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  I-129f form questions

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I-129f form questions
8:06 am January 29, 2019

Valentina S

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Hi! I am a newcomer here. We chose with my fiance (petiotioner) K1 visa and going to fill out I-129f form and file all the docs needed ourselves.
I read a lot on official pages and here and have some questions concerning the petition. Thank you for everyone who help with confusing questions. Your comments and experiance really help!

So my questions are:
1. My fiance is a US citizen but many years ago he was a Green card holder so had A number. Should I put his A number on the form?
2. I have a maiden name which I put on the form in the relevant part. Do I have to file a copy of my certificate of name change with the petition?
3. We met online on tinder and I read that sometimes people get RFE for not filing evidence the online dating service is not IMB. So I am going to print tinder Terms&conditions and also got an e-mail from tinder customer support saying the following
"Hello Valentina,

Tinder is not an international marriage broker as defined by the International Marriage Brokers Act.


I am going to print it but will it be enough?
4. In part "Address in the US where your beneficiary intends to stay" I am putting my fiance's current address as for the moment this is the plan. But what about daytime phone number? I don t have any for the moment. Do I have to put my fiance's cell number or leave it blank?
5. I've been to US several times but there is discrepancy in the form and instruction concerning last visit. Form says "If your beneficiary is CURRENTLY in the US complete item numbers 38.a-38.h". And instruction says " Provide the date of your beneficiary"s MOST RECENT entry in the US..." I am not in the US now and I am confused whether to fiil out the items or not. I left the country on January 6th but my authorized stay date will expire only in June 2019.
6. In part 4 (Biographic information) we have to choose ethnicity: either my fiance(petitioner)is Hispanic or not. And he is. So in item 2 I cannot choose anything as it doesn't apply to him and I live it blank. Is it right?
I also wonder if it influences processing time or result as Hispanic ethnicity is in a separate paragraph?
7. Some items require dates. For example, the fiance's present emloyer. He is still working there so there is no " end of employment date" Do I have to leave it blank or put " peresent"?
8. The instruction says when item doesn't apply to you put N/A but I read some recommended to leave blank. Which is better?

Thank you!

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Did not receive notice of interview, did not attend.
3:08 am December 7, 2018


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Today we got a letter from USCIS in the mail denying our I485 on the grounds we did not attend an interview a week ago. The problem is we NEVER received notice of any interview scheduled.

We sent our application in May and got the notice of receipt. In late October our AP and work permit were granted. We checked the USCIS website in early November to see how our green card application was and it indicated nothing had been scheduled yet, everything was pending.

I talked to a tier 2 customer service agent tonight at USCIS who told me that in his system he sees that on October 15 the letter was sent out to our address (we confirmed it was the right address). We never got it, nor did we receive an email, text, or anything else like we did with our K1 visa when it was time to schedule an interview. No one called. Nothing. And well after 10/15 the USCIS website itself had no indication anything had been scheduled for us.

I'm so upset and don't know what to do.

At the agent's recommendation we wrote a letter to the field office that handled our phantom interview explaining that we never got anything and asking them to give us a new interview date. He said hopefully they can just put us to the back of the line getting a new date and do it that way. He also said we could make an appointment on Infopass to go in person with the same letter and all our documentation to ask. The letter also said we have 30 days to file a motion to reopen our case, which he said we should do concurrently, in case the field office won't let us get a new date.

I'm afraid since the case was actually denied that no amount of begging or pleading will get us a new interview date and we'll have to just file the motion ? What should we include in the motion? Do we need to just get a lawyer at this point? What kind of evidence can we sent to show that we didn't get any notice? We haven't left town for months, we've been in the same place where we live and receive mail, downtown in a big city, in a large building with a doorman who monitors the mail.

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Traveling on Ap during AOS from K1
11:42 pm November 3, 2018


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Hi, sorry if this is the wrong place for this, feel free to move it!

My husband just got his EAD and AP approved (yay!), and I'm a little nervous to travel outside the US pending AOS, even with the Advance Parole approved.

There are so many warnings all over the place that it seems risky to tempt fate, but then again, the very purpose of AP is to travel abroad during the very lengthy AOS process.

What confuses me is the disclaimer that re entering the US on AP means that he is "paroled" instead of "admitted". As far as I understand he was admitted on the K1 when he came here six months ago. Am I mistaken? If we were to go abroad on vacation or visiting his family for a week or two, and then return on AP, would he have a different status?

Is it risky or am I just being paranoid?

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Immigrants could be required to show credit scores if they want to stay in the U.S.
5:33 pm September 26, 2018


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"Under a U.S. Department of Homeland Security proposal, intended to determine who is considered admissible to the country, immigrants would have to provide evidence of their financial status. This includes applications for public benefits in the U.S., proof of private health insurance to cover certain medical conditions, and their credit histories and credit scores."

I think this is absolutely right!


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Moving during AOS
4:42 pm September 21, 2018


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Background: My Wife come on K1 in July and we got married last week. I m waiting for the certificate to come in the mail so I can file the AOS. In the meanwhile I got a new job offer in Milwaukee and we are moving from Seattle next week.

So now I m wondering if we should go though and change all the address information form Seattle to Milwaukee or just leave it alone. Also, I m worried that if we don t update we will have to go back to San Francisco for the interview, when Chicago would be where we actually live.

Any advice?

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