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US Immigration from Germany

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K1 Interview Frankfurt
6:13 pm today


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What exactly do you need to bring to the interview? I've seen tons of lists that say different stuff.

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USPS Delivery to lockbox
6:42 pm January 20, 2019


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Hey guys,

maybe i am freaking out for no reason at all but we sent our petition to the Dallas Lock Box through USPS 2day priority mail.

Now; when I track the package it shows me this:

Your item arrived at the Dallas, TX 75260 post office at 6:32pm on January 19,2019 and is ready for pickup

How is that a thing? Pickup?

Can anyone enlighten me as to what to do in this case? Or is this normal????

Thank you in advance!



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My complicated situation
5:05 pm January 20, 2019


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Hi everyone!

After asking this on question on the USCIS subreddit, I was told that you guys might be interested in my story.

I hope I'm not posting this on the wrong forum on this site, feel free to move it if I've misplaced it.

I'm a 21 year old German citizen. My brother is a US citizen and so is my grandfather(They all live in Houston). But I am not.You might ask how thats even possible. Well sit down and listen, because this might take a few minutes.

I've tried to make a small family tree that includes relevant family members, maybe that'll help you guys. EDIT: I forgot to add to the family tree that my brother has both citizenships: The German and the American.

I have my 2 German grandparents that immigrated to the US during the 60s. They moved to Houston. Shortly after they got there, my grandma got pregnant. A few weeks before childbirth, she visited her mother(my great grandmother) in Germany. During that time my mother was born. Because she was born in Germany, she received the German citizenship. After her vacation and after the birth of my mother, they traveled back to Houston.

A few years after my mother was born, my grandparents divorced and my grandmother married a US citizen.

He adopted my mother, but my mother never received her US citizenship.

My mother lived in the states for the first ~21 years of her life. She got married and had a son with a US citizen. Shortly after my brother (technically half brother, because we only share one parent) was born, she also got divorced. It was a nasty divorce. She got custody of my brother and moved to Germany. She met my father and I was born.

Anyways, I hope that made sense. My mother passed away in 2013, when I was 16. My brother moved back to the states. And ever since that time, I wanted to move to her "true" home (please don't judge my motivation, I thought this through).

According to my grandparents she was always eligible to receive the US citizenship.I have a lot of her papers, her adoption papers that clearly state that she was adopted by a US citizen, her old Texas ID and SSN and a lot more. I also have copies of my grandpas and my brothers passports.

I know that because she never really was a US citizen, I won't get a US citizenship. But I thought maybe because of the fact that she always was eligible, there might be a 0,0001% to apply for one.

Shouldnt my mother have been a US citizen by default, since she was adopted at a young age? And wouldnt that mean that I could potentially be a US citizen ? Don't worry I won't get my hopes up.

I was recommended to consult a lawyer. But before I actually spend money on the consultation, I wanted to hear your advice.

I hope you guys can help me, or at least offer some nice advice.

Thank you :)


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Court Records
8:36 am January 18, 2019


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Hey guys,

we finally sent in our I-129f after 5 months of preparation and hesitation. Our problem was the following:

My fiance (petitioner) had 3 DUIs and 1 MIP charges (young and stupid, 10 years ago). They occured in different states. The I-129f asks for certified court records for all these charges.

He was able to get the certified court records from 2 DUI and the MIP. Whats missing is one DUI record. It happened in Colorado and he is currently in Michigan.

He talked to Colorado several times and had it sent to his correct address multiple times, but the records never arrived there.

So we just decided to send it in without that one missing record and wrote a letter stating the circumstances.

What do you guys think, will this cause a RFE? Of course we know it CAN trigger a RFE. Do you have experiences with that topic? Anything you could share?



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Travel within the states
3:53 pm January 17, 2019


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Hey guys,

my fiance and I are doing the K1 visa.

We are still at an early stage (waiting for NOA2) and we were thinking about where we could get married after I arrive to the states.

We will be living in the UP in Michigan, and it is way too cold there in winter to do any outside ceremony (which we want to do). So the last time he visited me, we were talking about getting married in Hawaii.

Is that even possible while being in the K1 process and before filing the AOS?:wacko: What document would I use for travel? My home country passport?

Thank you for any input:P


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