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Important reasons to expedite a visa process? Nebraska center
8:31 am October 14, 2019



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Question regards I-130:

Hey everyone!

Did anyone get their visa processed through the Nebraska center? If so, how long did it take you to get approved?

I thought mine was being processed in Texas but I just found out it s going to process through Nebraska which means instead of my visa taking around 6-7 months it will take min. 12.9 and max. 16.9 months to get approved. they started processing it 3 weeks ago.

What are reasons to get expedited? I live in Germany (not an European citizen) and my German visa expires in September 2020. Only way to get my visa here extended is to get a work contract. And no place will give me a work contract for 3-5 months.. besides in Germany you have to quit everything (house, contracts, etc) 3 months prior... now I m super worried because going back to my country is not an option as the interview will be here and the visa will be sent to Germany. Plus they closed the American embassy in my country?

I m freaking out ?

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K1 AOS Interview Invitation - When does it arrive?
4:56 am October 14, 2019



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Hey everyone,

finally the status changed online a few weeks after I went in to give my fingerprints - it now says they'll schedule an interview for us and send a notice with the date for the AOS Green Card Interview.

That was almost two weeks ago; probably no grounds to worry yet, I know this can all be slow. How long did it take you guys to get the invitation letter for the AOS interview after the status changed on the USCIS page? (If you've been tracking that) just wondering; thanks!

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Dual citizenship mistake CR1 application!?
11:21 pm October 13, 2019



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Hey! My husband sent out the i30 form almost a month ago and they received it.

I reside legally in Germany but I have two passports, one is Venezuelan and one is Colombian. My Venezuelan passport has a b1/b2 visa since many years and I used this one to travel to the US before applying for the visa. Once I came back we applied for it. But we decided we wanted the spouse visa on my Colombian passport (the german immigration office recognizes me now as a Colombian citizen due to my Venezuelan passport expiring soon and my country not renewing passports). So when we sent the application we sent a photo of my Colombian passport and also my birth certificate but we forgot to tell them I have two citizenships and the other passport has a valid tourist visa and I have travelled to the US with it and has a stamp, while the Colombian passport has 0 stamps on it! We did send an invitation letter my husband wrote me for the last time I travelled saying I am a national of Venezuela... when i travelled out of Germany and back I did show them I had two passports, yet the only stamp I got was the US one in the one that has the American visa.

now we are super worried the USCIS will see this as sketchy and will deny this to us! What do we do?!!!!


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WAC on hard copy issued Visa wrong
1:48 am October 8, 2019



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I don't know if this is the right place for this, but I really hope that someone can help or was in a similar situation.

I got my Visa on September 30th. Everthing good so far, look through all the biographic informations- but today I looked at my Visa again, just to make sure I have everything, because I'm leaving here in about a week. And I figuerd out that the USCIS number is wrong on the Visa, just one digit. Of course I already send an Email to the Embassy here in Germany, but it's in the middle of the night here and I'm going crazy.

So, does anyone was in this situation before or heard about something like this? Does they have to issue a new Visa or is this something that can easily be over looked?

Thank you in advance!

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I-864 Domicile Requirements
10:35 pm October 4, 2019

Leo O

Leo O

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Hello :)

I am an American citizen CURRENTLY living in Germany with my German wife (we were married earlier this year in Germany) and we have undergone the Green Card process (DCF) for her so we can move to the US.

I have begun filing form I-864 (Affidavit of Support) and have seen that one of the main requirements is that I must be Domiciled in the USA. As I had mentioned I am currently living in Germany and have been here for 8 months. Additionally, from January 2016 until August 2018 I was abroad in Australia and New Zealand on a temporary work visa.

How can I show proof that I am Domiciled in the US? All I have at the moment is my US passport and social security number, my US bank account that I've had since 2015 (I receive monthly bank statements that show my address in the US, I do not own the home, but the home of my parents where I lived before leaving), and an address (my parents home). Would this be enough or would I need additional evidence to prove that I am Domiciled in the US? Would getting letters from my employer and landlord saying that we are only staying in Germany until my wife's green card is granted be of any help?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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