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US Immigration from Palestine

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Required Evidence I-864
8:34 pm yesterday


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Sponsor and joint sponsor's income is well above the minimum required.

Are the tax returns for last 3 years and proof of citizenship enough as supporting documents?

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I-864 Co-Sponser
7:07 pm yesterday


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My mother-in-law is co-sponsoring our petition.

She does not live with us. (not same household)

Do I just let her fill an i-864A or her own separate i-864?


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Evidence for AP
2:41 am yesterday


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This might be a silly question, but the instructions for Form I-131 are a little confusing.

I'm applying for AP along side my AOS packet. What specific evidence do I need to put with Form I-131 in my case?

Thank you

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Immigration Status After Marriage
12:57 am yesterday


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Does my current immigration status change from K-1 to anything else after marriage, or not?

And what should I state my current immigration status in Form I-485?

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Random Inquiries
1:21 am October 9, 2019


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I have few questions.

1. Do I need to notarize my foreign birth certificate?

2. Do I need to file the I-765 and I-131 separately in different packets and include a separate copy of any mutual evidence requested in each, or do I just put everything in the same packet with one copy of each evidence?

(Like do I put 3 copies of my marriage certificate, passport photos ...etc with each form separately or one copy of each is fine?)

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