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US Immigration from Belarus

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K1 (NIE) - 30 days to enter?
5:08 pm April 15, 2021



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K1 visa is part of NIE in some countries (https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/News/visas-news/updates-to-national-interest-exceptions-for-regional-covid-proclamations.html) - does it mean that beneficiary has to enter into US within 30 days period after visa issued?

From USEM in Poland site "If approved, the NIE will allow you only one entry to the United States within 30 days of the date of approval by the Embassy."

Does this rule applicable to K1/2 ?

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Must I submit "secondary evidence"?
4:04 pm March 15, 2021



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So reviewing the I-129F instructions, I see at the beginning of the "What Evidence Must You Submit?" section that, after submitting primary evidence (or a statement if unavailable), you must "then submit secondary evidence such as church or school records, baptismal certificates, US census records, or other evidence to support your claim". Is this referring to what you must do if you do not have primary evidence, or is this applicable to all petitions? I presume this could just mean various documents/photographs that establish the relationship as legitimate, but I'm just confused as to why school records or baptismal certificates would be mentioned as they don't have a clear relationship to the rest of the petition.

Thank you in advance!

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Annuity as Income (I-134)
11:32 am March 7, 2021



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We are sending out our I-129F packet next week, but I was hoping to get some clarification on what to do with the future I-134 Affidavit of Support. My fiancee and I have been together for five years, and always planned to file the K1 after finishing undergraduate studies. I'm on a full-tuition scholarship to law school, so while I can't hold a full-time job, I was interested if my recurring monthly annuity would be able to substitute for employment in establishing financial eligibility. In a year, I would receive more from the annuity than the minimum wage requirements demanded by the I-134. I can also declare stock market holdings and savings in my bank account, though I'm not sure how much of the latter is needed in order to be deemed 'sufficient'. My mother has also agreed to be a joint-sponsor and fill out a separate I-134 (I believe Minsk/Warsaw allows this), but I would ideally like to meet the requirements as much as possible myself.

Would there be any foreseeable issues in using the above during the K1 process? I'm asking in advance so I can have sufficient time to plan for whatever documentation needed. Thank you very much!

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Brief Questions on I-129F Filing
7:21 am March 5, 2021



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Good morning!

I will be filing the I-129F form within the coming weeks and wanted to ensure I was doing everything correctly. Would anyone kindly be able to assist with the following?

  1. Question 62 on the I-129F asks for where the beneficiary will be applying for their visa. My fiancee is Belarusian and the Minsk embassy has the rather unique property of interviewing all their K1 applications in Warsaw. My fiancee has previously been issued a B2 visa in Minsk and only has history at that location; should I answer this question with Minsk (where she lives) or Warsaw?
  2. As my fiancee previously had a B2, she visited me in the US on two separate occasions. I understand I'm required to submit her I-94 if she's currently in the US, but am I required to do so if she's already returned home? I'm not sure if this was necessary or would perhaps be helpful as further evidence of our relationship.
  3. After I file this form and accompanying documents, must I submit anything to USCIS at any point before our interview (providing I don't receive a RFE)? Though I would plan to attend the interview if possible with my fiancee, I just find it confusing USCIS doesn't seem to ask for any more evidence than the initial submission before the 'big day'.

Thank you all in advance (and apologies if I broke any etiquette as this is my first posting here)!

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family name
3:25 am February 18, 2021



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hello, i need some help- im making the form I-751 and confused now

i have a pasport under one name and then in my 2 year green card i have my husband last name( as i use it after marrige)

so in 1.a family name -what should i enter? my pasport name? or name from green card ?

and another qustion: i might need to travel soon, nit sure if my green card will be ready, should i make any other forms to apply for traveling?sorry im not sure how it works

thank you

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