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US Immigration from Belarus

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Immigrants could be required to show credit scores if they want to stay in the U.S.
5:33 pm


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"Under a U.S. Department of Homeland Security proposal, intended to determine who is considered admissible to the country, immigrants would have to provide evidence of their financial status. This includes applications for public benefits in the U.S., proof of private health insurance to cover certain medical conditions, and their credit histories and credit scores."

I think this is absolutely right!


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Moving during AOS
4:42 pm


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Background: My Wife come on K1 in July and we got married last week. I m waiting for the certificate to come in the mail so I can file the AOS. In the meanwhile I got a new job offer in Milwaukee and we are moving from Seattle next week.

So now I m wondering if we should go though and change all the address information form Seattle to Milwaukee or just leave it alone. Also, I m worried that if we don t update we will have to go back to San Francisco for the interview, when Chicago would be where we actually live.

Any advice?

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Length of time to get UK police check (split)
2:27 pm

Verona and Andrew

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Hi everyone,

I know this might not be fully relevant to the topic, but does anyone know how long UK takes to issue a police certificate (if there is no criminal background)?


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Question regarding green card after I-130 visa approval
4:52 pm


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My mother in law is scheduled for her Embassy appointment in a few weeks. My wife who is now a us citizen petitioned her. My question is. If she receives her visa does she have to pay for the green card at the embassy or prior to traveling to the states or can she just wait until after she is in the states to pay the fee online? Thanks.

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Now the Trump administration wants to limit citizenship for legal immigrants
11:32 am


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This may sound cruel, but it's true and exactly what this country needed for decades. Another proof about the Trump being the best president so far, in my opinion. I'm not quite sure why people who live in other people taxes and don't want to support the US, should ever be given a citizenship.

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