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Any progress during USCIS office closure?
6:56 am April 4, 2020



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Dear all,

I applied for naturalization in December 2019 and while all petitions moved somewhat at normal pace (depending on your office) until the , I am wondering if anyone has heard anything?

Mine is still going through background checks and I would assume that USCIS still continues to work, or does it not?

Has anyone heard from USCIS while offices are closed to the public?

I am somewhat lost because I applied for naturalization under 319 (b) before removing conditions. My window for ROC is soon opening up and I am not sure if I would still have to file for ROC while we are stationed overseas on my husband s military orders?

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Unpaid tax
6:44 pm April 3, 2020

Sparkle Sparkle

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We waiting for our K1 approval, and I just filed my 2019 taxes and found out I owe taxes. My question is, will it bite us if it's not paid before K1 Interview? I was furloughed due to COVID-19

Thank you

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Unemployment Benefits Status Pending Determination
5:58 pm April 3, 2020



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I have a question regarding unemployment ( decreased hours at work): Our office manager submitted all our documents but when I went to the GA Department of Labor website to check my status I get the notification that my eligibility is pending determination. Is this normal? Are they still processing the request? Does USCIS have to verify my status here in the US?

Our office manager told us we all got approved for unemployment and all my documents to prove that I'm a permanent resident were accepted. I'm confused.

Please move this to the right category if this is the wrong one.

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CEAC status website
8:22 am April 3, 2020



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Hi all,

I am trying to check our status on the CEAC website. Every time I do I get the below message:

But the thing that confuses me is that we have uploaded all required documents on the NVC page, paid all bills and on the NVC site it also states that all is completed.

Is there something I need to do additionally?

Do I need to send all documents by email as well?

I am not sure what to do- anyone here that can shed some light please?



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Received NOA1 despite current crisis
4:14 pm March 31, 2020



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Hey guys!

i just wanted to share the fact that we have received our NOA1 after a few days, meaning USCIS is working normally even during this situation. Which is something that might give someone else some hope. I know it is not that big of a deal and it s just a reception note, the longest wait starts now, but for me this means hope ??

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