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  1. Thats really expensive! I done mine and it cost $320. I lost my vaccine record so they gave me a blood test end up i just need to get the Tdap and MMR vaccine only. (I got my MMR vaccine at a healthcare its just $21) Try to find another doctor on the uscis list and get another quotation.
  2. Hi there Im living in Great Falls. I filed my application in mid-May and I just got my green card yesterday. You can see my signature for my timeline
  3. Hi there, Yes i just received my Green card today. But there is no social security card came with (I applied it with EAD), I called USCIS they said I need to apply it with social security office again >< I'm not sure about EB categories, but there has no numerical limit on the number based on Marriage to a U.S. Citizen.
  4. Ah. So even I click "Yes" for "Do you want SSA to issue you a Social Security Card" when i filled in my I-765 (EAD) I still need to apply again at the Social Security Office?
  5. I just received my conditional green card in the mail. However, I don't see any social security card come with it. I did apply for EAD and AP but the interview are done before they arrived so now I just have the Green card. Do i need to contact social security office separately to apply for SSN?
  6. It valid for 1 year. But you can check with the clinic if they have the service that can renew it for free if it expired.
  7. If that's the cheapest one you can find using the "Find a Doctor" list on USCIS, then I'm afraid you have to go for that. Becos you cannot use any other clinic which is not in that list. (I did mine in Montana it cost $320)
  8. I seperated mine in 2 ($1000 and $225) since the max account for one money order is $1000
  9. You need to get a job offer letter from your employer. Then you call the USCIS hotline to contact them tell them you want to expedite your EAD. Then they will give you further instruction.
  10. I sent separate. But I read just send one is fine.