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expedite passport processing on the day of Oath
1:48 pm


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Hi There

My Oath ceremony will take a place this Friday in Miami , am looking to apply for expedite passport cause I have an international trip after 10 days from Oath , what is the process and where to go , if you can provide links will be great , how long does it take if I do it with expedite service ??

Thanks a lot

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How long does it take to receive the oath latter after the notice
3:44 am


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Hey guys.

I received an update on my case saying oath ceromony date scheduled sent to you yesterday. How long does it take to receive it by mail ? I guess 3-4 days ? Just wanted to be sure cause the wait is killing me.

Am June 2017 filler and I had my interview oct. 9th. The results of interview was cant reach a dicision and the officer was so rude and she needed to review my file.

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CRBA does it matter when you acquire the proof
8:26 am


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I'm just curious because my son was denied citizenship from me because I didn't have an extra year after the age of 14 (I had 15 but left the US after that and never came back) but God Willing I'm going to the US in a few months and I was wondering if I have that extra year could I perhaps refile for CRBA? Or will it not work because that would mean I got that proof after he was born? Or does it not matter when you acquire the proof as long as you have it before the child turns 18?

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Filed I-130 can I still get a B2 visa for my son?
12:54 pm


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I filed I-130 for my son and finally we got the notice that his papers have finally arrived and that they are starting the process (apparently his papers were mistaken for someone else's and we spent 6 months without even a receipt)

I'm currently 5 months pregnant and I know that if you have already filed a I-130 than it's very rare that you can get a B2 visa but I just want to give birth and come back. The only problem is I can't leave my son here (he's only 2 years old and still doesn't speak) no one can properly take care of him like I can and I have no family here expect for my husband.

Are there certain cases were you can get a B2 visa even if you filed a I-130

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CEAC says Issused but Embassy says other wise
11:18 pm


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Hi, I know this has probably never happened to anyone but I was hoping maybe someone could give me some advice.

My husband has his first interview at the Jerusalem Embassy on July 25 2018. They told him he had some paper missing and that he should send those paper in the mail with his passport. We did that the following day. After a week I go check his status on the CEAC website and it's changed to ISSUED. Of course we were excited.

I decided to email the Embassy to inquire about my son for a different matter after a week. The next day we get a phone calling telling saying that my husband has another interview on August 28 2018. Of course we start to wonder why they would want another interview. After two days I get another phone call and it's the Embassy asking some questions about my son. I start off by saying something like "Since my husbands passport is suppose to come in a few days." She stops me and says "Who told you that your husband got a visa? His passport is still here and it doesn't have a visa issued in it yet."

So now I'm even more confused. After 4 days they call AGAIN and tell us the reason for the interview is because we didn't provide recent taxes of 2017 for the person sponsoring my husband. We relax a little and think okay no big deal that can be dealt with.

But today my lawyer sent me a email from the Embassy and it's the DS-55351 and we have to fill it out. Now that just makes me even more confused as to why after two week s they would even ask for this.


My husbands interview is tomorrow and I'm not sure what will happen.

Any advice?

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