personal illness" and that if I fail to appear at the interview, my case will be cancelled "subject to Section 203(g) of the US immigration and Nationality Act". However, after asking for more information, I was told that I could reschedule my appointment on their online system, and that I should check their schedule periodically for future appointment slots. Has anyone had experience with rescheduling their interview at a later date, and were there any issues with this? Or is completely depending on each embassy's rules/policies? I'm just very worried of breaking any rules and potentially jeopardizing my visa, and the embassy only allows communication via email so there's been a lot of back and forth communication and the rules are super confusing. Thank you!
  4. What's a better narrative? Is it better if I just say I'm starting the moving process?
  5. yikes..hopefully that case was just an exception! I'm just visiting the US temporarily to attend a wedding and visit family and friends, and then I'll be going back to my home country to start the whole moving process.
  6. Hello, I have my CR-1 visa interview in late August and will be travelling to the US in mid September and then going back to my home country at the end of October until around January 2024. I just wanted to check that this would be ok and that my visa would not be affected. Thanks!
  7. Hello, posting my DQ and interview details in case it's useful for anyone. It was much faster than I expected! Documents sent to NVC: June 9 DQ: June 24 Interview email: June 29 Interview date: August 29
  8. Hello , does anyone know the average wait time between getting DQ'd and the interview in Hong Kong? Thanks!
  9. Hello @Madrismo, how long did it take for your passport to get delivered to you after the interview? Thanks!
  10. I'm based in Hong Kong but I contacted the US embassy here, they said it's all in the hands of the NVC
  11. Hi @GordonSand! I'm awaiting DQ from the NVC and was wondering how long it took you to get an interview from the HK consulate after DQ. thanks!
  12. Hello, I've submitted all my documents and am waiting for DQ- however when I check my case status on the CEAC website it still says 'Action required: Submit requested documents.' Is there anything I need to do at this point in time? Thanks.
  13. Hi, did you get an email once the police certificate got sent out? thanks
  14. Thank you for this! And yes I read about the cybersecurity incident, I guess this means it will take me some time before I can submit my documents to the NVC
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