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We have forwarded the case to the consular officer for a final review.
1:10 am November 9, 2020



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My husband went to his interview on October 26th and was given a 221g form requesting a letter on why I did not pay taxes and his passport. I do not file taxes because I never worked and was supported by my family my whole life. We have a co-sponsor and everything else was accepted including the affidavit of support by my co sponser. They just needed a written document on why I didn t pay 2019 taxes for some reason. After the interview he was told to submit that paper with his passport . We submitted the passport and paper and they received it nov 3rd. On Friday I emailed them and they got back to me. I attached the file down below . On ceac my status is refused . Some one please help I am so confused !!! Is this a good sign ? Any help would be appreciated


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IOE number same or different for I-130 and green card fee?
3:06 am October 6, 2020



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Hello all! Does anyone know if the IOE number is the same for I-130 and green card fee? I paid online for my husband's green card fee almost two months ago and just now looked at the email and realized that its not the same IOE number as for my I-130. The bottom of the email states something along the lines of the fee being applied to a specified IOE number, and its not the same as the I-130 one. Thanks in advance!

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I-130 Notice of Intent to Deny based on fake marriage certificate
1:19 am July 27, 2020



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I don't know if I am in the proper place because I am moving so quickly. This is my 2nd I130 for my spouse. My spouse over 10 years ago applied for a tourist visa (non-immigrant visa) and provided a fake marriage license (wife does not exist, nor does her country ID#) My 1st I130 was denied because my husband sent him a sworn statement that he had never been married before and the attorney sent it (Lord knows why as we know that is just like a notary) so he was denied. I hired a new attorney, explained my situation, gave him 2 court letters sealed/signed where a judge said my husband had never been married in his country before, also same letter from his town judge. The new attorney submitted this, did not say anything. He also unlike the first attorney said proof of bonafide married like pictures, receipts, affidavits etc were not needed at this stage.

Friday, I get the same thing...a Notice of Intent to deny. This one (unlike last time) asked me for a sworn statement as to wife I did not say he was married on the application. It asked for all proof of bonafide marriage and AGAIN, a divorce decree. You cannot divorce someone you did not marry, no records of it, she does exist. So I don't know what else I need? Anyone heard of this before?

All attorneys I consulted with said that we would get through the I130 with a letter from the judges and then 50/50 chance of a waiver 601.

Anyone else been through this.......My husband admits his stupidity, his older sister made this, he just wanted to come visit a brother he had not seen in years.

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Jerusalem Embassy
3:45 pm July 9, 2020



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Is the Jerusalem embassy open for interviews yet??it is literally impossible to get a hold of anyone on the phone.

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about age for f3 in ap
9:41 am June 18, 2020

mahmoud qandil

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hi everyone my family we have caec f3 we have the interview in 11 april 2016 i was in this day 21 yrs, 5 m, and we do everything good the fingerprint all of this thing but they ask doc and give us the 221g doc missing ok and after that we send all doc and they send us massage about we now in ap in this latter so we now almost 4 year in ap ( administrative processes) my question is i'm know almost 25 26 i got out from caec or not ?????neeed help please

ps:all this from them its hard to get my out of caec and its not my problem

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