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  1. Interview was yesterday, approval came today! Can't wait until it arrives in the mail!
  2. When did you meet? Who attended your wedding? Do you rent or own your home? Do you have a lease? Do you have any joint bank accounts? Have you spent time with each other’s family and friends? Do you work? There were also many questions taken from the application forms relating to crimes, military training, etc. For evidence, he was mainly interested in joint bank statements and a copy of the marriage certificate, but he kept photos, tax forms, pay stubs, employer letter and everything else we brought (aside from original birth and marriage certificates).
  3. Just got out of our interview in Chicago, which lasted about 30 minutes. The interviewer made us take the oath, asked lots of questions, and then took our evidence to review later. We were not approved on the spot, which is a bit disappointing. Hoping it’s approved soon!
  4. For those who have already had their interviews, have you had to wait a long time to be seen or is it usually pretty quick? Our letter says to arrive at 8am and we're trying to figure out how long we might be at the field office.
  5. Yes, we did, but we also received an RFE for it and it's already printed out so can't hurt to bring even though they probably won't look at it.
  6. Our interview is on May 24th. Here's what we are planning to bring to the interview: Interview notice and AOS applicant's passport I-693 (Medical) I-864 Affidavit of Support + 2021 tax return, 2 months of pay stubs, and employer letter Previously received I-797s (K1 approval + I-485 biometrics letter) and RFE letter Applicant's passport and Form I-94 (arrival/departure record) Original birth certificates for both spouses plus copies Marriage certificate plus copy Bank statements (2 most recent months) bearing both spouses' names Insurance cards + proof of designated beneficiary for various retirement/insurance accounts Most recent cell phone bill Photos with dates before our wedding, from our wedding, and after Shared credit cards + AAA cards Anything essential missing?
  7. First of all, congratulations! It was the same for me: no change on EAD or AP, but I-485 interview has been scheduled. You can find out your interview date and time by chatting with a live agent on Emma. Timing will vary by field office, but to give you an idea: my status changed on Friday and the interview is on May 24 (Chicago field office).
  8. Our interview has been scheduled for May 24 but we have not received the letter yet, so I just want to know who is supposed to attend the interview so that we can plan accordingly. The applicant only or both spouses? Thanks!
  9. Interesting series of events today: 1) I checked My USCIS and saw that the evidence we submitted on January 25, 2022 changed to say it had been received/reviewed on April 2. 2) I spoke to a live agent on Emma to ask if the interview had been scheduled yet. I was told no. 3) Shortly after, case status updated to say interview has been scheduled! Do I have to wait for the interview letter to arrive in the mail or is there a way to find out the details sooner?
  10. Congrats to everyone whose cases are moving along! VisaJourney says my EAD and AP should be approved any day now, but I just checked the USCIS processing times and they are so long! I do have a question: does anyone know if receiving an RFE for the I-485 places the EAD process on hold until the response to RFE is received? Or do they continue to process EAD even if an RFE for the I-485 is issued?
  11. My understanding is that you can get a SSN once you have an Employment Authorization Document, which is expected to be approved any day now. Is that not correct? Can you only get a SSN once you have the green card? Thank you, super helpful!
  12. Sorry to ask this, but I've searched the forum and haven't found an answer to my specific situation. My now-husband and I were living overseas for several years and moved back to the U.S. in July 2021. I am a USC and he entered on a K1 visa. We were married in August and he applied for AOS, EAD, etc. but has not received any of those or a Social Security number. Given his immigration status, he obviously did not work at all in 2021, but he does have overseas investments. Is he required to file a tax return? If so, we will file jointly, but is it best to file for an extension when he has an SSN or better to submit sooner without and leave that field blank?
  13. We submitted evidence in response to an RFIE on January 25th. No update since then, unfortunately.
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