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US Immigration from Germany

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what docs are needed from usc when getting new job
6:56 pm August 7, 2020



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what documents does my husband need to send me in an email when he gets a new job?

of course updated i864ez form but what else along with that so i can print it and bring it to my interview at the embassy?

thank you :)

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AOS Interview - Not enough Evidence?
6:37 pm August 5, 2020



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Hi guys,

my AOS interview is tomorrow and we tried our best to have as much evidence as possible, but I feel like it is not enough. The only real proof that we have of living together is the joint lease, but because of the virus and some unfortunate timing, I have not yet obtained a drivers license (will later this year) and we dont have much other financial evidence to show off. We dont have a joint bank account yet, but were planning to make one soon, and other than the lease, we dont have our names on anything together. We have our separate phone plans, for example. Will I get into trouble? We have tons of pictures from the marriage and recent years, our marriage certificate and can talk about our relationship in extreme detail. Will it be enough? Thanks for the help!


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Sponsor eligibility
9:31 am August 4, 2020



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Hope everyone is doing okay !

My question today is the following:

My husband returned to the US in March 2020 in order to do my papers. He s now been working since April (1. Job April-June and now since June in another job) and he makes enough monthly to be my sponsor (annually would be more than $ 21,000). So my question is can he be my sole sponsor although he hasn t worked in the companies for that long yet? We really don t want to involve a joint sponsor...

Thank you all!

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NVC cancelled never scheduled appointment
8:13 pm July 31, 2020



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a few others and i just received an automated email from nvc that they had cancelled our interview at the embassy in germany, FRANKFURT.

we all never got an appointment scheduled yet but all are dq d already.

what does this mean?

i saw a few older posts only about it so i just wanted to make sure that we do understand this email properly.

thank you lots!

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Sign your Country's Petition #Loveisnottourism #Loveisessential
3:07 am July 30, 2020



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Some countries are already making changes to their travel ban to accommodate couples and families. Make sure your voice is heard by signing your Country's Petition (click on the link below). Let's join together to end this unbearable loneliness and suffering. You are needed and your signature matters!


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