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someone tried to abduct my 10 year old daughter today

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Filed: AOS (apr) Country: Egypt

I was online working and reading vj and I got a call from the police saying that they are with my 10 yr old. All blood rushed from my face and I dropped the phone and went over to the house they were at which is approx 8 houses down from mine. she walked home with her bf as she always does on Fridays and when her friend couldn't play she walked home to my house. She was about 6 houses away when a woman in a minivan with very dark windows pulled over and asked if she wanted a ride. She said no thank you and the woman insisted and opened the car door and said c'mon it's too cold to walk get in the car. My daughter turned around and ran as fast as she could to a woman's house that she knows two doors down from the spot she was and the woman called the police and made her some hot cocoa. I was supposed to have a dentist appt but it got cancelled so she didn't call me. I just got home. she's at a party now...it was her biggest worry...getting to her christmas party. I've had a fkg bad night and I'm now shaking. She's getting picked up by her dad so I can't even be with her tonight. Please hug your kids before you go to bed tonight and don't let them walk anywhere alone.

"Only from your heart can you touch the sky" - Rumi

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Wow that is horrible!

I'm so glad she is safe and okay....there are some scary people out there!

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Thank goodness she's okay! You obviously taught her well.


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Filed: AOS (apr) Country: Egypt

what's really freaky is that this is the third time something like this has happened in my town. I just don't get it. It's a teeny tiny town and nothing like this has ever happened before and then wham in the past two years we've gotten fliers home from school saying that someone was abducted or someone attempted to abduct a child. The last time was a few months ago. My daughter is in fifth grade and was adamant about not going to after school care since her sister stopped going in fifth grade so I said ok but as soon as we got the flier I put her back in except on Fridays which is the day I work from home. I would normally pick her up too but I was supposed to be at the dentist and she lost her cellphone so I let her walk home with her best friend. Her best friend called the house a few hours ago crying saying it's all her fault. :( The detective handling the case has been great. He keeps calling me every hour to see how I'm doing. I'm not doing good. I'm typing through tears here. I have been so freakin' calm the whole night but when I finally called my husband I fell totally apart. If anything happened to my baby I don't know what I would do. She's my baby and is so very trusting and innocent. Quite frankly I'm shocked that she didn't go in the woman's car. I'm so proud of her. Her little legs were shaking most of the time we were at the police station. :(

"Only from your heart can you touch the sky" - Rumi

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Filed: IR-1/CR-1 Visa Country: Egypt

alhamdulillah [thank God] she's okay!! some people are really scary...

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It’s you in the morning

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::It’s you...It’s you...Baby it’s you::


...alhamdullah...rabbina ya khallena le ba3d fil donya wa fil akhra...ameen...

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Filed: Country: Germany

My gosh. You have done a GREAT job raising that little girl in order for her to be so level-headed and do what she did.

Clearly no parent ever wants to hear what you did, but thank God everything turned out ok.

I just hugged my daughter :)


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Filed: Country: Palestine

Wow that's scary.

I agree with Sharon -- you've taught your daughter very well. :thumbs: Thanks God she knew exactly what to do, and she did it immediately. She's a very smart young lady -- you should be very proud of her ! :luv:



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Too bad what happened to a once thriving VJ but hardly a surprise

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Filed: Country: Morocco

i'm so sorry! you must be so nervous but feel safe you raised her right and she made the right decision by going away! a similar story happened to me (but it was like 2 years ago instead of when i was a child) i was eating in a restaurant alone in queens, NY and asked the owner about a dish he served because it was so good. he told me what was in it, i paid, and asked him how to get a certain direction because i was walking. i walked out, and a few minutes later i was walking on a deserted street and a big van pulled up next to me. the door swung open and it was him, the owner of the restaurant, asking me if i wanted a ride!!! i said no in a kind voice, and began walking away. he insisted i get in countless times and began to get angry. he then followed me. once i ran to a place there were more people he took off. ugh that was a scary day. i'm glad your daughter is safe! *hugs*

Edited by sereia

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Holy mother of goodness!!! What a scary thing to have happen!!! I'm so glad she was smart and is safe. It proves you've done something right! Good job. I just gave my son a great big hug.

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Filed: AOS (pnd) Country: Egypt

OMG!! THis is one of my biggest fears for my children. I can't imagine what you are going through right now. It is wonderful that your daughter was so level headed and got herself to a safe place. Be proud of her and yourself for teaching her so well. (F)

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03/17/08 Arrival in USA!!!!!!!

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Filed: AOS (apr) Country: Egypt

You know what is weird............I dropped everything and bolted out the door. I didn't put my hijab on for the first time since I started wearing it. Didn't even think about it only was concerned about getting to my little girl. In the police station while she was in with the sketch artist the detective came over to me and asked me questions.

Then he said to me, "do you know anyone who wears one of those turban things?", I said, "a turban??", and he said, "yeah you know some cultures, like in India, they wear those turban things...........do you know anyone from India??? "

I thought for a minute and then dawn lit over marblehead and i said, "ooooooooooooooooooooooooh. lol. I wear hijab usually but I'm not wearing it right now. I'm muslim." He said, "what the heck is a hijab?".

lol. I explained it to him. I said I must stick out like a sore thumb in this town huh? He said, "no no no...it's just some of the folks we interviewed said they've seen her with a woman wearing a turban.


"Only from your heart can you touch the sky" - Rumi

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Thank God for angels like your neighbor to provide a safe haven for your child. And let your daughter know how proud we all are of her for her quick thinking in a scary situation. She was definitely taught well :thumbs:. It not right that we should have to live with fear of our children being stolen from us, but its still comforting to know that your little lady had courage and kept her wits about her. Stories like this make me want to keep my baby in the womb forever :lol:, but Im giving him an internal hug for your daughter's sake. I know it must be difficult for you tonight, so Ill throw in a *hug* for you as well. (F)

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Filed: AOS (apr) Country: Ghana

What a horrible story! Thank God she is okay and safe and sound back to being a child, enjoying a party. It's the grace of God that she is okay and reacted so quickly and intelligently in the midst of pressure and fear. Blessings on your family for safety and protection.

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Filed: AOS (apr) Country: Egypt

thank God she's all right!!!!

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6/05/08 EAD card in hand :)

7/28/08 AOS letter received

9/02/08 AOS interview

9/10/08 card production ordered email :)

9/17/08 welcome letter email and snail mail arrive same day

9/19/08 Greencard in hand :)

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