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US Immigration from Germany

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Technical issues with my medical exam (Frankfurt, K1)
5:27 pm yesterday


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Hi, I was wondering if anyone else had this issue with the consulate in Frankfurt/ the panel physician in Frankfurt. I had my interview on august 29, everything went well and I was told that as soon as they receive my medical report I will be sent my visa. I asked beforehand if it is ok to have the medical exam one day later and was told by the consulate that that s fine. Now I still have not gotten my visa, I keep getting contradictory information. Apparently there were technical issues, so the panel physician had to resend it. The new version had errors, so it was not accepted by the consulate either. I called the physician, they told me that everything is fine with the medical exam. I keep seeing people getting their visa after a few days, which makes all of this so much more annoying

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Stupidity reigns supreme
7:41 am yesterday



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I have just gotten an RFE for my husbands divorce degree and am now wondering if NVC checks everything and sends out all RFEs at once or if they trickle in. I am fairly certain that due to a computer hick up my employment history is not complete and therefore expected an RFE. So now the question is: would they have addressed it with the RFE for the divorce or will there be another one?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

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Uploading Multi-page Documents - NVC Stage
11:14 pm September 29, 2023



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For the NVC stage, I was wondering if we can combine the translated police certificate document with its original in one PDF document, or if we should upload the translated document separately and the original separately?

Also for the proof of domicile, I wrote a letter that lists the steps I have taken to maintain my US domicile and included supporting documents for this. Is it okay to upload all of these supporting documents in the same PDF file under the proof of domicile letter or should I separate each supporting document on the list and upload each separately? I read about others getting RFE's for combining some of their financial documents, so I am wondering if this applies to the other documents that I have mentioned here?

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APO Address
9:25 am September 23, 2023



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Hello VJ-Community,

I have a quick question, is an APO address considered to be an American address or does my husband have to establish domicile in the US. We are currently both living in Germany, but he is still fully integrated in the American system as he is here through the SOFA agreement based on his job. Do we need to do anything in particular to establish domicile.

We have an American address that we are currently using for immigration purposes, but naturally he can't live in 2 places at once.

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Can I renew my German passport with my maiden name?
4:41 am September 20, 2023


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I know I messed up not checking my passport earlier but my German passport expired in June and I was wanting to travel to Germany to visit my family for Christmas.
I can get a new passport until then easily through the normal application but I was wondering if it would be possible to apply for it with my maiden name since you have to apply for a name change through marriage to get my new name on the passport.

All my American documents (ID, greencard etc) are with my new last name, will this be a problem during the application? I am ok with receiving a new passport with my maiden name.

Did anyone else go through this and can give me some advice?

thank you

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