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2 years since filing I-90 renewal of now expired Green Card
4:40 pm August 12, 2022



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Hey folks,

A family friend has this anxiety inducing problem:


03/2011: Became 10-year Green card holder

10/2020: Filed Form I-90, Application to replace Green card

03/2021: Received I-797 notice, extends her Green Card for 12 Months

04/2021: Original Green card expired, but is extended by 12 months with the I-797 notice

07/2021: Received I-797C, biometrics appointment request

08/2021: Due to being locked down abroad and hospital stay, rescheduled biometrics appointment multiple times

01/2022: Biometrics appointment done in the US

Nothing happened since then. When can she expect to receive the green card? Also, she has no documents now for her legal stay since 04/2022 when the 12 month extension was up.

Her husband has the exact same timeline except he was not requested to do a biometrics appointment and he received his Green Card in 06/2021, 14 months ago for the same process.

Thank you all!

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Rescheduling N400 interview
1:31 am August 10, 2022


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So I filed my N400 20 days ago and just got my interview notice today which is scheduled for September 22nd, the day before my wife and I go on vacation.

Assuming they still do the oath ceremony at the interview my wife wants me to reschedule, are there any problems doing that? I know this is not recommended but I did not expect it to be that quick.

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LPR applying for Citizenship after wife got naturalized
5:54 pm August 2, 2022


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My wife is a LPR and petitioned me under F2A. She has applied for the US citizenship and is expected to get that soon. I do not have 5 years in the US yet but have 3 years. Does this mean, as soon as she got the citizenship, my wait time will be 3 years instead of 5 years and I can apply right away without waiting for the 5 years as LPR to pass?

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Biometric notices (Appearance necessary / not necessary)
5:57 pm July 29, 2022



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I am in the I-751 process and I received two letters in the mail.

First says biometrics are not necessary because they use my old ones.

Second one gives me a date, time and location where to go for biometrics (letter is dated two days after first one).

Case status says "fingerprints are taken" and they "have been applied to my case".

I called USCIS and I think they also weren't sure and said to go to the appointment and then we will see.

Has this happened to anyone? What does it mean?

I will definitely go to the app. to be on the save side but I was wondering if anybody knows something.

THANKS a lot!

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FE NOTE Please Help
12:20 pm July 27, 2022



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we just got this mail from NVC:

NVC cannot review your submitted documents until we have received all of the required documents DS-260, Civil Documents and Financial Documents. Once these documents have been submitted, we will review your case. Please follow your CEAC Home page and https://nvc.state.gov.

We submitted all required documents. I double checked. Everything is submitted. It doesn't even say what is specifically missing.

What should i do now?

Also we just submitted last week. Why are they already sending out this email? I was prepared i wouldnt here anything back from them until at least 2 months are over.



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