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US Immigration from Belarus

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Family Members and Separate TravelDocs Accounts?
10:36 pm May 18, 2023



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Hi all - sorry for another question. A bit of a weird one here, but does each family member attending the interview require their own UID / TravelDocs account? Basically, when I scheduled the appointment for my wife's family, I made them each a TravelDocs account before scheduling them for a family appointment on one of those accounts (the "leader"). The problem, however, was that because they are citizens of Belarus and not Poland (where the TravelDocs accounts were made, as Belarus directs to Poland and they are Polish permanent residents anyway), the system thought they were Polish citizens. I called TravelDocs and they noted that somehow these family members had their accounts "duplicated" (unsure how this happened), and deleted the ones that erroneously listed citizenship as Poland. Out of curiosity, I just attempted to log into those family member's accounts today as their UIDs are still listed on the appointment confirmation under the leader's - but both of their accounts are deleted.

Provided (a) all applicable DS-160s were properly submitted and (b) the leader's TravelDocs account is accessible and has all the correct / updated information, is the fact the family members' accounts are deleted a problem? Or are they considered 'derivatives' or something like that for the appointment and never needed a separate account to begin with? TIA.

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NVC's DB has gone INSANE!! :^O
9:40 am May 18, 2023


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My wife and daughter got DQd on the 16th. Since yesterday morning I see the following on my wife's civil documents list. I noticed it accidentally when I logged on to check the messages.

So literally NVC page says missing on the home page for her civil docs. All docs were obviously included and accepted, otherwise they'd never be DQd.

The NVC page seems to have gone totally crazy as you can see from the above screenshot. Passport bio pics were included and are listed just below but are now called PASSPORT BIOGRAPHIC PAGE (1st MARRIAGE-FINAL DIVORCE DECREE), ?.

Anyone seen/seeing anything like it? I hope this doesn't affect anything for my wife.

I checked in 3 browsers, same result, so it's not a local cache issue.

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B1/B2 or Just B2? [DS-160]
4:47 pm May 15, 2023



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My wife's family has their tourist visa interviews coming up, I had helped prepare their application but am questioning a choice I made on the (submitted) DS-160s ... while they are coming just to visit us, I selected "B1/B2" as when my wife applied herself to visit me under a B2, they issued her a B1/B2. Since then, I've always assumed this was the proper designation, but now I am not entirely sure. My wife's family is obviously not coming for business, but will this be a problem? Should I tell them to expect a question about it, or is this pretty normal given what's ultimately issued?

There was only one analogous post on VJ, some users implied it was best to redo the DS-160 whereas others said it was completely fine. TIA.

EDIT: I just reviewed their TravelDocs page and it says the interview is for a B-1/B-2, so I guess in this particular case, what I put on the DS-160 was correct. I don't recall if TravelDocs actually made a distinction between the B-1/B-2 and B-2 when scheduling the appointment. In any event, these DS-160s seem to be proper per what was already scheduled at the Embassy.

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May 2023 NVC Submission
10:58 am May 5, 2023


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Sent my IR1/IR2 docs to NVC on the 3rd of May, so figured I'd start a thread.

VJ User Submitted DQ Estimate RFI Days to RFI Resubmit DQ Actual Days to DQ
@ZRomper IR1 5/3 5/17

@ZRomper IR2

5/3 5/17

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What do I put for Social Security on I-864W for my adopted 15 yr. old daughter?!
9:05 pm April 24, 2023


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Hi everyone!

So finally got an NVC welcome letter for my 15 year old adopted daughter who's coming with my wife. We all live outside the US right now. I have domicile in the US.

I filed an I-864 for my wife, but since my daughter is adopted I'm trying to file I-864W for her. Everything is ok except for question 11. U.S. Social Security Number (Required)....
What do I put down here? I don't think it's my SS they're looking for and my daughter does not have an SS # yet, since she's never been to the US before.

This is very confusing. Can I put zeroes and add a comment in the additional section that she'll file for one once she enters the US?

Need help, thanks!

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