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K2 Follow To Join Eligibility Period Problem due to Coronavirus, Any Advice?
1:50 pm March 20, 2020



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The worst case scenario has arisen and my wife and I are in shock. I have read many of the topics here, and I think the answer is going to be "nobody knows" at this point, but I wanted to post our scenario and see if anyone has any advice...

My wife's K1 was issued on May 08, 2019. To satisfy her son's father, her son stayed home to finish the school year, and to give my wife the opportunity to come to the US, get married, make sure everything went according to plan...

She flew home March 5th in order to begin working on her son's process, as we were advised by the embassy: Step 1, medical exam, step 2, interview, step 3, K2 visa! Easy peasy until a worldwide pandemic hits... We were keeping an eye on things regarding interview dates. The embassy in question consistently had interviews available one week out. The plan was to do the medical exam, then schedule the interview with plenty of time to spare (ETA beginning of April). As soon as the panic began to rise regarding Coronavirus and appointment cancellations were announced, we went to the embassy site and saw appointments were available for May 04. We scheduled the appointment right away. It seems cancellations are rolling. This appointment was canceled, and now we have one for May 18, past the eligibility period...

Does anyone have advice on what can be done? Is there an announcements page for USCIS we can check to see if/when they announce information about impacted people? My plan presently is to call USCIS and pose the problem and see what they say. From there, I will call my congressman. Perhaps its too soon for the latter, until they make a decision/announcement one way or the other...

Thank you!

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B1/B2 visa for my fiancÚ mother
6:05 am February 13, 2020



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My fianc is getting her k1 visa soon and will come to us. She wants her mom to be in us for our wedding. What is the best way to get B2/b2 visa approved??

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I-130 Part 5 Have you ever filed for any other alien?
10:26 pm February 6, 2020



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I have kind of a dumb question.

I am filling out the I-130 for my stepson to join us in the USA.

Part 5 asks if I have ever filed for ANY other alien. I applied for a K1 visa for my husband (his father) a few years ago and it was approved (obviously). I am confused by the "city and state" question. Do I put the city and state where we sent the application? Or where we lived at the time (we were living together abroad when we filed for it, but "city and state" implies it must be a US address)? Or the address I was using in the USA when I filed initially?

Thank you !

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How To Improve Chances Of B-2 Approval For Daughter In Law
2:34 am January 9, 2020


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I (USC) brought my wife to the US under a K-1 visa (from Belarus) and we were married 15 months ago and she is now a LPR (green card holder).

Her single daughter (my daughter-in-law) is a 23 year old university graduate who wants to come to visit us here in the US for a few weeks. I understand that she needs to show "ties to her home country" such that she convinces the consulate that she intends to return after her visit.

Her daughter has traveled extensively to various Schengen countries and recently spent two months in Vienna, Austria, studying German. She has held a variety of jobs but hasn't established a career yet. She has a boyfriend and they've been a couple for over 1 year.

As she now presents herself, I'm guessing that she'd be unlikely to be approved for a visitor visa due to her age, marital status, lack of home ownership, etc.

Are there any things that she can do over the course of 6-9 months that could improve her chances of having her B-2 visa approved?

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Bringing minor child of Green Card holder/Stepchild of USC to USA
6:59 am January 5, 2020



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My husband received his permanent residence a few months ago, after a change in status based on our marriage, following a K1 visa.

He had previously been married briefly and had a young child from that marriage. At the time, his ex wife did not want to send the child to the US, and so we did not ask for a K2 or any other immigration benefits for him. We did indicate on my husband's immigration forms that the child existed, of course, and at both the K1 and AOS interviews they asked about him. We just said he was young and for living with his mother in their country, and so we weren't asking for a visa for him at that time.

My husband's ex has now expressed an interest in sending him to live with us permanently. She feels it would be in his best interest, long term, and we are of course happy to have him if she agrees to it.

What would be the best/easiest way to get him a green card or some other legal status in the US? He is still in elementary school. Would we just petition with my husband sponsoring him as a minor child of a green card holder? Or is there something else for the stepchild of a USC?

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